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  1. Hi guys does anyone tow with a BMW 525d e60 saloon auto? We have a fleetwood heritage 640es 2004 max weight 1400kg Braked towing capacity on BMW is 2000kg. I've got an x5 2003 diesel ATM but it's starting to get unreliable etc. I've been offered a BMW 5 series saloon for a swap with my x5 Any thoughts?
  2. 550 wow that will be a beast v8 petrol?
  3. Hi guys anyone tow with a BMW 525d tourer? I've got a slight water leak on my 2004 Range Rover v8 and not got a clue where it's from, so I'm a bit weiry of towing with the Range 1 1/2ltr to 100 mile I've been offered a 2005 525d tourer 6spd manual as a straight swap help please Will be towing a fleetwood heritage 640 es 2004
  4. hi people has anyone got a purpleline enduro series 2 m mover fitted? we are having one fitted to our fleetwood heritage 640es the weekend, ive also uprated to a twin pneumatic front tires. please any help?
  5. hi people. we have just upgraded to a 2004 fleetwood heritage 640es. i have a few questions please. 1,does anyone have a picture of the switch/ battery gauge just i dont think i have the correct switch and also my battery gauge does not seem to be working. 2,does anyone know where the battery charger is? 3,how does the satellite tv connector work?do you need a separate sky dish?cannot see anywhere on the outside to connect a sky dish to the caravan. please help
  6. Hi guys just a quick question have there been any dates set in stone yet as to when the caravan mot will take effect? I've read places that say next year and others say 2017 Please advise
  7. Hi fatgitI'm not in a rush to sell it, if you wanted it in 2months I would more than happily old it for you providing you left a deposit. Let me know wht you think. Regards Gavin
  8. Thanks for the kind comments guys,Murray I'd love to be able to o it or a living but honestly wouldnt know where to start.
  9. Hi guys decided to sell our much loved and cared for abbey spectrum. The full description and pictures can be seen on eBay. so tell your friends and family etc,or anyone you know who's looking for a caravan. Here's the link http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/181359767407?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984. m1586. l2649 Many thanks Gavin
  10. The tickets for a 3 day pass are £528 Seems a lot, that's more than the ferry and accommodation
  11. Hi so what are the 2 parks then? I thought it was just one big park? We won't be going on the rides as such as our kids re only 5&6
  12. Hi guys we are planning on taking the kids to eurodisney this July/August, we re looking at stopping at 4 vents or jablines. Could anyone please advise us the best/cheapest place to get passes for eurodisney? I have priced them up for 3 day passes through eurodisney and it's over £500 Please help us.
  13. Hi rob,is The is count code only available for one person to use?
  14. I didn't think you was allowed in the tunnel with a caravan or any gas on board?
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