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  1. All in the opening post... 900kg x 2= 1800kg (max load) 1800 (max load) ÷ 1500 (MTPLM) = 1.2 65 max PSI) ÷ 1.2 = 54.16 rounded to 54 PSI Caravan Pressure Calculator ... but if all the calculators on the internet give the same result? Can they all be wrong? No doubt all caravan builders use an industry standard formula to arrive at a tyre pressure for their vehicles.
  2. I don’t think the Freelander SD4 ever came with a factory fit manual gearbox. I have an HSE Lux SD4 auto. It’s a great car - comfortable, reliable and it tows extremely well with, to date and touch wood, no major expenses. The car really only does duty as a tow car and is thus extremely low mileage and as such, we plan to keep for the foreseeable.
  3. Side jack is a little fiddly but perfectly adequate... I use mine (on a piece of load spreading timber) every time (often) I get as far as all levelled, kettle on and chairs out before I remember the wheel lock. Invariably I have to jack it up enough to spin the wheel enough for the lock to fit A trolley jack is probably overkill so a bottle jack with would perhaps be best if it is to be used each time you stay in the van. Something like the Kojack (can be found at about £80). or there is the Milenco leveller...
  4. On the 'one piece chassis' then, it was being discussed a year ago... a post from Mr Plodd in this thread started 29th January 2019.
  5. This 'breaking system' referred to in the blue features box... have they built a caravan with a self dismantling and used parts selling feature that activates at the end of its useful life? You'd think some means of slowing it down and stopping it would be more of a priority You'd reasonably expect the sales blurb for a new product launch to be proofread before being published. It's a bit marmite, this one.
  6. The large yellow graphic is definitely not original... Never seen one before but may just be a little bit of previous owner personalisation. If you look on the Unicorn Owners group on FaceAche you will see that there are a lot of 'unicorns with and on everything' enthusiasts. On the other hand, a dent perhaps as already suggested, paint damage perhaps or given the position of it relative to the door, bolt holes left behind after removing one of these or similar... although the graphic looks a little further from the door. If the caravan is everything you want it to be (apart from the rather noticeable yellow and black unicorn) then ask the dealer to remove the graphic and make good the underlying area as necessary with the sale being subject to no holes or bent metal. It seems to be priced at about the average dealer level for a good condition 'unmarked' S1 Valencia and there will be plenty about.
  7. The reality of course is that a pipe full of water and no expansion space will burst if allowed to freeze. A drained caravan system with plenty of expansion and open taps throughout... water will expand into empty space rather than burst a pipe. The only time I have had a hose burst was in the depths of winter when it was connected between tap and Aquaroll - full of water with nowhere for it to go. My garden hose, never emptied as such and out in all weathers but open at both ends when not in use has never ever split through freezing. Caravan - drain tap open, kitchen sink and washroom basin left open (shower has been capped of and is not used) - whatever water remains trapped and sitting in the pipes has never caused mishap as it has space to expand and can push air out of the system as/if it freezes. Same with the Thetford... drained down via its little drain hose hose and then left to fend for itself. To date, no damage. Our Van gets used in winter so faffing about trying to get every last millilitre between trips just isn’t going to happen.
  8. My PIR chirrups when it's battery gets low as does my smoke detector. I changed my 12v back-up battery last year. The alarm made no sounds either before or after to indicate that the battery was bad / good.
  9. I believe the receiver is a universal fit for Al-Ko chassis but the infinitely variable wheels are where the problem will lie. The red lozenges are made specifically to fit specific wheels - there are is no generic option so even if you fit the receiver you will be no further forward.. ... unless you used an alternative brand of receiver type lock with the Al-Ko receiver. For example... Purpleline Fullstop Excalibur Wheel Clamp There is a receiver with fixing kit for sale at £49.99 (buy it now / make offer) on eBay here (it’s not me by the way) Prima Leisure (Bailey’s parts retailer) shows receiver at £156.98 and fixing kit at £8.99 (both currently unavailable). No doubt other suppliers are available too.
  10. Whilst they may have told you that, how could they possibly know what the outcome would have been without the TBs fitted? Does every caravan (without TBs) suffering a catastrophic tyre failure get into an uncontrollable snake, overturn, seriously damage the van and cause injury to the tow car occupants or are some bought safely to a standstill with nothing or little more than a shredded tyre?
  11. The Al-Ko 'Will it fit' selector tool only offers a small list of of 2007 Fendt models, suggesting your caravan isn’t supported but why not ask them directly? https://www.al-ko-secure.co.uk/contact-us.html
  12. I have one. It two needed a gearbox re-build before it worked right and it seems to suffer a little transmission wind up but it is a thing of beauty and I enjoyed building it. Should I motorise it though? It will need a new gearbox but it can be done... https://youtu.be/532MRONAjB0
  13. Sort of... if you log in and go to UK Camp S|tes / Book your Pitch there is a quick booking box... It requires a region and dates etc as shown but it will then show you all sites with availability in the selected region.
  14. Look as I may, I can’t see a single static within the boundaries of either site. Perhaps but the comment was: When did Derwent Water C&CC change to ‘all statics’? I’d hazard a guess and say they changed from statics to touring when they acquired the sites. Does C&CC have statics (other than perhaps as warden / office accom) on any of their sites?
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