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  1. Yes a Merry Christmas to one and all, and a Happy New Year. I hope your touring days next year turn out to be good ones.
  2. Or fit one of these: Self Calibrating Pressue Switch.docx Self Calibrating Pressue Switch.docx
  3. We had an air pole fail whilst in a CL in Wiltshire and Kampa sent a new one to the CL which we received the next day. Very good service.
  4. That is correct Jim, but when you arrive at a site you need to plug in your hook-up cable (if you have mains on site) and change the fridge to mains or run it on gas.
  5. Jimbo I don't know if you are aware that regarding car electrics your caravan fridge will take its power from the 12S socket (white cover) but it should only be wired so that you get power when the ignition is on. Also there should be a relay fitted in your wiring system that will not allow the fridge to be powered until your car battery has been charged. Good Luck
  6. Hello Phil, We have a Clubman SB with an Ace Air 400. There is a gap of 100 mm between the rear of the window and the front of the door. we find the Ace Air can be erected without hindering the door or window, it is very tight but it does not impede opening the widow or the door. Our awning is a 2017 model and I do know there have been a few modifications, hope that helps.
  7. There is no doubt that Tracker, Phantom and all the devices for locating your caravan are a good idea. The problem is, who is going to look for your van when there is not enough police to go around now.
  8. Bite the bullet and look at taking your B+E course & test. not only will you gain the new licence, but the information gleaned from the instructor is very beneficial.
  9. We are now into our third season using a Kampa Ace Air Pro 400, condensation has been minimal, although we do ventilate the awning all day & at night. It is heavier pulling it through the awning channel but we now remove the front and rear doors which makes it easier. Having been through seven poled awnings in our caravaning years I don't think we will return to them.
  10. Sea Dog

    Dash cams

    We have a Next Base 202 which I find the instructions not very explanatory, however whilst waiting in the car outside our daughters house I watched a very dubious vehicle with three creatures inside, driver got out and pretended to check front of car whilst looking at two houses. Gotcha I thought, but before advising police I downloaded the footage onto my laptop only to find it was too dark to see anything. Since then I have had Halfords turn up one of the gizmos to give a brighter picture.
  11. Yes Andy, but would not budge, but I will still get a quote from them next year, you never know. I also think prices differ from where you live and is influenced by your post code.
  12. Our renewal has just arrived from the CMC and it had increased by £100 for no reason at all. I have now insured with Saga £120 cheaper and new for old. I can't figure it out.
  13. Do mean your Heki roof lights
  14. Our insurance for the van is due, we have been with the CMC since 2011. The van we now have is over five years old and the CMC renewal was quite high, trawled through and saved £120 with Saga new for old so very pleased. whether it will remain good value come renewal we will have to wait and see.
  15. We are into the sixth year of our 2013 Clubman SB and overall very pleased, it has had all front windows replaced due to warping and I am glad the new window catches lock as the old window levers opened on the drive up the M6, had to call into the services and use string to hold them closed, I put that down to vibration coming from unbalanced tyres . Another important factor is buying from a reliable dealer who gives good after sales service.
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