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  1. Sorry to bring this back up but where did you get the brushes as mine is doing exactly the same, if you can remember that is.
  2. I would love to know where to buy some of these from. The look like Molex connectors that are usually found in a computer, but it would make for a lot neater installation and also for adding and moving sockets.
  3. Well I think for the gates they have climbed over, it's a flat top gate, so easy to get over, I can get over it after a night on the lash so not concerened about the gate, more concerned about the caravan lock, think i'm going to be ordering a fiamma 31 for added security. Was going to get one anyway as the dog can open the door from inside, so it will provide added dog restraint. If the drive wasn't so bumpy and on a slight incline I would lower the legs, but we only go in it to get bits out maybe once a month when it's on the drive, rest of time it's pulled out of drive and left so I can get into the garage. Just looking at creating my own alarm system from some bits i've got left over from an alarm install, it runs of a 12v battery, and i've got pirs and door contacts, just need a suitably loud siren, probably propped next to the door to give them the proper volume. Ahh well, weekend is here and i'll clean the van out and see if there's anything has gone missing, and maybe see if I can fit the cushions in the garage, or i'll start sleeping in there and give them a proper fright if they come back. Wife is still really upset, but doesn't want to get rid of the van as it's the layout we wanted, is lightweight and now dry!! Maybe i'll look into having the cushions receovered or dig the sewing machine out and do it myself.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys, I'm not wanting to post pictures at the moment incase the police do know who they are, and anything that they might be able to find to get out of anything. As for rear steadies down, when the caravan is on the drive, the back is up against the garage door so I can't get in to put them down, if I need to get in I put an axle stand underneath. I'm going to have a proper look underneath tomorrow to see if theres any damage, i've got a log number to update if there is. The wierd thing is they went through every cupboard, and found some apple, pear and pineapple juice and opened it. When they came out they had drinks in hand. I know the people round here very well and I think a visit to the local shop and pub with a pic will get me a name, but i'm not sure how that would look to the police. If I didn't have the job I do, risk of loss if arrested!!, I would be on with getting it sorted right now. I think they were upto hanky panky in it, which is why they took so long. Can't be that easy in a caravan single front bunk, with tools over the floor and van!! The caravan was plugged into the electric at the time and they even switched a light on, and there was some rocking of the van. The wife is in pieces about the thought of someone being in our van, The eldest daughter, 4, was more concerned about someone being on her bed, and I can't post what I feel, but I bet a good few of you can imagine.
  5. Well here's an interesting one for everyone!!! Last night at 22. 45 my caravan was broken into, while parked on the drive covered with CCTV cameras, on private grounds with 7 foot gates at the drive. They did something to the lock, but didn't force it, so can only assume used a key or something, I know my key will open my in-laws caravan door and theirs will open my battery box, so don't fully understand how they managed to get in. Anyway here's the strange thing, a male and female, were in there for 1 hour and 10-15 minutes. Nothing is missing, even though they went through all the cupboards, moved the gaslow bottle from in front of the fridge to look in it, and even though there was £5-600 worth of tools nothings gone. They did however leave a pair of gloves and some hair clips!! They were either drunk or stupid as i've got pretty good pictures of both their faces leaving the van. The only concern I've got is that as they got in the back of the van dropped and hit the floor pretty hard then bounced as they moved forwards. Could this have done any damage to the chassis or anything? I've reported it to the police, but because it's not classed as a vehicle or building and nothing was taken, it's a civil trespass matter so don't know where it's going to go. The should be sending forensics out to collect the gloves and hair clips along with a copy of the footage. And if they were doing what I think they were doing, anyone know anyway of thoroughly cleaning the cushions?!?!?!?!?! Thanks
  6. I use Sygic on my phone, which so far has been brilliant, it gives numerous route options, but haven't used it abroad, that will be next year. It doesn't have options for caravan or motorhome though. I tried co-pilot a long time ago and didn't like the interface, but the newer versions might be different.
  7. I've got a 2002 volvo V70 T5, which has a MGW of 2210Kg and tow a 2003 lunar zenith 6 with a MTPLM of 1300Kg, leaving me 90Kg before the 3500kg limit, passed my test in 2001/2. It can be done, but careful selection needs looking at, I was looking at changing to a 2005 BMW 530d touring, but that put me over the 3500kg limit!!
  8. Well i've got a reich move control 2 from 2005, and it's now on its 5th van, original owners van, one of my dads and 3 of mine. I've changed the grit rollers to the alloy ones which was £148. 50 about 7 years ago and it's never given an ounce of trouble. Only problem I can see is that on the lunar it does appear to sit lower to the ground, but not sure if it's a visual thing or actually is lower. Only got it to get the van on and off the drive as i've got about 6 inch either side, narrowing to about 1 inch when it's fully in place.
  9. well after much reading, it appears that the gearbox on both is the same, only the gearshifter and gearbox ecu are different between an auto and geartronic, so after reading that i'm happy. The only reason i'm a bit unsure is that my t5 produces 250ps of power, and 330nm@2400-5200 where as the d5 is 163ps, and 340nm@1750-3000. Will that bit of torque difference make a massive difference? I know i've got to rev my t5 harder when towing, but it really doesn't mind that, but maybe thats because it's a petrol version? Years since i've had a diesel and even that was a Citroen ZX 1. 9D non turbo!!
  10. Thanks guys, I didn't think it would be that much of a prob, but it's my mates car and has 147k on the clock as opposed to 219k on mine!! Mine is brilliant at towing, although 5th is just a little below the power at 60 and results in sometimes needing to drop a gear. But for 1k, it's a bit of a no brainer, it's a pre-dpf car,2. 4l 163bhp and drives well, I've often driven it loaded to the hilts for work, and it just goes, and doesn't seem that affected, although the torque low down is a lot more or so it seems compared to my t5. Between the T5 and D5 there isn't much in them until 70+ where the T5 can shine using it's revs, but at 24mpg solo compared to 51 it's a no brainer really. My big concern was it being an auto and not a geartronic, suppose I could always buy it run it for 6 months and see how it behaves towing, and if not suitable bring the t5 back out. I was after a bmw 530d due to the fact i'm trained on them and know the downfalls, but also I prefer rwd over fwd. But a decent car with history at a decent price can't be sniffed at!! Thanks all
  11. Hi all, I'm looking at changing cars from the V70 T5 to the diesel version, the D5 but the diesel is an auto, not a geartronic. Does anyone have any experience of towing with one of these, and if so how was it? I'm pulling a Lunar Zenith Six that weighs 1300kg mtplm. Thanks for any info, Ste
  12. We've got one similar to the one posted on the argos site and it has done well for both our kids, eldest is now 4 and youngest is 18 month. We ended up using 2 to ensure there was no gaps, and we took her away when she was 3/4 months old in the van. We've now changed vans and still use the 2 bed guards and it certainly makes it easier if they fold down on themselves.
  13. Have a look at my topic a few down about damp repairs, leaky lunar zenith six, this is is a 2003 van and am only doing it due to the fact I got it cheap, knowing it needed some work. I'm probably about 18 hours in, and have started the reassembly, i'd leave the polysterene in place, and take timbers out one at a time, so as not to stress the shell too much. I'm also having to do some repairs to the floor timbers, as they were rotted but certainly not as bad as it looks. I've make sure it's sealed on the outside before attempting any internal repairs as otherwise it will just be fighting a never ending battle. As for costs i'm at about £60ish for materials, luckily i've already got a good selection of tools. I'm estimating mine to end up costing about £120 in total, as I need to redo all the awning rails, and need to buy the trim to fit in them. Any other questions feel free to ask.
  14. Well an update for today, i've took the bulkhead out to give me more room to install the plywood and also easier access to fibreglass up the cracks from behind in the front grab handle mounts. I've took the front section of awning rail off and found that it was leaking, and after getting to good wood last night and letting it dry out, i've reinstalled some new timbers. Tomorrow will hopefully be a case of fibreglass the front up, both the cracked handle and the other side to make sure they're solid. I'm hopefully going to get the timbers installed round the water heater and water inlet, which will give a lot more support to both and with a generous helping of sealant will stop any leaks. Anyway enough talking, here's some pics.
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