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  1. It’s a year 2000 or 2002 swift challenger could we’ll be cosmetic as the strip doesn’t go all the way to the edge. ...we picked up on a few drips inside when we were away with a 35mph wind hitting the back end which I’m assuming was pushing the water under the lifting cosmetic strip
  2. After being away and noticing a leak I had a look at the roof. .... seems the roof roof joint needs replacing which I’m fine with doing but need to ask what tape/sealant I should use. ive previously replaced the seals on the sky lights but don’t really want to use a mastic tape that is sticky both sides. ....do they do a single side mastic tape? cover back on to ensure no more water ingress John
  3. Thanks for that Dave, I can get hold of a lighting board from a pal tomorrow, so will give that a go.
  4. Hi Just had a hairy journey back from a week away with a friend tailing us as our caravan lights stopped working. We did our normal checks upon hitching up and the lights were all working along with the audible beeping in the car when the indicators get switched on. ...left the campsite and 6 or 7 miles into the journey the audible noise for indicators stopped so we pulled over and confirmed all the caravan lights had stopped working. .....checked the connection, checked the wiring on the hitch and all looked good, have taken apart the socket on the caravan and no corrosion, checked the cars fuses and lights and all fine. .... Any ideas? Thanks john
  5. Thanks very much for the responses. ..will have a look at those brands. Cheers Reluctant for your link and help on the connector. John
  6. Evening changing our BBQ this year and am considering a gas bbq firstly can anyone tell me what type of gass fitting to buy to go onto the bbq hose that will fit the external connection? secondly think I'm looking for a cadac but is there any others I should look at in the same price range, similar weight and size. thanks again john
  7. Thanks guys got it down to bang on 75kg nose weight now. .. spare wheel now lives under the bed, as central as possible and only just behind the axle. Shuffled a few things around but conscious that I didn't want anything too heavy hanging off the back if that makes sense. .. The Caravan contents are 150kg (142kg to be exact), battery spare wheel and every thing in the van down to knives and forks and an allowance of 15kg for clothes. ..even if we take a few more pairs of pants and flip flops we'll be alright (but obviously that isn't in yet but wardrobe is over the axle). Thanks for your help my main concern was whether we were allowed to keep it inside the van but seems its a common practice. . john
  8. Picked up a new van the other day (to me) a 1999 swift challenger 500se. Was advised that the van was well balanced and would be ok to tow home which in fairness it was with a near enough full load in it as he had included everything within the sale!! all we will need is clothing (cupboard directly over the axle, food straight in the fridge fractionally in front of the axle and beer (boot of car!!). the miro of the van is 1042 and we have removed every thing to weigh Battery, motormover (checked on line) spare wheel and we have a total additional weight of 150kg before adding food and clothes. .. So that is our basic leave in the van stuff which will be staying in there giving a total of 1200kg (the Maximum weight is 1300kg. ... I checked the nose weight this morning and shocked that its coming in at 95KG. The nose weight for my car VolvoV50 2. 0Diesel is 75KG. ...The only way I can get anywhere near this is to remove the spare wheel and store it in the van at the back under the fixed bed. ....is this permissible, advised or even legal?? John
  9. Thanks Bill that's what I thought that was the case. Sorry for the confusion idriver, should have said new to me. picked up today and very impressed, first time I've used an Al-Ko hitch and must say felt a lot nice to tow than my old van with a bulldog bar which I always thought was more of a placebo. . johnj
  10. yeah sorry its a 1999. think i'll work on the basis of battery, gas bottle etc not being included in the miro john
  11. Evening all maybe a simple question but one I'd feel safer and happier knowing. were picking up a swift challenger 500 tomorrow which has a "MIRO of 1042kg" and a "MTPLM of 1300KG". So that I can calculate the contents before going to a weigh bridge what do they rate the MIRO on? Is it the bare van with nothing in it i. e no gas bottle, battery etc John
  12. thank you very much FlashGordon. .. prized the pins apart, quick rub with emery and squirt of wd40. ..and to be honest I was a little sceptical as I've already given it a good go with the wd40. .. wife checking the lights said that when I was pumping the brakes they went from not doing anything to starting to flicker to coming on strongly. ..does this suggest damp in the black plug unit john
  13. I have an old eldis caravan and I'm having a problem with one of the brake lights. ..the right hand side one doesn't work. I'm on a 7 pin set up and the pin for the brakes is ok - it should operate both break lights. ..and the left works fine I've taken the bulb out of the offending side inspected - doesn't look broken and replaced anyway. Its one with 2 filaments one for the lights and then comes on brighter for the brakes. ...it is on for the lights but does not come on any brighter when you apply the brakes. ....... I've checked the connections at the back of the bulb and good solid connection any ideas would be really appreciated. ... john
  14. Nicely polished shed!!! even the recovery guys said what good condition it was in. ...presume they were looking past the sagging to one side, furrow plowed down the hard shoulder and wheel leaning against the side of it!!!! or should i change my user name to "onewheelonmywagon"........
  15. Not going through Insurance as i'm sure that they wouldn't sanction a second hand axle going on and would write off the caravan for £800 for a new axle plus labour etc before we even get onto the mover!!!
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