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  1. Hi all ive posted a few items on here about draining down my static caravan. this one relates to the boiler. I go under my decking at end of season to open two valves under my boiler to drain out the water (not the heating system). my question is would I be able to somehow extend the draindown boiler pipes to outside my decking (taps on side of deck) to save me having to crawl under deck hope this makes sense cheers
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I’m just going to keep removing it. Happy new year
  3. Thanks Paul. When I remove it there is quite a bit of water comes out of the tap itself so I will just continue as I am. Thanks
  4. Hi my van has a caraflow v200 mixer tap intstalled for the shower which I remove when draining down van. This is a really fiddly task and in the book it seems to say that you should leave the tap open in a certain position after disconnecting the water. My question is ‘does this mean I can leave it connected’. anyone with experience of this particular mixer tap is more than welcome to give me advice. thanks jason
  5. Hi i have a static van with a combi boiler and radiators in each room fitted with trv’s (Apart from bathroom one). When putting heating on is it best to have internal doors open or closed for efficiency cheers jason
  6. Sorry I'm not understanding air temperature from incoming combustion air. Would someone be able to elaborate. Boiler is an e-combi Evo. Cheers
  7. How do I know if it has one of those sensors or are they part of the boiler
  8. Ha ha it's ok. I just think people on here can explain stuff so much better than a manual. That and the fact I don't understand the manual lol
  9. Tried that and it tells me the auto function will auto adjust boiler due to outside conditions and heating system set up. That tells me nothing of the best way to use it. It's amazing the lack of info a manual tells you lol Jason
  10. I have an ariston boiler in my static caravan with no thermostat and trv valves on radiators apart from bathroom. The boiler has an auto function and comfort function. How do these work. Should I use them or is just Normal functions better. Water is set to 60 and heating to 70 Cheers
  11. Hi Sorry for late reply. Thanks for all your advice. The central heating system was not drained down as it has antifreeze in it. Could I ask also what the most efficient use of the combi heating is. I have it set to 70 and there are trv's on all radiators except bathroom one but there is no room thermostat in the van. Is it better to turn it off and on as needed or just let trv's do their job and leave it on. Hope that makes sense
  12. hi all i drained down my static van at the end of last season successfully for the first time and i am returning to the van in three weeks time. my question/concern is when i return to the van and reattach my shower and close all the taps and drain down taps under van and boiler do i need to do anything regarding the combi boiler or do i just run the taps to get the water flowing through again. should i leave it switched off also until i am happy the water is coming through the taps ok. i think the answer to this is going to be yes but i just dont want to miss a vital thing that may damage the boiler. thanks jason
  13. Thanks for the replies. They've been very helpful Cheers
  14. Ah thanks for that. I thought the ground would be colder. You live and learn. Thanks again.
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