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  1. looks like a static van to me...? Some sort of drip rail around the bottom of the aluminium to carry water away from the timber beneath perhaps? The same streaking effect is not evident on the hatch panel from the picture...
  2. When you say not working... We turn our fridge on (mains) a couple of days before going away. We then put the already chilled food into it, select 'battery' and off we go. The temperature is pretty much maintained during the journey. In warmer weather we even add a couple or three frozen coolbox blocks (whatever they are called) to the top of the fridge along with the food just to give the 12v operation a helping hand. If we were to just set off with a ‘warm' fridge, we’d still have a fairly warm fridge when we arrived at our destination.
  3. I think they must be. I am sure that it is only the key number is registered with Al-Ko.
  4. If you accept that the rubber stems were too long then travelling would have the weight of the tyrepal sensor flexing them abnormally towards the tyre for quite a prolonged period. Sitting stationary for up to three weeks with gravity then working on the now weakened stems (perhaps in very warm weather)... ? Who knows? Somebody in the tyre trade that knows his onions may have an idea but... I'd wonder why the tyre fitter would bother to make it up before saying it doesn’t add up.
  5. @Steamdrivenandy May be useful... HP Deskjet 2540 and 2545 Printers - Wireless Printer Setup (Windows)
  6. Almost certainly the missing aspect ratio will be 80. Light Van tyres which are often marked with a letter ‘C' tend to miss out this number as it is the default profile. A quick google and paraphrased from Black Circles commercial vans can cause confusion as some may not include the profile in the tyre size. Instead the letter ‘C’ is used - i.e. 185 R14 C The C on a tyre sidewall stands for commercial tyre and indicates that the profile of the tyre will be ‘80’ – so in this example the tyre size would be 185/80 R14.
  7. Always good to hear of successful outcomes.
  8. I hesitate to correct you of course but... ...where the MAM of the trailer does not exceed 750kg then 4250kg is the permitted maximum for a B licence holder. Category B - if you passed your test on or after 1 January 1997 You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). You can also tow heavier trailers if the total MAM of the vehicle and trailer is not more than 3,500kg.
  9. Whilst Al-Ko may be taking a position on the issue, I’d have thought it is entirely down to your caravan retailer to resolve the fault. It is the retailer’s problem with Al-Ko rather than yours.
  10. If the pump is working normally the lights won’t dim. Generally, It is a seized pump getting power that causes the light to dim for as long as the flush switch is pressed.
  11. From the Kampa brochure: Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 = 24.8kg (minimum 22.0kg*) Kampa Rally Pro 390 (Poled) = 23.4kg On a like for like basis I am not sure there’s much in it in terms of payload weight but... ...an air awning is heavier to pull through the awning rail but once it is started, not too difficult. I use a dog lead in the eyelet provided to pull our awning along the rail. Panels can be zipped out to lighten it if required of course. *I have no idea what the 2.8kg weight difference is on the air awning. There is only the one weight quoted for the poled version.
  12. 2004 model on Autotrader - bathroom looks more or less identical and the accompanying description refers to a shower... Description Hobby prestige this is a 2004 model single axle caravan it has a rear fixed double bed with storage under side wash room with hot cold water shower cassette toilet and wash basin gas blow heating oven fridge with small freezer blackout blinds fly screens heki sky roof tv aerial etc
  13. Pink fluid is optional for any caravan with a flush tank. On Your caravan you will add 'pink' via the flush tank water filler cap.
  14. We are each to our own. My ‘red key‘ and handset live in the wheel lock bag which is stored in the house when at home and locked out of sight under a seat in the car when away. At least if my caravan gets nicked I can flog the remote on eBay for £80 -£90 and the thief will have to find their own remote
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