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  1. On my Bradcott Patio Porch Awning ive got the usual flat roof part and one wall slides into the rear part of the awning rail. The wall that faces the front of the caravan hangs loose, but is held tight by an awning leg and also pegged out
  2. What about Riverside Holiday Park, in Ormskirk
  3. We tend to use Ladys Mile In Dawlish. Its got everything that you require. Here is the link http://www. ladysmile. co. uk/ We are planning on going there ourselves in August 2013
  4. My caravan is 15 years old, and has never had a mover fitted, and I choose not to, like I said earlier. I dont want one as it would reduce my payload. I can afford to have my caravan fully serviced and also it has always been insured every year. Oh and by the way I lost my job due to ill health 3 years ago, but I can still afford the insurance and servcing, and have time away in my caravan. So people who are on a very tight budget can still enjoy caravaning. We are not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths
  5. Yes I mandhandle my caravan after reversing it to roughly where I want it. I bought my caravan on a tight budget for myself and the family to have cheap weekends and holidays. I chose not to have a mover fitted because I did not want the payload of my caravan reduced. How would you feel if you where in a position as alot of people on here with little or no money and could not afford a mover, and had to manhandle your own caravan. I hope everyone on site would refuse to help. Even if you had a major fault with it. Oh and yes I would and have helped other people manhandle their caravans on site. Not everyone is made of money
  6. When this happened with mine I used a small amount of all purpose glue (not super glue) and its worked fine
  7. Hi Guys, have noticed recently that some of the CRiS Registration etchings on my 1997 Lunar caravan windows have started for disappear/fade away. Do you think that its worth getting the etching kit to redo them or just leave alone. I have spoken to CRiS themselves and was informed that if I went down the road of getting them re-etched im looking at £20 for the kit but it has got to be done by a CRiS approved dealer. Any advice welcome
  8. I have a 1997 Lunar 5 berth with built in factory fitted fanmaster. Ive only got to outlets as wendash has stated ie under the front offside seat and one inside the shower/toilet. Again I find this is adequate for the size of van. Hope this helps
  9. Can anyone shed any advice on what ive been told
  10. Im always valeting my car, so got nothing to worry about. Hate a dirty/untidy car. My car may be 11 years old but inside and outside still look like its just come out the showroom
  11. Ive recently been informed by my local caravan service centre that inside the front gas locker the floor to wall fixings need replacing. Apprantly there is a small amount of movement in both of them on each side. Im not sure if this is just a ruse to get more work out of me. Can anyone shed any light on this
  12. Do you know anyone with a caravan and plug their caravan into your car. If the lights all operate correctly then you will know its a fault with the caravan wiring
  13. yozza

    Number Plate

    One time on a previous car, I had made up my own number plate ie painted a piece of wood and painted the reg number on, for a trailer I once had. Admittedly I used this about 4 times on my caravan. I even had police follow me when this was fitted to caravan. Never got pulled over. I think it was a case of pure luck. Have not done it since. Now my caravan does not move from storage unless ive got a matching number plate. Ive always bought my number plates off ebay and never had any problems, as they are legally spaced apart.
  14. Hope he got nibble fingers and quick reflexes
  15. the thing with that is because even though its a new car. They will more than likely want to make charge for a 5 minute job, which is very easy to do
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