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  1. RAV4 Hybrid AWD as towcar

    I have a Rav4 Hybrid for towing our 1500kg Pastiche 520/4 We average around 25mpg when towing, and around 45-47mpg when solo. Yes the engine is working most of the time, and is noisy when working hard, but the trade off when solo makes it worthwhile. Only issue we have is the quite small fuel tank which means we have to fill up on the way when heading up north. Noseweight is 65kg, but the tow stability is excellent as the car has a very low centre of gravity due to the batteries.
  2. Shakedown

    We used our 520/4 for the first time on the weekend of Storm Brian for 8 nights. Things we found. Grill was fine. Did crumpets in there no problem Seat backs do indeed creak. Brakes on van squeaking. (Put this down to being new and gloss on pads). Quite a load creak when walking on the floor as you enter the van (I think it is the join between the dinette seat and the wardrobe, there does appear to be a small gap.) Bed was fine, but a little tricky to get the cushions to fit flat, as you say, probably the newness. Everything else was fine, the heating is awesome compared to our old van (blown air).
  3. We have a 2017 520/4 and I think it has a Mark 3, which we have used for crumpets and worked fine.
  4. Storm Brian

    Towing a Pastiche 520 from Kent to Suffolk tomorrow morning, just going to take it easy, trip all inland so won't see the worst of the winds, should be around 35-40mph gusts, so not to bad.
  5. Pastiche 520/4 2017 Noseweight

    Hi there Quick update Picked Van up yesterday and had to front load to get the weight to 70kg. Complete opposite to previous van which was heavily back loaded to get to 70kg. Asked dealer about this, and he pointed out that the cooker, wardrobe (which contains alde tank) and microwave are all behind the axle so they come up a little light on the nose.
  6. Tape In The Awning Rail

    The black streaks come from the roof so you only need to protect the awning next to the roof. I only bought 12m of the tape and cut it to cover just the awning next to the roof.
  7. Insurance Renewal

    Just buying a new caravan at the moment, got a quote from Caravan Guard and it was £348, went to C&CC and got the same insurance for £192. Caravan Guard phoned me to see if I was happy with the quote, when I said I had gone to C&CC, they tried to match, but she said the quote comes out the same as I had already received. How can one company be nearly double the cost of another ?
  8. Pastiche 520/4 2017 Noseweight

    Indeed it is. It can tow 1650kg with a noseweight of 70kg. I average around 50mpg solo and 24mpg towing. It can get a little noisy with the CVT gearbox (not really a gearbox as it is basically an expanding ring) when towing, but all in all a very nice car.
  9. Pastiche 520/4 2017 Noseweight

    My car is a hybrid so has batteries which lowers the noseweight because of the weight of the batteries. Plus side, is low centre of gravity on the car so stable tow, and awesome torque from the electric motors.
  10. Pastiche 520/4 2017 Noseweight

    Well apart from that I am very much looking forward to picking it up. Impressed by quality of the finish compared to some Baileys we also looked at.
  11. Pastiche 520/4 2017 Noseweight

    I am asking as I have heard that Coachman's can be a little heavy on factory noseweight.
  12. I pick this up in 2 weeks and wondered about the nosweight. My car can take 70kg on the ball and at present need to backload my current van to achieve this. I suspect I will need to backload even more with the new van, and wondered what peoples experiences have been with this.
  13. Two Plates On My Wagon .........

    As this country operates common law, if we find out the outcome of the case taken to court with non compliance with the manufacturers plate, then you will have your answer. If the defendant was prosecuted then within law it is the manufacturers plate which you will need to be compliant with. Simple.
  14. Where's All This Leccy Going To Come From

    I tow with my Rav4 Hybrid no problem, returns around 25mpg whilst towing, but great torque from the electric motors.
  15. Electric Vehicles

    Completely agree with this, I have a Rav4 Hybrid and the batteries give the car a good low center of gravity and is very stable for towing, also the torque is indeed great, and nice silent get aways from sites. I believe this is why hybrids have quite light noseweights (mine is 75kg), as the car doesn't need that weight on the ball for stability.