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  1. That's slightly misleading, the Prius is targeted because as Doosan said the thieves are focusing their attention on hybrid cars and as Black Grouse says modern hybrids have the cc in the engine compartment to maximise heat. As the Prius has been the major player in the hybrid market since the mid 90's they are a particular target and the older designs the cat is in the exhaust under the car. You could argue this is a "design fault" but all cars had the cc under the car at this time so its wasn't unique to the Prius, what was relatively unique is that Prius is a hybrid. Davros
  2. Davros18


    I've purchased 2 new caravans from Wandahome, one Elddis and a Buccaneer, both caravans have had problems but Wandahome have been excellent in sorting them out through warranty (in fact the Buccaneer is in with them now having a damp problem sorted). Gareth in the service department is very good. My experience with them suggests your deposit is safe with Wandahome, in my opinion you made a good choice not using the dealer nearer home. Davros
  3. Ignore my last post, I haven't been on the forum for a while and have just found theBriars thread on "Rouge Dealers", I see you are already engaged with legal representation. ADR is Alternative Dispute Resolution, 3rd party intervention often associated with trading standards
  4. I was speaking to a used car dealer recently and we got into a discussion about if CRA 2015 had affected how they operate their business, he told me it had actually reduced the number of complaints that lead to an expense in his business, he said he basically used customers lack of knowledge on the act against them by putting them into 3 categories. Cat 1 - Initial complainants, his standard response to all complaints referencing CRA is to write back stating that the customers issue does not meet the criteria and is therefore not valid. Cat 2 - He claimed many customers accept his initial response but if the customer was to follow up then he simply ignores them and doesn't respond, if they try a third time he sends the same response stating the claim isn't valid. He openly told me that he rarely heard back from customers after this even though the vast majority of customer complaints were valid and should be rectified by him. The final category was when a customer requested details of or had already escalated the complaint to the ADR, at this stage he always responds and complies with his responsibilities under the act. His view was that if they went to an ADR he was going to be exposed and this wasn't worth the hassle!!! This wasn't a particularly respectable dealer and he only sold used car so didn't have a manufacturer to answer to. My advice to thebriars would be to ask for your dealers ADR as you are not happy with the lack of response from them. Do this in writing and see what happens, once you have the details engage with the ADR. Davros
  5. A decent topic is posted showing the Police doing some good work and recovering a stolen caravan, a few members have the audacity to crack the odd joke, it was blatantly obvious that there was no malice in their comments but yet the odd member denigrates them for doing so, for such a relaxing hobby there doesn't appear to be much tolerance and humour in caravanning these days. Sad times 😐 Davros
  6. Even if Coachman can't supply the artwork a local graphics company or sign-maker should be able to sort you an exact match. I would agree with the dealer that you will sort your own graphic and send them the invoice. Davros
  7. Davros18

    First MOT

    That's absolute rubbish!! Dealers get paid an hourly rate for fixing cars under warranty (which is often higher than their retail recovery rate), they actively look for warranty work to claim as it is rarely rejected and is guaranteed income. Your philosophy of using independents whilst in warranty is seriously floored logic. Any how, if it works for you, I wish you luck! Davros
  8. Who was the dealer? They seem to have acted with honesty and professionalism so they deserve a mention!! Davros
  9. I had a 2013 model from new and I have to say it was a great van for a family, I'm sure you already know to check for damp but I would mention not to be swayed by the "SoLiD construction can't get damp" sales pitch, on this model pay particular attention to the wheel arch spats and check the window hinge bar at the front (its a black bar that runs across the top of the 3 front windows), if you see any screws (you shouldn't after 2015) then ask for a damp check across the front. The only other issue I had with mine was the middle bed set up, there were flaps on the sides of the seats which folded up and locked in position with a small piece of MFC to fill the gap to create a small double bed, the piece of MFC didn't fit and kept falling out, we established the 2 bench seats were not running completely parallel getting wider towards the outside edge, at the time the the dealer and I thought it was a problem unique to my van but he later told me he had had to carry out an adjustment on all of the 2013 Tempest EB's vans he had through the year. It was a minor problem and an easy fix but worth checking, especially if the previous owner didn't set up the middle double bed! Good luck with your search, we loved our Tempest and I would recommend it as a family van Davros
  10. Hi Timanita Yes, by spats I mean the wheel arch trims, the sealant had come away from the van wall but was still attached to the arch, water was getting in and this was why I had high damp readings on both arches. The dealer said that they had seen this sealant separate on the arches on other Solid built vans but it usually stayed sealed to the van and came away from the arch, if that happened rain water still ran off okay, but when it separates from the van wall and stays attached to arch the water runs down behind the arch and begins to affect the joints underneath. - I hope it this description is making sense? I too thought they were purely cosmetic, the arches on my 2013 Crusader (also Solid) had done the same thing but the and were picked up and sorted at service, but on that occasion it didn't lead to damp. On a positive note I wouldn't be too concerned, my dealer reassured me it was a minor problem and an easy fix at the time, and no damp at the second service backs that up. Hope you get sorted soon Davros
  11. I had exactly the same issue at the first service on my 2016 Buccaneer, the issue was with the wheel arch spats not being correctly sealed. It was caught early and fixed without quibble, just had 2nd service and all good. Davros
  12. Your analogy does indeed hold good, but only if you consider today's technology, the batteries already being developed will use less energy to charge and give increased range. To quote your analogy, cars of yesteryear required more fuel to cover a set distance, the advances in engine design and efficiencies means today's cars use less fuel to cover that same distance. Current EV's require a certain amount of charge to cover a set distance, it stands to reason that future advances in battery technology will have a similar effect, net effect is less power required. I also reiterate my point that EV will not be 100% of the market, in my opinion I don't foresee it even taking 50% of the market so to be concerned today where the power will come from is not really relevant. Davros
  13. Yes they do but they're nowhere near as effective as they will be in the future.
  14. Mine also dropped out of the scheme but they did tell us prior o doing so. Interestingly it made no difference whatsoever to my insurance premium, the storage site owner said the COSSOA scheme is not what to used to be and no longer carried any status for them. It appears from this and other threads that a number of other storage sites are dropping out so something must have changed with the scheme, is this the beginning of the end for CASSOA? Davros
  15. The aim for the new batteries is that they will use less energy to charge them and the motors will use less energy to develop the same power, they are also working on systems that self charge using the braking system as a generator to charge the batteries whilst the vehicle is in use (a form of this system is used in today's hybrids). With this in mind and the continued investment in Hydrogen fuel cells it is wrong to use the energy consumption of today's EV's to calculate the amount of electricity we will need in the future. Davros
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