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  1. We also go away every Christmas - quite often in the caravan and a few years back we did the whole Christmas dinner thing at Hillhead. It was a well put together package and we rather enjoyed it but having done it, we think perhaps a second time would be ‘not as good as we remembered it’. The nicest dinner we had was in Dartmouth. Restaurant was upstairs in a very old building but I can’t remember the name. There’s a nice farm shop on the way from Hillhead to Torquay and a very nice coffee and cake cafe on Torquay harbour (left side looking out to sea). Again the name escapes me. Brixham Anecdote The year we did the Hillhead Christmas Dinner Event we had hired a rather large motorhome and on Boxing Day In Brixham, we parked the MH across two or three spaces in the furthest corner of a rather empty pay and display car park. Sitting eating lunch in the MH there was a tap on the door and lo and behold, it was a very smartly turned out parking warden... a very polite parking warden in fact who, having proffered seasonal greetings, told us we couldn’t park as we had. He further advised that if we moved to a single space he would overlook our transgression. When I questioned the size of the M/H vs the size of the spaces he said as long as all four wheels were within the marked bay we were fine. We managed it just... with his help but it left the space behind unusable and the front of the vehicle well into the car park roadway. He was happy, wished us a pleasant day and went off to be nice to somebody else.
  2. I was on Keswick C&CC a couple or three weeks ago... the sheer number of motorhomes was very noticeable, probably more than caravans but wait... no mention of motor homes in the club’s name. A rebranding of C&CC to C&C&MHC simply to attract motorhomes would appear to be far from necessary.
  3. We use ours with pedal bin liners (used to be free supermarket carrier bags) and a couple of mini bulldog clips to keep the bag in place. Recyclables go in a collapsible crate outside the caravan beside the step. I don't believe their is a bigger bin available but I think their may be a less prominent magazine rack that clips on in place of the bin. The down side of the bin is that you can't have the door top half open, bottom half closed with the flyscreen deployed/
  4. Don't give up... think about the things that went wrong and what you need to do next time. It will all become second nature in no time. We all make minor errors or forget something once in a while but as a routine develops... you will get soon the hang of it. The water thing sounds as if you didn't shut of the drain valve (little yellow lever) so next time, switch the pump on, pop outside and look under the van. If there is a steady stream of water coming out then go back and check the little yellow tap. (this is one of my regular errors). Get in the habit of either closing it straight after draining down or checking it immediately after switching the pump on. The hitch not coming off the tow ball... you are on the right lines with relaxing it after reversing but if you go to the opposite extreme it will still bind. Again, for the amount of times it is going to happen, an occasional nuisance rather than a major problem. Jockey wheel - probably not tightened enough after dropping the wheel to the ground is all. Chin up... it is something new to you in terms of managing the towing and pitching etc of the caravan itself, quite a bit to get grips with initially but you'll get there quicker than you may think. A huge credit to you for giving it a go and i wish every success with it. Happy caravanning.
  5. We were at Keswick C&CC last week. It's a large site and it looked very much like that over large swathes of the grassed areas. The grass corners of of many hardstandings were seriously churned up too with vehicles getting on and off their pitches and a flood alert was in force for the whole week as the lake level was very high. Some hardstandings were out of use and I believe the site had closed to tents.
  6. You appear to have answered the very question that has remained unanswered for the past eleven years
  7. Barbeques quite often live outside exposed to all elements for their entire lives so that probably accounts for the shorter serviceable life. edit to add: the nice AWS man who looks after my caravan always reports the remaining service life on my pigtail based on five years from the date on the hose.
  8. ... and of course, there is no real difference between threading one end into a cylinder or the other end into a regulator. I'd venture that the cylinder end, being subject to greater wear and tear through normal use is more likely to 'leak' than the correctly and fitted once regulator end. How many of us check the cylinder connection beyond a cursory listen / sniff for gas each time we change a cylinder?
  9. No apology necessary though why you may think that it was CCC advice is quite beyond me... the link I included in my post refers to the NCC Verified Leisure Battery Scheme and leads to this page... https://www.thencc.org.uk/Our_Schemes/ncc_verified_leisure_battery_scheme.aspx It appears that the NCC advice and labelling system may be a little at odds with each other.
  10. It is 'genuine' Freesat... postcode needed and everything. Screenshot just taken:
  11. You'd probably do better to point that out to the NCC, it being the author of that advice rather than I.
  12. We recently bought an LG 24" from Curry's for £160. It has Freesat and Freeview built in, records to usb devices (single tuner only) and has all the usual smart functions like on demand services at the touch of a button but most of which will never be used in the caravan. It has no 12v facility but is lightweight with very good picture quality and reasonable sound for a small tv. The matt finish surround and stand do not show up finger marks like our previous piano-black Samsung did either. We chose this one for the Freesat feature in a caravan sized tv and having been away with it for about three weeks now, we rather like it. Because we specifically wanted a small Freesat TV our choice was very limited but if Freesat is not a requirement then there is a huge selection of suitably sized TVs. LG 24TL510S 24" Smart HD Ready LED TV I believe a non - Freesat version is available from Argos for around £140
  13. NCC Verified Leisure Battery Scheme • Category A is for batteries with a higher storage capacity for people who frequently use their touring caravan or motorhome away from an electrical hook-up: • Category B batteries are aimed at those who frequently use sites with hook-up facilities, but require a greater battery capacity to operate devices such as motor movers: • Category C batteries are for users that require a lower capacity battery to cover basic operation of their habitation equipment for short periods away from an electrical hook-up:
  14. As indeed, by happy coincidence, do groundsheets and awning 'carpets'. If you know the size (width x length) of your porch awning then simply search for a groundsheet/carpet sized as near as possible to your awning size width and length. If the groundsheet comes up slightly larger, folding the edges to fit works - if slightly smaller, you'll simply have thin uncovered strips around one or two inside edges of your porch awning. Quite often the awning manufacturer (Dorema, Isabella, Kampa etc) will sell appropriately sized groundsheet/carpets for their awnings.
  15. Thanks for pointer... I have edited my post to remove the reference to 230v for the fridge.
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