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  1. Hi all. Has anyone experienced any issues with the front seats "sagging". I have had the interiors replaced after only a few weeks from new. The seats are now the same again after only a few weekends of use. Thanks mike1001
  2. Thanks it will be my next task to look at your suggestion. ... mike
  3. Has anyone used the local aires in France with a car and caravan. The ones that are close to the local towns and villages. I thought they were only for motorhomes but some one at our site tells me that he has used them as overnight stops and its ok as long as you keep the caravan attached ???? Regards Mike Kath and Alfie the cat
  4. Hi. Caravan tyres do deteriate with age - they spend a lot of time parked up,which stresses the side walls in one place if they are not rotated occaisionally. The sun also affects the sidewalls and they start to crack. I would suggest that five years of unknown use,by other owners, may be a factor in the tyre failures. ..... underinflation. ....bumping into kerbs etc----who knows. Get some new tyres and get out their and enjoy yourself. .... mike,kath and alfie the cat.
  5. Thanks for that I have checked the map - looks good - cant wait to get going- maybe weather will be better - I hope. mike Thanks for that,. mike Hi. Sounds like good advice - thanks Mike Hi. Everyones views are different - may just initially book for a week and see - I am looking at the two other sites you mentioned . thanks Mike
  6. Thanks for that I had not thought it might be wintry conditions. m k and alfie
  7. Hi,Thanks for that;. I plan to take a few weeks to get their, making numerous stops on route. I normally avoid toll roads for the obvious reasons ££. and enjoy the stop when you like, for as long as you like attitude. mike
  8. Hi all, In September I plan to tour through France ending up in La Manga for a couple of months and getting back before Christmas. Has anyone used any sites at La Manga? I have a Shogun Sport and a new Bailey Cabrera. I have toured in France before but not in Spain - are there any pitfalls I should look out for? Regards Mike,Kath and Alfie the cat
  9. Hi all. This is my first attempt at using the forum - new member. I am planning a trip ending up in La Manga. I am going for at least two months. I intend driving to La Manga from Calais and making a few stops on the way for a couple of days each. I want to arrive in La Manga around Oct 10th and stay for about five weeks. I am experienced at towing on the continent and have the right equipment for the journey. I have bought a new Baily Cabrera and tow it with a Shogun Sport. My question is, has anyone done this journey and knows any good sites on route and has anyone used any of the sites in the La Manga area. Look forward to your comments/advice. regards Mike
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