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  1. I see we are still talking ourselves in circles. I had a very enjoyable weekend actually doing things rather than arguing the toss over the same thing for page after page. Having been pulled over to be weight checked I can tell you the VOSA officials went immediately to the plate next to the habitation door. (which may I point out was what Bailey had said in their very first reply), you then go on to completely ignore the response from their own compliance engineer (who I suspect may have a smidge more information than we do). Think about it, if a trailer has been downplated, they are not going to stick another plate over the type approval plate. Also the trailer would be officially registered with the downplated weight. Hence this is the plate the VOSA officials refer to when checking weights.
  2. Which is probably where some people in this thread would like it, as they can then Talk endlessly again in their circular argument. At the end of the day, this pretty clear cut. A trailer can be legally down plated (which most caravans are). This is shown on the plate by the habitation door. A trailer requires a type approval, which is shown on the gas locker plate. The weight used for legal reasons (because guess what, the trailer has been legally downweighted) is the one by the habitation door. THE END (which is where we were 8 pages back).
  3. Correct, but it doesn't need 4 pages of techy waffle to explain that.
  4. No it doesn't need all the technical waffle. The poster got the answer from Bailey, but it is lost in the technical jargon that then drowns the answer. Most forums would flag as answered with a tag to the post. If people wish to discuss the why and where-all then open another thread. Don't drown the answer.
  5. warrenb

    Hybrid swindle

    VW saying will be all electric by 2025, every major manufacturer saying hybrid/electric is the way forward with all bringing out models next year. Scepticism is the killer of innovation. In 10 years an electric/hybrid will be the norm. I shall give you a wave if I can see you through the diesel fumes.
  6. Exactly, which as been answered. So then the owner knows what label to look for. It doesn't need 4 pages of type approval this, chassis loads that, stage 1/stage 2 the other.
  7. warrenb

    Hybrid swindle

    Going by some of the things said here, we would still be using a Horse and Cart. Technology moves forward, plug in hybrids if used properly are extremely efficient. Yes, we produce CO2 to produce the electricity, but this CO2 is going down each and every year with renewables rising in production. 8% in 2011 up to 28% in 2017. People need to open their eyes to the fact the technology is there (and it can tow a caravan).
  8. Wrong, for the standard caravaner they just want to know what label to look at, they couldn't give a stuff about type approval or even what that is.
  9. I commend the thread starter trying to get an answer to the labels and weights. What the thread doesn't need is the technical arguments about type approval/stage 1/stage 2 etc because we end up loosing site of the original thread. Most people don't give a stuff about all that, they want to know which label is correct.
  10. Just seen this, we all store there I would be interested in peoples routes to the major roads of the area eg. M20/M25 Thanks Warren
  11. We have the same issue with our 2017 520 Pastiche. We just use the radio stations on Freeview from the TV instead.
  12. I have a Rav4 Hybrid for towing our 1500kg Pastiche 520/4 We average around 25mpg when towing, and around 45-47mpg when solo. Yes the engine is working most of the time, and is noisy when working hard, but the trade off when solo makes it worthwhile. Only issue we have is the quite small fuel tank which means we have to fill up on the way when heading up north. Noseweight is 65kg, but the tow stability is excellent as the car has a very low centre of gravity due to the batteries.
  13. We used our 520/4 for the first time on the weekend of Storm Brian for 8 nights. Things we found. Grill was fine. Did crumpets in there no problem Seat backs do indeed creak. Brakes on van squeaking. (Put this down to being new and gloss on pads). Quite a load creak when walking on the floor as you enter the van (I think it is the join between the dinette seat and the wardrobe, there does appear to be a small gap.) Bed was fine, but a little tricky to get the cushions to fit flat, as you say, probably the newness. Everything else was fine, the heating is awesome compared to our old van (blown air).
  14. We have a 2017 520/4 and I think it has a Mark 3, which we have used for crumpets and worked fine.
  15. Towing a Pastiche 520 from Kent to Suffolk tomorrow morning, just going to take it easy, trip all inland so won't see the worst of the winds, should be around 35-40mph gusts, so not to bad.
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