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  1. Ok ,issue resolved,amazing what you find out when you read a manual! It's a Huawei B535 and to make external aerials work the router has to be unplugged , the aerials attached then the router restarted.Not just attached as I was doing previously. Signal immediately went from 6meg to 24meg. We use the wifi for Netflix , Amazon prime, Youtube , Skygo. Usually easier than actually setting up an aerial and watching terrestrial TV but occasionally it goes to pot. Unlimited data for £18.74 ,no line rental so works for us all the 4K streams usually work.Works in the car via an inverter or stick the sim in a mifi.
  2. Can anyone recommend an aerial that actually works with a Huawei4g router on 3mobile? On my previous site I had 24 meg and a stable signal, since I moved site the signal is totally erratic, sometimes 24 meg and when you want to watch TV in the evening down to 4 meg. I got external short antennas for the router no difference. Does anyone have an aerial that works for them? Thanks in advance J
  3. I did eventually get Virgin cancelled. If ,when I made the initial call to report the issues l had got through to someone that was helpful and happy to assist it may have been a different outcome. Unfortunately it took me three calls and 3 hours to get through to someone who was in any way helpful.The first two calls I was asked for letters from my password, I failed security every time. The third person I spoke to informed me the password had not been setup (apparently there are 2 passwords one online and one over the phone).This helpful person authenticated me with alternative security info, then setup my password there and then. He then apologised profusely for the issues I had experienced and proceeded to troubleshoot the faults. The broadband was great when it worked but sadly 4 hours later after the fix and the TV was locked up on a screen, frozen on both boxes,no amount of rebooting made any difference. Bearing in mind my cooling off period was 14 days I had to cancel immediately as dragging this out would have been a disaster. Virgin confirmed they would let me know a date when my services would be withdrawn ,then proceeded to stop the services without warning! In an ironic twist they emailed me to say they had stopped my services the day after they cut me off,hard to pick up emails with no internet! As we have 3 people working from home 1 being a key worker it would have been a nightmare scenario. Luckily we had our 4 g router from the caravan as backup. I have had Virgin in the past (1996 to 2010),and it was trouble free ,so I was hoping for the same but it did not work out this time around.
  4. I got Virgin and it has been a total nightmare. The broadband keeps going off line. The TV package keeps locking up and freezes. The call centre is a nightmare to try and get through to and once you speak to them it's even worse. My advice would be to avoid at all costs. Sent a letter to cancel the lot. Fingers crossed!
  5. Thanks to everyone for your replies. G7eor, the prerecorded option sounds good. I am also wondering if I can do some routing from my remote wifi back to the Virgin hub at home,(I reserve the right to be talking complete and utter kheich on that one!).😊 If we ever get back to the van I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.😉
  6. At the moment I have a Sky dish in my static and just take the viewing card from one box to another it all works well. Obviously moving to Virgin there will be no cable going to the van. My question is can I watch pre recorded stuff on my V6 box offline? Also does the Virgin app output to Hdmi ?(I know that Sky go doesn't). Thanks in advance .
  7. You get massages on your site ? We are lucky if we get the grass cut!😉
  8. After 30 years of various tourers both sited and touring I bought a static. I bought it in the knowledge that I would take a severe loss over the years, eyes wide open if you like. I love it ,every time I arrive I can't believe how nice it is,how spacious and luxurious it is, the fantastic decking areas the pure convenience of just arriving and it's all there. It really is a home from home, but like everything there are downsides, if you know what they are and happy to put up with them why not do it. N.B. my site is lovely and not a fully commercialised all singing and dancing site in a lovely part of the world. I also know my site is the exception and not the rule.So proceed with caution and make sure you know what your getting in to then decide. If it's going to make you skint and miserable don't do it. I also bought another tourer to go away with during the winter and loved that as well,but.....I did miss the full size shower,bed, fridge, 50 inch telly ,ensuite ........ Basically do what works for you.
  9. Just sold one. Judging by the amount of dealers calling me making crazy offers they are clearly looking to buy stock. They are probably going to be selling at a premium soon,it costs nothing to put it up for sale so why not give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised at the response. (Sold it to some specky baldy guy driving a Landrover so no regulations were broken during the transaction 😉)
  10. Surely you cannot be expected to pay for a "luxury" item that you can't use? The government has effectively given rental tenants 3 months free rent and their housing is essential. It would be a brave caravan park that tried to enforce payment on this one. I think payment of a service charge might be reasonable perhaps 20% of fees as the staff will be getting 80% of wages paid by the government (and the bill will be coming to us taxpayers ultimately). We are all in this together all businesses need to be realistic in what they expect people to be able to afford and they need to make sure they retain customers after all this is over. I am not sure that some of the commentators on this topic are as well informed as they seem to be.When people's incomes are being effectively cut by at least 20% the leisure industry need to realise they are a long way down people's essential bill list. Surely sites have insurance to cover this kind of eventuality, Wimbledon does.
  11. It senses if the door is open and beeps to tell you.
  12. If there is finance of any kind on the van contact the finance company, let them know the issues and your plans to reject. Check out this thread https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/122292-rejecting-caravan-after-10-months/
  13. I know this is an old chestnut and has surfaced on the forums on more than one occasion but I had a case of the dreaded Beeping Dometic Fridge at the weekend. Regular as clockwork 20 seconds of beeping every 3 minutes,door opened,door closed ..............................the tense wait.....................................is it fixed? Will we be able to have cold wine and sleep? Will we be choosing between warm milk or cold milk complete with twitching from the incessant beeps? Sadly I can't give you a fix but can give you a 10 second workaround that will give you a cold fridge and sleep. Downsides are, no fridge light but who cares the Blooming beeping has stopped! Anyway the fix is cover the sensor with a piece of card, instant relief! I am sure Dometic might fix this one of these days but , don't hold your breath the 2 fridges I have had the issue with were 2013 and 2018 vintage and totally different models. Hope everyone can now sleep soundly.
  14. Has anyone ever swapped with another static van owner?They come to your static for a fortnight and you go to theirs. Sounds good in theory and I am sure it could work,but has anyone ever done it? I know there could be a lot of pitfalls.
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