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  1. Old Man Fenwick @OMF pops in every now then - he may see this thread and offer thoughts or even advice if it is something they have previously been made aware of. I have used both the concentrated cleaner and Bobby Dazzler with no ill effects.
  2. Here's another supplier of PolyPlastic windows that may be able to help... https://www.caravanwindows.net/services/caravan-windows/brands/bailey/ When one of my three large front facing windows delaminated and my DIY repair failed, I found a supplier who sent me just the polyplastic window without frame. A ten-fifteen minute job to DIY fit the window and then I sent for the etching kit and did the CRiS number. That supplier was: Advanced Glass Products Site 7 Kidderminster Road Cutnall Green, Droitwich Worcestershire WR9 0NS Tel: 00 44
  3. EECO, if i remember correctly, are unable to reproduce the dotted patten around the edges of the window so it may stand out if it is one amongst the three large front windows. The rest of the windows are less obvious as they are well spaced apart. These may be able to help... https://caravanwindowsanddoors.weebly.com/polyplastic-windows.html It’s in my mind that Bailey/Prima won’t sell windows (and some other components) directly to the consumer...
  4. This is a very well known rip off... the seller sends out a half filled tin of touch up paint to the customer and then waits for the inevitable complaint. the seller promptly sends the customer two full tins to make up for the shortcoming. customer is now properly ripped off with 3½ tins having paid for just 2. When this happens, the ripped off customer should get straight on to their trading standard office (and write to the Daily Mail for good measure). Companies that rip people off by properly and willingly making good any inadvertent shortcomings in
  5. The prices shown should reflect the prices most buyers will pay. For example, a tv retailer would be expected to show VAT inclusive prices whilst a ‘trade only’ plumber’s merchant wouldn’t. Advertising Standards Authority Some sites, Screwfix.com for example that sell to both consumers and to 'the trade' provide the option to show VAT inclusive or exclusive prices. (Top right corner)
  6. Almost certainly... the Caravan Club charges a per night pitch fee plus a per person per night fee. They always say a site is from the pitch fee (fixed) plus Occupancy (variable). For instance, tomorrow night at Chatsworth with its standard (£10.90 per pitch per night ) or super pitch (£15.80 per pitch per night would be described as 'From £10.90 plus Occupancy’ Occupancy charges, to be added to the pitch fee are £9.60 per Adult and £2.90 per child. Quoting ‘From £10.90' makes the headline price look attractive of course but in reality, the minimum payable
  7. Not quite... that one rather crosses over with . It doesn't really say, "thanks, I didn't know that" where something like would. Not important though. I thought the post (by @Keplar) that I made the comment about was informative.
  8. The little like, agree, disagree, funny icons that we can up or down rate another’s post with... one to rate a post as ‘informative’ would be useful. Your post that prompted my comment was 'informative’.
  9. Prima Leisure (Bailey’s retail parts and accessories store) has a basin listed as fitting both, 2013 & 2014 Rimini GT65... available to order at £141.98 plus delivery. Around three weeks between order and delivery is shown. Click Here... Once on the page: click on [Full product details] select the specification tab click on [Vehicles this part fits] scroll down to 2014 or further down to 2013. Hope that helps.
  10. Does the stray lead connect to an external aerial connection point somewhere (perhaps in a locker) to facilitate connection to a pitch bollard? I have such an external point on my caravan (self fitted) that swaps places with the roof aerial down lead on the Status amplifier's ‘Ant-In’ connection a bollard connection is available. Alternatively by connecting it to one of the TV connections on the Status amplifier, it can feed a TV in the awning from the roof aerial.
  11. An interesting one... can’t imagine the plumbing would be a major issue generally - perhaps a bit of a rework for actual boiler connections but beyond that, the 3010 control panel may not be compatible with the 3020 electronics... The original (and now discontinued) 3010-213 push button panel can be upgraded to a 3010-615 touch screen panel but I don’t think that the 3010-615 panel is the same as the later system’s 3020-112 panel despite them looking very similar. Whether or not the power/data cable is the same between the different systems or whether or not there wou
  12. The plot thickens... The press release, ostensibly from Lunar Automotive, is dated 14th January 2019, fully six months before Lunar Caravans Ltd went into administration and seven months before the newly formed company (Lunar Automotive Ltd) came into being and bought the old Lunar from the administrators. I am also thinking that on acquisition of Lunar Caravans Ltd, the new owners made it very clear that only selected models of the 'Lunar’ brand of caravans including Alaria repositioned into the Lunar brand would be built for the foreseeable future... So in
  13. Ashington Cars, Commercial & Caravans seem to have the only three ‘2021' model year Lunar Alaria caravans in existence... Selling them on eBay & on Gumtree. As a brand new caravan manufacture I think I’d be placing my first brand new prestige range of caravans with Lunar dealers rather than somebody like Ashington CC&C who appear to be used vehicle dealers rather than any sort of ‘appointed’ dealership*. From the eBay linked page then... the headline is: but further down the page we see: Note they say here, ‘2020 model
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