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  1. Discussed at some length here but (long answer short) according to a Hyundai UK customer service wallah back in 2012…
  2. For most of us though, unlike first time buyers and last time sellers, as long as the actual cost to change remains reasonably steady, it matters little whether prices are high or low.
  3. Mine was with no tracker, £500 contents and £200 voluntary excess. As you say, strange how they work. I may try again with different contents and excess values.
  4. Last time I looked, Robinsons appeared to be shuffling two used vans, zero new vans and a few sold vans around to make their yard look full… Lowdham's group appears right now to have just five used vans (including a £76,795 Airstream… Our recent search for an almost new caravan was hard work.
  5. Just bought a late 2019 Swift Challenger - collection is next Wednesday. I'm quite shocked at the CMC insurance quote compared to last year’s premium on the outgoing Bailey… over £100 more. The C&CC quote is about seven quid higher than CMC though. On Go Compare, the lowest was £216 but at that sort of level, it is all companies I’ve never heard of. Been with CMC for years so I'll probably stay put.
  6. First seen July 18th, last seen three posts later on July 18th… …Helen230 may have found the perfect caravan since or has perhaps given up on the idea altogether. We'll probably never know 😳
  7. Have a look at Gripmax… still Chinese I believe but the label has them as more fuel efficient, a little quieter and more expensive than the others shown here in your size & load rating https://www.camskill.co.uk/m89b0s1719p0/Van_Tyres_-_Trailer_Tyres_-_Caravan_Tyres_-_Motorhome_Tyres_-_Minibus_Tyres_-_13_inch_R13_inch_-_185_70_13_185_70R13
  8. I’d say speak with your dealer. There appears to be an (up to) six months extension for services falling due between October 2020 and March 2021 but the terms are not clear as the Bailey memorandum to dealers goes on to say: The date of the 2021 annual service will however need to be brought back in line with the anniversary of the original date of purchase. This will mean that the required interval between 2020 and 2021 annual services may well be less than twelve-months in order for the warranty to continue to be maintained. It is perhaps an error that should read 'The date of the 2022 annual service will however need to be brought back in line…’ Bailey memorandum to dealers…. 2020 Service Window Extension In order to accommodate customers who have been unable to get their vehicle serviced this winter we have taken the decision to extend the due date of the 2020 annual vehicle service by a further three months. This means that anybody scheduled to have their caravan or motorhome serviced from October 2020 to March 2021 will now have an additional six months in total to do so. Provided the vehicle is serviced in this extended window then the warranty will remain valid. The additional three month window extension applies to all vehicle services during the warranty period. This will mean owners of vehicles requiring their third or six year annual service will therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, potentially enjoy an additional six months on the term on their manufacturers’ warranty or bodyshell integrity warranty. Whilst, at present, the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the four home nations may differ this service window extension will be applicable across the whole of the UK if required. The date of the 2021 annual service will however need to be brought back in line with the anniversary of the original date of purchase. This will mean that the required interval between 2020 and 2021 annual services may well be less than twelve-months in order for the warranty to continue to be maintained.
  9. 5 years with no issues other than age expiry, it would seem the Nankangs have done their job. I have Nankang winter tyres for my SUV and have to say that I would happily fit them again. They are wearing better than any summer tyres I have fitted and the car is very sure-footed. They too look as though age will claim them long before wear does.
  10. Same problem posted back in July….
  11. Looks exactly like my Unicorn…. The thinner cable is the caravan supply and the heavier cable is the mover. (Both of which were clamped into the bog standard battery post clamps) When I took the mover and its associated 10mm² wiring off for selling the 'van on, the thin wires on their own looked fairly lost in the battery clamps but there is nothing with particularly high 12v demand on board - LED lighting, TV amplifier and fridge / Alde PCBs. The heaviest demand is probably the flush and water pump.
  12. I don’t doubt that at all - the only cars I had with it were both VW. The real point though is that the law appears to require two red and two white position lamps but the parking facility only provided one of each…. E.T.A. since answered by Legal Eagle. Thank you. Makes perfect sense. I’d assume from your answer that the ‘parking lights facility’ was simply a standard fitment regardless of the market in which the car was built for as it appears completely pointless for the UK market.
  13. I know this is an old post but… I am sure that the two Volkswagen cars I once owned had a 'parking light' facility in which (engine off/key out) the indicator switch turned on a front and rear position (side & tail) light on the selected side of the car. Presumably, legal even though not two white and two red markers are shown? I remember when large red 'cuboid' paraffin lamps with glass lenses (presumably long term 'borrowed' from roadworks) were placed beside cars as parking lamps and then… along came new fangled window mounted parking lights along with two pin sockets on every dashboard…
  14. Not so sure about that… my Bailey Valencia was bang on 100kg with absolutely nothing on board bar the Powrtouch mover and the underslung 15” spare wheel immediately fore and aft of the axle respectively. It too towed as well empty as it did full
  15. Touch wood on that one 😁… … done some things including: unhitch, drive the car away only to abruptly discover the breakaway cable not unclipped from tow bar, filling the boiler with drain valve open set up, awing up and then remember the AL-KO wheel lock is still in the rear footwell of the car. but to date, not the motor mover. Probably be the next thing now. 😁
  16. Agreed that it would be not be the expected or required failure but In that scenario, the failure would likely be with the braking system rather than the breakaway cable. Unless the breakaway cable is 'fatally' flawed in some way - then what is there to actually fail?
  17. How, out of curiosity, does a breakaway cable fail other than by design when it is doing precisely what it is designed to do? By design it should do absolutely nothing useful at all except in the event of a trailer detachment? If a braked trailer / caravan becomes detached from the towing vehicle, the breakaway cable should fully apply the handbrake before failing and 'breaking away' itself at the purposely built in weak point If the breakaway cable didn’t fail as it should, the tow vehicle would continue to drag the 'hitch on the ground' trailer by the breakaway cable alone rather than allow the trailer to come to rest, hopefully over a very short distance and in a straight line along the direction of travel. Chain (or similar) is prescribed only for small unbraked trailers and should be such that the trailer, after separating from the tow ball, remains securely attached to the tow vehicle and the hitch head does not hit the road surface.
  18. Presumably, your windows are double glazed? if so, replacement sealed units easily obtained on-line and are relatively inexpensive and easily installed. You would need to know the glass and spacer thickness plus the measurements of the glass (aperture width and height less 10mm). https://www.sealedunitsonline.co.uk/regular/default.aspx
  19. If we take our little MobiCool chest type freezer with us, the fridge's freezer compartment stays at home to give us more fridge space. For shorter trips then the fridge gets its freezer compartment back and the MobiCool stays at home. Being a compressor type, the Mobi is much better at being a freezer than the fridge is.
  20. The freezing point of butane is about -140° C which is certainly 'a bit cooler' but perhaps a tad extreme, even for our late summer climate 😊 Its boiling point is about -2°C below which it will not vaporise. Between -2°C and about 4°C, it vaporises but is pressure impaired. Above 4°C it performs as expected. Have we had temperatures sufficiently low enough to affect butane performance yet? Last week we were up near Berwick with weather ranging from very wet with heavy rolling sea mists to high twenties warm but at no time did we need the heating on. That one of the OP's cylinders performed whilst the other one didn’t suggests (to me) something other, (specific cylinder related perhaps), than near zero temperatures but beyond that… no idea. For comparison, propane freezes at around -188°C with its boiling point at about -42°C
  21. An optional Alde Smart Control Module and a sim card is required - I half think that Alde have discontinued it though. See this article re fitting / using said module and this Smart Control user manual from Alde If the module is already installed, the manual will guide you through a reset / re-install etc.
  22. From the Alde 3020 user manual, section 2.11(15) (Manual page number 24)
  23. All for a metered supply on sites too. A Peak District site we like includes electricity in caravan pitch per night price but on the camping fields, a £5 pre-paid card is needed with top ups added if and as required. Any credit remaining on the card at the end of the stay is refunded. It means the one or two night backpacking walkers are not subsidising the longer stay canvas stately homes / trailer tents etc with their heating and George Foreman’ing etc.
  24. The detail is in the link to the ‘New rules for towing a trailer or caravan with a car from autumn 2021’ guidance document provided in post #1… Refunds for booked tests are also covered towards the end of the guidance document.
  25. Olympus caravans are early AluTech from 2010 to 2013 - no timber (other than floor sandwich). If accident damage though the repair may include timber batten(s) to replace broken / badly deformed plastic framing perhaps?
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