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  1. You won’t get Netflix over a directional TV aerial. For that, you will need a Wifi connection capable of streaming Netflix plus a Smart TV. @Mr Grumpy's post above applies to choice of TV.
  2. Somewhere in Yorkshire it would seem. Hebden Bridge?
  3. You may enjoy a read through this 2012 thread… Rent My Caravan To The General Public Can’t imagine the passage of time has made it any easier or more financially attractive.
  4. The white ring looks as though it is from the passive vent (circular hole in cassette compartment flloor)…. Open this Leisure Shop Direct link - scroll down past the electric vent image and click ‘exploded diagrams' and then 'Thetford C262-CWE Cassette Toilet’. look for part number 40
  5. Likewise except for travel the TV has a loose anti-static sleeve that simply slips over to protect the screen and then lays face down on the front seat with the pair of scatter cushions on top. Just fits nicely in the space formed by the seat arm, seat back and centre chest. Takes but moments to set up or put away and has never moved a cm whilst on the seat.
  6. Authoritative source or 'Karen on Faceache says'?
  7. The OP didn’t actually ask whether or not he was under or over the MTPLM or whether he was within or without his axle limits. The question he did ask was simply: 'Am I legal with a B+E licence, a plated gross train mass of 4,500 kg and an actual train weight of 3,983 kg' The answer to that question is quite simply ‘yes’. I suspect the confusion on Gross Train Weight / Mass arises with the mixed use of mass and weight terminology.
  8. In respect of your licence entitlement and the gross train mass/weight data you have given… Yes, you are legal.
  9. I don’t think Heki have a 4 / 5 way pop up roof light in their range so MPK is the racing certainty. (heki has perhaps become a generic term like hoover or thermos). Whether you will find the inner grill sold separately - might be a bit of a challenge. Good luck.
  10. I have a genuine Powrtouch wood spacer block in my hand - it is marked '20mm' and is for the Classic. The Evolution is supplied with a 19mm spacer. On properly inflated tyres, 1mm either way is unlikely to make a vast difference though.
  11. I think this is probably the dome in question but Crusader Products Ltd appear to only supply the trade. There is a phone number & email address on the ‘About Us' page (reproduced below). Click the link above for an image of the part. 0115 973 6939 / sales@crusaderproducts.co.uk https://www.crusaderproducts.co.uk/products/id-43120.html
  12. Could it be that the site is fully booked and as a result, has no vacant pitches for you to extend into? Summer season / school hols / UK heavily staycation orientated etc?
  13. No idea what your supplier will charge to cut and edge-bind a complete set of 4 pieces - with only one having four straight sides, one being less straight forward and the other two being fairly complex shapes... I'd be inclined to buy a set from Bailey's Prima Leisure - not cheap at £364 but guaranteed to fit or, as suggested by @Lagerorwineup thread, Kustom Sport Ltd who supplied the original carpets*. Optionally, you could do what a lot of people do and buy a runner - the beige one laying on the top red one is something like the original colour.
  14. The alarm system (assuming it is fitted) is likely to be the culprit. Disconnecting the 12v supply alone is not going to reset the alarm unit…. The back-battery needs to be disconnected also (could it be a way of signalling a life expired back-up battery perhaps?) One thing is certain though… fully disconnecting the alarm system will rule it in or out as the guilty party. See these links or Talk to Sargent… https://sargentltd.co.uk/shop/product/as310_alarm_system_for_swift/103 https://sargentltd.co.uk/tech-support/article/AS300-310-Alarm-System/13 Resetting the alarm system.
  15. It was a ball park guesstimate for dealer service but I suspect I am being very conservative with just £200. Alde themselves are currently charging £282.11 inc VAT to do the job at their Northamptonshire HQ. (Now called Moosewerks). Mobile engineers will generally charge less (as evidenced by @Lost in the wilderness) and DIY is very much cheaper - cost of coolant, a cheap 12v pump and your time. (Loads of vids on YouTube) It seems unlikely that your caravan will still be on the original 2 year blue though… when you have an opportunity, check the expansion bottle (it will have a window in the outer grey casing). If it is obviously red, worry not and if it is blue then either chance your arm with getting the dealer to do if F.O.C or arrange to have it changed / diy change it at your own expense at the earliest convenient time. Check the paper / service records / bills in the document pack - you may just find an invoice for the two year change too.
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