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  1. Refit wheel bolts to xyz Nm. 50 miles later, check wheel bolts... If any bolt moves, it has slackened off and good job I checked. If the torque wrench just clicks then I can be fairly sure the bolts are still set at xyz Nm. They won’t have over-tightened themselves. If nobody else has been at your wheel bolts and you are starting from a known value a simple click is good enough.
  2. Generic Adria manual here ... see 21.1.4 Tightening the wheel nuts 100 Nm - steel wheels 120 Nm - Alloy wheels (light metal)
  3. Have you considered hiring a car for the day? Indigo Car Hire appear to have a facility in Carlisle and they also appear to hire cars with towbars to cover a range of MTPLMs. https://indigocarhire.co.uk/car-hire-with-a-tow-bar/
  4. I just use a 28.5mm connector and when coiled I simply connect the two open ends of the conv. waste hose together. I use a hoselok connector to connect the ends of the blue fresh water hose too - keeps any water residue in and insects out.
  5. I have not long renewed but I suspect this is probably the last year of Caravan Club membership for us. We can book non club sites with similar per night costs and save the membership fee. I will keep my paperless membership of the C&CC up for the foreseeable though.
  6. Never had the front drawers open in transit. Perhaps because the caravan tows nose down a little and gravity plus the resistance of the runners does the trick. The side drawers in the picture above certainly open without applied restraint though and... ... we forgot to latch the two washroom drawers once. Just the once though on the day we collected the caravan after purchase. Both drawers were on the floor and the runners attached to the drawers were bent too. These runners are quite different to those in the kitchen/lounge area and the very lightweight unlatched drawers provide no resistance to opening under even modest braking.
  7. We use a short hollow metal rod through each handle. Never ever had a drawer open since. The rod came from a dust pan and brush set like this.
  8. The Ford Kuga Specification Table I posted earlier in the thread shows a maximum towing weight ranging from 1200kg to 2100kg depending on model. The notes accompanying that table specifically say: You’d have to wonder if the 50kg is a typo. Has the car changed that much that a drop from 105kg / 95kg on previous evolutions to just 50kg on the current range is made necessary?
  9. Which bit of your two posts (quoted above am I not getting exactly?
  10. The wrong part was not the insurance comment. Not having encountered an insurance company who set a 95% of kerb weight maximum I made no comment beyond showing the actual ratios of the car /caravan that this thread is largely discussing. The wrong part is your comment... ... particularly the suggestion that towing this caravan (at an assumed MTLPM of 1284kg*) will be illegal because more than likely they will exceed the gross trainweight of the vehicle. Since when did 'more than likely’ determine legality? The law here is binary. Quite simply, the gross trainweight is either exceeded or it isn’t. If it isn’t then there is no offence committed in respect of gross trainweight. Likely or unlikely really does not come into the matter. In short, load the caravan to 1284 kg, load the car to 2016 kg or load the caravan to 1200kg and the car to 2100kg ... Total weight in both illustrations = 3300 so no offence committed in respect of GTW. *the MTPLM of 1284kg was the original assumption but we now know the MTPLM of the caravan in question is actually 1184 kg.
  11. There is just so much wrong with that post... The MTPLM (1184 kg) to kerb weight ratio for the Ford Kuga / Bailey Ranger combination under discussion is: 74.4% for manual cars. (1184 ÷ 1591) 73.8% for powershift cars (1184 ÷ 1605) See Ford’s weight table above.
  12. Why does he need to ignore the ‘silly 85% rule and kerbweight’ to be legal to tow? Based on the manufacturer’s specification table, the match of this particular caravan and the Ford Kuga in question is 80% (powershift) or 81% (manual). This particular outfit was always going to be ‘road legal' as long as the GTW of 3300kg wasn’t exceeded. The ‘silly 85% rule’ is neither silly nor a rule. It is guide only. A guide that if followed, may just keep novice caravanners out of trouble. You will be ok. Be aware of what seems to be a very low maximum nose weight of 50kg for your car. (According to the specification table from Ford). It may be worth double checking that figure. # Represents the lightest kerb weight assuming driver at 75 kg, full fluid levels and 90% fuel levels, subject to manufacturing tolerances and options, etc., fitted. Towing limits quoted represent the maximum towing ability of the vehicle at its Gross Vehicle Mass to restart on a 12 per cent gradient at sea level. The performance and economy of all models will be reduced when used for towing. Nose weight limit is a maximum of 50 kg on all models. Gross Train Mass includes trailer weight
  13. Even where a discount is offered, I believe it is scant in comparison to Tracker premiums. Why would you pay £100 a year to Tracker to save £20 on your insurance premium? Tracker do not appear to publish subscription rates these day, you have to contact them - figures a representative to illustrate the point rather than actual
  14. Is that because like me, it takes a while to realise that the tank just isn’t filling when you first set up on site if you left it open last time out? Many times... and no doubt there'll be many more.
  15. We don’t but would there be a point? Surely these things need a reasonable volume of water (measured in litres rather than brief button presses) flowing over them to be effective? we just use ‘pink’ in the caravan but in or domestic loos we use these things which last for eons. If I could get one in the Thetford flush tank I probably would.
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