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  1. Hi Kimbi, im not sure why you couldn't fit another towbar to it , the only reason i would think is that it had maybe been badly removed and the bolts were siezed in the car chassis , but again that's still not beyond being able to do it ...you may just need someone with patience , i know from experience as i have had a few towbars fitted now that the fixed price internet guys tend to have a set time in which to do the install and if its a little bit beyond normal installation tend to rather not get involved. the only other thing would be the electrics .. i would try and stick with
  2. All , just by way of an update visited the toilet block this morning 3 bands hanging up, joined the queue behind another guy with towel on shoulder awaiting his shower, having a chat with him he had been waiting for 10 mins already. We both waited an additional 10 mins before the warden passed and we told him of our wait ...he called into the shower block to find an empty block and 3 people who hadn't taken their bands off the hook , so I think its going to take a few a bit of time to adapt to the change , I passed the ladies on my way out and there they had 3 on hooks , 4 on the windowsill
  3. Thank you both very much , I didn't know if it was site specific but seems it's across the board .
  4. Hi all. Im currently at Durham Grange CMC Site and they have a wristband system for using the shower / toilet block , you get issued each a wristband upon arrival and at the entrance to the toilet block there are 3 hooks in which to hang your band with your pitch number on when you go in, if 3 bands are already hanging up you have to wait . I was wondering if anyone knows if this is CMC site wide as this is my first venture out since the easing . Seems like a decent idea and everyone is adhering to it ( so far ...and for now )
  5. Hi ukzero, looks really good, you have put a lot of effort into that and its looking great
  6. Would love to see any mods that you make , gadgets always float my boat
  7. hi Leesdad, I have the quattro motor mover installed to my twin axle van , not the AWD version may i add and i find it quicker than the powertouch mover on my previous van , i have only had it 2 weeks so not really had chance to fully test drive it the only thing that i have found is that on the powertouch you could ask it to do 2 different buttons ..i.e backwards and left and while going backwards you could just quickly blip left or right for small movements, with the quattro it's one button at a time and you need to stop that direction and press the next direction , i might not quite sussed
  8. Fantastic, thanks for this Paul, my insurance company (caravan guard) insisted on tracker because of the value of the van, if i need the CRiS document i had better wait as i haven't had it yet As only picked the van up yesterday ..my preference would be not to have it as if it does get stolen it may be weeks before i go into storage , and would i want it back after someone has half stripped it down !! , thanks for all your help everyone 👍🏻
  9. Hi Nanamel, thank you very much, i will give them a call tomorrow at least i have some idea of costs for the tracker as i had no idea. Cant wait to get it out onto pitch but that dreaded work word is getting in the way ...thanks again very much 👍🏻
  10. Hi Nanamel, I have just had my messina delivered yesterday and was told by the dealer that I needed to register the tracker myself , is this the case or did you register yours yourself ? I was given a credit card sized tracker card with a serial number on , and also as I cant contact them until tomorrow do you mind me asking how much they charged you for the service for tracking ?
  11. Hi All, yes Doosan i think you are right think i will go with the slightly open option to be on the safe side ! Thanks everyone , great to have people to bounce ideas off
  12. Thanks to all, on my old van the issue wasn’t with the vertical opening doors..cupboards wardrobe etc..it was with the horizontal overhead ones that i opened fully all around the van to the ceiling these ones all dropped by approx 2” when i returned back to the new season and had to physically hold them up to get stuff from the top shelves , i hoping it was just an elddis thing , as the van was a friday van from day 1
  13. Thanks all, i think i might play it safe and just leave them shut or just open the catches ..thank you all very much
  14. Hi All i have been caravanning for 7 years now and for the first 5 years i followed every advice on winterisation in particular opening all overhead lockers during the winter, i changed my Bailey last year for an Elddis and again left my cupboards open and the hinges went saggy and when they were opened after the winter they ALL needed support to keep open and kept dropping once left. ..i mentioned this to the dealer as it was a brand new van , they said that the new hinges on all caravans are not as strong as they used to be...they changed them and it fixed the problem so i left t
  15. Hi amy, We go to whitewater quite regular just to get away from the house, i know its only 5 mins up the road but honestky you could be anywhere in the country, its worth a go, its next to tees barrage, have tou been over that way at all ?
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