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  1. Thank you all for your input, I have decided to try the Huawei 5573 and from you replies I’m sure it will be fine. David38, the difference between 3G and 4G is speed, so it might be worthwhile going to 4G but if you find 3G quick enough for you then why bother? regards Brian
  2. My use would be UK any maybe Europe, but mainly UK
  3. Hi All, I know there have been many threads related to this topic but I am asking those posters who have actually used any of the devices listed below for their opinions. I am about to purchase a mifi device as I have become underwhelmed by the performance of CMC site WiFi. My mobile phone contract does not allow tethering so that is not an option. Our data needs are only for emails and general internet browsing so not heavy use, thus the 3 network 12 or 24 Gb preloaded SIM cards would be fine. Amazon are currently offering the following devices: Tp link
  4. Hi All, whilst getting quotes for my car insurance I have noticed a considerable increase in the annual premium. Has anyone else had a similar experience recently? Another factor that may have an influence is that I hit 70 at the end of this week, has anyone noticed that having an influence on their premium?
  5. Hey guys thanks for all the information. I was lucky enough to borrow my son’s car for a day (same model) so had an extended test drive, excellent solo but of course have not been able to try towing. Looking forward to getting mine next week.
  6. Hi All, I am about to take ownership of a 2016 VW Tiguan with auto DSG. Whilst reading up on this car I have come to realise that the gearbox is a twin clutch unit not a torque converter as I first thought. Although I have been driving for 53 years I have only owned one automatic and that was for a short time about 40 years ago. Have any of you guys towed with this type of car and box, and have you found the box good and reliable? Solo I am very impressed with the smooth action of the car during the short time I test drove it. It is the 2 litre 150 hp engine by the way.
  7. Many thanks to all who have replied, I have today collected my third in a row Outlander. This model has a much smoother ride quality due to a revamped suspension. Not keen on this “ stop and go” system which cuts the engine when you are stationary in neutral, it can be overridden but has to be done each trip, pity it could not be permanently disabled.
  8. Thanks both for your replies, it was the ride quality I was questioning, especially with 235/45x19 tyres. Although I think that although large wheels and low profile tyres will produce a harsher ride than smaller wheels with normal profile (55) tyres, this will still be a smoother experience than the Outlander which has 18 inch wheels with 55 profile tyres but hard suspension.
  9. I am considering changing my Outlander for a 2016 2ltr 180hp Kuga Titanium Sport. My concern is that it has 19 inch wheels with low profile (45) tyres. Has anyone towed with this size tyre on a Kuga and what are your observations. I have had a test drive, solo, and the ride seemed nicer than the Outlander. Many thanks Brian
  10. There appears to be confusion in this thread about sites. There are three separate sites mentioned. The site at the lower end of the park near the beach is an area used for rallies by several clubs. The site inside the country park near the cafe building, and I believe the one referred to by the OP, is run by Carmarthenshire County Council. The third site which is actually just before the country park entrance is a Caravan and Motorhome Club site which shares the Pembrey name but in my opinion based on many visits over a number of years is up to the usual C&MC standards.
  11. That would depend on the awning, they come in various depths eg 2 mtr, 2. 5 mtr. Even different models from one supplier would have different depths. If you know the make and model of the awning I’m sure someone will be able to help. Often the footprint of an awning is available on line from adverts or the manufacturers catalogue.
  12. Hi Jeff, not actually on M50 but on A40 Monmouth services are quite good and new. One either side of dual carriageway. They areEco garages, have Greg’s, Starbucks, Spar andSubway. Caravan parking spaces are drive through ie no reversing required.
  13. Hi All, I have recently changed vans to a 2017 Conqueror. I have noticed that each time I move site, and hence disconnect EHU and subsequently reconnect the RCB has tripped. I have never experienced this on any of my previous vans. Is this normal or due to an over sensitive RCB?
  14. Hi, you are at the very start of what I’m sure will prove to be a very enjoyable experience. We have been caravanning for over 35 years, yes we have encountered many problems at various times but would not have any other style of holidaying. There are many on the forum who will offer help to your questions, don’t be afraid to ask.
  15. That does give me more hope, although unfortunately I am considerably heavier, perhaps I should take my GP’s advice and lose weight.😀 Yes it is only the Elegance which currently has Smart HT, however, I am buying a new 2017 model Conqueror which does have it. Good to hear you have had no problems.
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