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  1. In the early 90's I had had a French buit Caravalair TA 6 berth with this drop down bed layout. The interior layout was great for maximum use with U shaped table/ bed, then a second area which then converted by drop down bed. The down side was. No front window as the front was a2 bunk bedroom. Obviously the no front window as a no-no for the UK market, and it could not sell.
  2. All, apology fir late replies, This time of year is all work. thank you some really good comments and items to check, especially was working fine during hitch up. In fairness the dealer has called me back, and " believes a solution". We shall see. It was indeed Autowdix who informed that they no longer honoured the Royal warranty. With the dealer made aware of their responsibility under Sale of Goods Act, hence the possible "solution"
  3. Any advice would be appreciated on a mover / dealer problem. The mover is a Royal Atlas fitted to a Bailey Unicorn Pamplona (TA) new July 2012. During last week manoeuver only 1 (N/s) mover functioned. The O/s mover would not move to the wheel, but the rotor was moving suggesting power was available. Worse, today I find that Royal warranty (5 year) was taken by another firm, who now tell me that they will no longer honour Royal warranty. Worse still, the supplying dealer, when you do eventually get through, waffled on, but evaded the issue. They referred to 2 year supply warranty, but when questioned as to Sale of Goods Act, they preferred to call back . I await the call back. At best will then be expected to take the van back to this dealership and at then some repair to an obsolete product. that I can no longer have confidence in.
  4. Hi Glammr, I had exactly same tow car A6 3. o Le Mans, pulling a Bailey Pamplona, the power is absolutely no problem. The real issue with this tow car is the sports suspension. While the suspension is harsh in normal drive, due to super-low profiles, when towing is is not so good for the back passengers,. For that reason I changed to Q7 same engine, fantastic tow car for a big van.
  5. Next trip to Anglesey 15th Sept hopefully silly season over and looking forward to visiting Tyddyn Isaf site as we have heard great recommendations.
  6. Can we expect any different this time of year, and before the school holidays close? Caravanning, is on the up. After many years of business an leisure air travel, I am more than happy to give the airports and the hassle a miss and many others are thinking same after recent negative media. During a recent trip New Forest and Cornwall (unavoidable due to Grandkids promise), the journey from St Austell to Preston took 11 hrs, Inc 2 stops. Traffic so bad that 384 miles avg was 38 mph. Never in my life have I seen the M5 and M6 so congested with frequent stoppage for no visible reason. The worst Warrington to Haydock, 2 lanes closed for some activity on the hard shoulder. Ie 2 men in high viz sat on the barrier ! PS. Give Cullumpton Services M5 a miss it is a nightmare for caravanners.
  7. Nick_Pam. it was and we did get a call from Tracker after 80 mies about 1 hr 45 mins ! not exacty reassuring. You are right . my thoughts warranty / dealer problem, alas the dealer referred the alarm problem to Tracker (?). Tracker did call and verbally advised a "reset' procedure so this weekends travel will give the resut
  8. langesrs8, Exactly my thoughts. We had travelled around 80 miles A roads and M6, and was 10 miles from home before i had a call from Tracker checking the VN status. That was around 1 HR 45 mins from the start. Tracker was registered, All appears to be reset, but I plan a short run this weekend coming to make ur before a Euro trip, as I am not yet . convinced.
  9. Hi Waltons. Enjoy your trip to France, I will look out for UN11CRN. Hoping I ma back n action after this week 2 knee drain procedures. Not nice. We abolutley love the Pamplona layout, and it will be with us for some time, I hope, Like Poppyman we looked at the Cebrera, but preferred the TA route, and as the weight was not an issue we did the deal. To you all enjoy the summer. If you see a Audi Q7 (21 BTA) with a Pamplona . come say hello.
  10. Hi Waltons, Sorry about the delay to re-contact, unfortunate hospital stay has put the damper on caravan activities lately. It's difficult to handle the usual hitch/ unhitch with crutches. The alarm issue was dealt with by the dealer, as still in warranty. Noted that the initial call handling was poor. As for the Pamplona, it's a fantastic van, the through bathroom shower was the winner for us. We too have not seen another Pamplona on sites, and now Bailey have deleted (strange decision) it is more unlikely. Hoping to hit the road late July through August
  11. Sincere thanks to you all for your kind advice. We checked the Fob's with no change. We are back home now, and immediate unhitch, the alarm stops. So possible electrical? The possibility that other nearby vans could trigger (or disengage) is a worry, glad it's got Tracker fitted. As is under warranty I think a visit best solution. Thanks again!
  12. i would welcome advice on a Baiey Unicorn (2012) alarm problem. Last week on site, the alarm started, had to stop by discoonnect leisure battery. Then reconnect all OK. Until hitch up, car ignition on and the alarm starts again. Again, disconnect the leisure battery, again stops, ignition on again . alarm starts again. Did so all the way home 80 miles and worst nobody takes any notice -even a parked Police car ! Any ideas what the problem may be?
  13. Barstan

    New Caravan

    Pagan. The insurance companies require tracker for a good reason. Just view some of the postings. The way I see it you are investing 20K in a quality caravan and not willing to protect your investment by an extra 300? I have applied Tracker on all my cars (and commercials) for years and would not even think about not fitting. During our last van outing I had gone 5 miles before I had a call from Tracker to check my caravan was moving with my knowledge. This was a rare situation, but a piece of mind not an intrusion. I hope for your sake you do not find out the hard way, because the next insurance premium will reflect the false economy.
  14. Thank you all. Some good, welcome advice. Looks like Fleming bridge it is then !
  15. Thanks lunar loopy, that will help locate. Appreciated.
  16. Sorry not got the hang of this reply link yet. Thanks for the input. I was thinking of Holyhead to Dun L ferry Overnight site and onto Killarney. CC offers some good sites but as always recommendations preferred.
  17. Hi to all. I would appreciate any recommendations for sites to use during a trip to Ring of Kerry region, also any suggestions for 1st night site off the ferry.
  18. What a combo ! I Think the A5 may have the same floor pan as A6 so should be OK. I have towed a twin-axle Bailey Unicorn Pamplona with an A6 3. 0 TDI with no problem power wise as their was bags of torque. The real problem was the suspension. If your A5 is "S Line" then the sports suspension will be a problem, and, of course, depending on the caravan to be towed which you don't say but by the previous "tug" suggest well that the A5 will cope easy. Good luck, I hope you get fixed up.
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