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  1. ://www.caravantimes.co.uk/features/dealers/coachman-2020-big-changes-but-with-the-same-winning-formula-$21388921.htm After reading this article I see it mentions that coachman is also introducing a Ford van conversion, has anybody seen any details about this.
  2. I want to clean my water containers and pipes to start of the season. I usually use Milton tablets but forgot to buy them. So just wondered what other people use so I might be able to get on with it today. Many thanks
  3. ipen

    Truma Water Pump

    Thanks for your replies we are still working on it, my husband tried adjusting it and we thought we had solved it but then realised that as the level of water reduced in the aqua roll that the problem started again. So we are going to try adjusting it again today with the aqua roll half full. Thanks
  4. We have a Coachman 460/2 2012 we have recently experienced that or submersible pump keeps running after turning the hot water tap off but is fine after turning off the cold water tap. Thanks
  5. I use paper plates in-between, that works well and I have them in a storage box in a low cupboard for traveling and then move them into higher cupboards when we are on site.
  6. Thanks for some great replies. I think I will be re-thinking what I buy.
  7. Just wondered if anyone could advise me where I can buy good quality melamine mugs and plates. Thanks.
  8. how can I change my user name

  9. It is a Thetford fridge I'm not sure on the exact model I'll check when I got out to the caravan later. I always check it is shut properly before we set of so perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily. I will read the manual and see if there is a transit lock Thanks
  10. I have never had a problem with the caravan fridge door opening while traveling but worried that it could. We have had trouble with drawers opening while traveling so now have to tie then with cord to stops this. I am worried that the fridge door could burst open. So would be interested to know if anyone had experienced this problem.
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