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  1. Venus caravans did not have a lined shower, so this might just be where water has run down the wall in the cubicle
  2. just got rid of a rav4 hybrid and got a GTE saloon to tow 1495kg so looking good for towing.
  3. We have booked a site that is a concrete pad hardstanding with artificial grass to the side for the awning. We do not have a full awning and we were wondering how to pitch it on the artificial grass as we need to peg all 4 corners and thought it might be difficult or even damage the artificial grass
  4. I believe the Government have included Hybrids because it is clear that manufacturers are clearly bringing out hybrids that do the minimum required to bring down the CO2 emissions across their ranges to just below the required level by law. It is a clear case of manufacturers doing just the required. The ban including hybrids forces the hands of these manufacturers to clearly look at proper alternatives to ICE rather than to just do the minimum.
  5. As I said, I will be towing around 5 times a year. Max 250 miles on a run. Cars are getting lighter and lighter, and most people with a family don't want a hunking great car for a 5 times a year reason, they want a family car that is economical. So if a manufacturer says it will tow 1700kg then it will. If it starts to get unstable in a cross wind then you slow down, it is not rocket science.
  6. Oh and I will be getting the Edition version. And I don't want the thread to disappear down the hole of 85% rules here. If the car can tow it then I am happy, been towing for years, and if a car is rated to tow at a certain weight, then clearly it is safe to do so, unless they want to get sued.
  7. Looking at this car as a replacement for our tow car as we only at the moment tow around 5 times a year and use the car as normal for the rest of the year. Anyone with experience towing with this vehicle.
  8. Have towed with a Rav4 Hybrid for over 3 years with no issue. Refined and powerful pulling our 1485kg van. Average 25mpg when towing and 45-50 when solo. Absolute no brainer as far as I am concerned. Electronic 4wd as well, back driven my eletric motors only have got us out of some very sticky fields.
  9. Have a 2017 Pastiche, love it, couple of Duvalay sleeping bags, job done. It just has everything a couple would need.
  10. And 5 years ago when it was 12% that is were we were then. We have just sold another 9 gw of offshore wind which will be subsidy free ( which is a lot more than can be said for coal and oil). In 5 years time that 35% will be more like 50%. And if that is your argument then right at this moment fossil fuel is contributing 36% of production right at this second
  11. At the moment. Anyway what does that mean. I could say fossil fuels only now contribute 65% now as that is all they can manage.
  12. I am just trying to work out how it costs the consumer more and also when on most days of the year renewables are making up on average 35% of electricity production we are adding to polution. And to bring things back to the thread. Yes it is stupid to have a group winner which only tows 750kg whatever the technology
  13. Dis someone have to bring up climate change and electric vehicles in this forum. You should know by now it just wakes up the luddites. And before anyone asks what side I take here. I tow with a hybrid (which tows just fine thanks), our second car is an EV, ws have solar panels on our house and i don't think there is a better sight than an operating offshore windfarm just off the coast.
  14. As did I, but after a few trips and a little jiggling with the load it is fine now. I don't think we want to let the OP think he has made a major mistake when sometimes it is just a little experimentation that is required.
  15. I always find that an up/down motion when towing is because the nose weight is wrong. A sway is because the lateral weight distribution is wrong. Check the nose weight, and if at max permissible for the car (which it probably will be near or over as these nose weights for towbars seems to be coming down with every new car.) If it is a sway, then depending on the layout of the van, check the distribution of stuff in the van normally in comparison to which side the kitchen is as this is a major weight which most manufacturers do not counter. For our van which
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