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  1. Surely you cannot be expected to pay for a "luxury" item that you can't use? The government has effectively given rental tenants 3 months free rent and their housing is essential. It would be a brave caravan park that tried to enforce payment on this one. I think payment of a service charge might be reasonable perhaps 20% of fees as the staff will be getting 80% of wages paid by the government (and the bill will be coming to us taxpayers ultimately). We are all in this together all businesses need to be realistic in what they expect people to be able to afford and they need to make sure they retain customers after all this is over. I am not sure that some of the commentators on this topic are as well informed as they seem to be.When people's incomes are being effectively cut by at least 20% the leisure industry need to realise they are a long way down people's essential bill list. Surely sites have insurance to cover this kind of eventuality, Wimbledon does.
  2. It senses if the door is open and beeps to tell you.
  3. If there is finance of any kind on the van contact the finance company, let them know the issues and your plans to reject. Check out this thread https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/122292-rejecting-caravan-after-10-months/
  4. I know this is an old chestnut and has surfaced on the forums on more than one occasion but I had a case of the dreaded Beeping Dometic Fridge at the weekend. Regular as clockwork 20 seconds of beeping every 3 minutes,door opened,door closed ..............................the tense wait.....................................is it fixed? Will we be able to have cold wine and sleep? Will we be choosing between warm milk or cold milk complete with twitching from the incessant beeps? Sadly I can't give you a fix but can give you a 10 second workaround that will give you a cold fridge and sleep. Downsides are, no fridge light but who cares the Blooming beeping has stopped! Anyway the fix is cover the sensor with a piece of card, instant relief! I am sure Dometic might fix this one of these days but , don't hold your breath the 2 fridges I have had the issue with were 2013 and 2018 vintage and totally different models. Hope everyone can now sleep soundly.
  5. Has anyone ever swapped with another static van owner?They come to your static for a fortnight and you go to theirs. Sounds good in theory and I am sure it could work,but has anyone ever done it? I know there could be a lot of pitfalls.
  6. One other point to be aware of, if the van has Alde heating there may be a radiator running along the foot of the bed stealing a few inches walking space. Doesn't sound a lot but once the bed is extended the space is tight enough without a radiator.
  7. I fed it in through the hole for the radiator pipe, ideally situated behind the tv.
  8. Thanks for the information guys, will let you know how I get on.
  9. I have a Willerby 38 and want to install cables for SKY. The Van already has an external tv aerial routed,is it possible to feed the Sky cable in the same trunking? I don't have access to the van till the season opens so haven't had a chance to get under it and take a look yet. I was hoping someone has done it already. cheers J
  10. I have never had the" pleasure" of owning a brand new caravan,but once again I have to applaud the bold(and rich) explorers that take that first step on my behalf. I admire the way you resign yourself to numerous dealer visits with an often misplaced sense of optimism knowing full well that there is only a slight chance they may resolve your issue, and knowing that there is a very high chance that you will be back next month for the same issue along with another issue that you haven't discovered yet! Whilst this post may have my tongue firmly in my cheek I really do believe that brand new caravan owners really deserve a much better experience than a lot of you currently experience. I work in customer service in a very competitive market place and we often take a hit financially on our customers behalf, initially I considered this to be an extremely poor business model,but 30 years on and with expansions takeovers and profits up every year, maybe it is viable! Maybe it would work in the Caravan industry, owning up, taking responsibility and not treating your customers like idiots. There's a radical idea!
  11. Thanks for the replies, I didn't think they would be there. So Screwfix it is! AS an aside I noticed that even 2018 tourers are still coming with only 1 satellite connector.
  12. I have bought a Willerby Avonmore 2014,does it have satellite sockets as standard ? No access to the van at the moment so can't get a look.
  13. 330e Msport ordered, it's just like a Navara. ............................
  14. I have mentioned this before, if there is any finance on the van contact the finance company explain the issues and see if they can help. As soon as they get involved there is usually a swift resolution.
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