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  1. Our window blinds are pulled up to around 30mm short of closed before travelling home and there they remain until we arrive on site the next time out. The non spring loaded roof light blind is closed and spring loaded large roof light blinds tend to open themselves half way during travel so half blind/half fly screen until we get home and then closed.
  2. Appears to be 1072 cm - from a number of sources including this one
  3. Have you tried googling 'fiddle rails' or 'gallery rails'. 6mm rails seems to be the thing but there are a number of finishes and any number of single or double rail fittings... https://www.s3i.co.uk/6mm-bar-railing-system.php This company has 9mm tube & posts.
  4. The external fridge vents are not adjustable by design - the fridge needs to draw cool air in through the bottom vent and expel the air it warms through the top vent. ‘Winter’ covers are available to reduce the vent openings when in outside temperatures are very low - depths of winter caravanning but they should not be used otherwise*. The fridge operation will be impaired. The draught you are getting is an undesirable by-product for which the simple answer is to put a draught excluder on the top of a fridge. A rolled tea towel does the job.
  5. Nothing known to mankind will restore the zinc coating once it has pitted, flaked, turned white etc. What wire wool may do is remove some of the coating to leave bare metal. You might get lucky with a quick email to mike@caktanks.co.uk - part RMS8850 / 68A - see here As an aside... You don’t just happen to need a middle shelf for your fridge door, do you... Prima Leisure have just the thing - a bog standard middle shelf
  6. The quality of the shelves was absolutely appalling. We had our fridge shelves re-chromed - it was not cheap but less expensive than replacing them. The lid may be in stock here...
  7. Browser (iOS Safari) perhaps but cookies seem unlikely. I have reached the report via the Companies House link provided by @DerbyClubman - yet to read it though.
  8. Thanks, I'll have s look... this is the message I get from the link though...
  9. Access denied... I'd have liked to have read that report.
  10. I don’t think the grey drainer/cover is available any more and finding a used one in good condition may be a bit of a challenge. The white sink top chopping board is still available from Bailey/Prima Leisure. Not particularly inexpensive at £31 plus delivery but at least it does not warp and degrade like the grey drainer top that covers the sink with or without the chopping board in situ. In our Valencia, the grey drainer/cover lived in the narrow gap between the foot of the bed and the wall permanently and we had a drainer from ProCook that travelled in the sink with
  11. This ↓↓↓ The tap can be tightened by reaching in through the upper fridge vent without any great difficulty. You may need a helper to hold the tap body in position as you tighten it.
  12. Posted back in May 2013 by @millerhouse12. Might be worth a look if you still have the original UV0814 black bodied pump. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10079 If it is the original UV0814 pump it is very old, and long since discontinued. A service kit may still be available though. Whale replaced that model with the blue bodied Whale Smartflo FP0814 but I believe that it too has now been superseded by Whale Watermaster FW0814 or somesuch. When mine failed (whilst at CMC Wharfedale) I simply r
  13. If you know the key number (assuming its a WD key) then the correspondingly numbered barrels are available on line although a bit of patience with searching them out may be called for. Having been invited to jump through the same 'we can't sell to public - its security doncha know and only main dealers can sell and fit them at stupid £££s' hoops, I emailed a little company in Chesterfield* with a request for a specific short WD barrel for the main door of my Series 1 unicorn. He obtained the part (complete with two keys) and charged me around a fiver. A bit of brute force w
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