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  1. It is standard practice to stop the fire using a safe method using gas on electricity to give time for the electricity to be made safe, but in most cases then use water to cool the area down to prevent the fire continuing
  2. Ich


    Stopped N bound on the M6 a couple of weeks ago, about 6 or 7 other vans/motorhomes parked up in a line on the HGV parking as there is no specific parking. Not one of them attended So obviously there are some of us who are not quite as concerned
  3. Bear in mind folks that the poster on here puts her location as Ireland. If that is Eire the laws could well be different and any relation to UK law could send her down the wrong track completely
  4. Is it not often commented on here that European chassis can be fitted with rear cycle carriers because of the chassis design, in fact I saw a Hobby with a factory fit recently. So it looks as the a UK company is going down this route. Given the popularity of cycling it seems like a good idea
  5. Is it just possible that prior to the recent Swift models their design was not sufficient to do this work, as was the design/advice to do many things in the past. Perhaps the design has now been changed to allow it to be done
  6. Poor electrical connection somewhere that expands sufficiently when heated by the gas, to then make a good enough contact to allow the poor electrical contact to expand enough to re-make contact. I would suggest it all needs a good close look on ALL parts of the electrical heating equipment. It may just be in a switch or connector box
  7. We do what is needed without any of these old fashioned attitudes. But with some changes as I do all the food preparation and cooking both on hol and at home, if other jobs need doing one of us do them
  8. Interesting, though fair to say that all our fleet of vehicles that have tow bars fitted, following a number of de-coupling accidents do not use 50mm ball couplings. They all use pin couplings. All 1500 or so of them.
  9. Ich


    A lot of it is about accepting this odd thing in life REALITY Our last 'van was a cheap buy to give it a go, it had damp, we knew that we could smell it, but the reality it was in two places and about 1/2 meter square. So we bought it anyway as a cheap introduction. It lasted 3 years an we covered a large part of the UK in that time. Bought a newer one recently and have sold the old one for spares or rebuild for someone else to get a start. (apparently there is a market for lightweight dry(ish) units for the pop concert market). Was it perfect, no. But really what in life is,
  10. The last one I used the floor inside the door, last one I guess I'll find out tomorrow!
  11. I've been using something like this since seeing one on this forum. Makes a difference http://www. ebay. co. uk/bhp/long-range-wifi
  12. For any one in the Cumbria area, it can be spotted on other bodies of water http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-33914541
  13. I have a friend uses this one a lot, onsiite mechanic as well http://www. southforkcaravans. co. uk/ If continuing west close to the A303 to continue heading west from Exeter. It also not far from where this is made & sold either http://www. ciderbrandy. co. uk/index. html#1
  14. I use UK Aerial Alignment on my Android it often gives a number of different options which can be useful on some sites
  15. So the last 'van was pre-habitation relay days so the 12V lighting circuits could still be live whilst traveling. So a supply was taken from that system to a radio camera mounted in the rear kitchen window. This was set up to operate full time when towing as an addition to the legally required towing mirrors and proved useful to see what was behind out of view of those mirrors and assist in towing and reversing. For long stationary periods I'd included a switch just inside the door to switch it off. It was installed as a temporary fit, so when on site it was disconnected & stored awa
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