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  1. We often travel with a little in the waste tank. Also use it on route as it's cleaner than service stations so as long as not really full shouldn't be a problem
  2. We were waived at by a car overtaking us pointing at our roof. Yes the front roof light was open we pulled off the road at the next junction and closed it I was very grateful to that driver for letting us know. Thinking back I checked all the roof lights were closed before setting off but unlocked it instead of locking it operator error doh
  3. I don't think the one in the link would be suitable as it's to protect 2 cables that you join together so would be the wrong shape for what you want
  4. Lovely you won't stop smiling
  5. I here all your comments about warranty problems and hope we never need it but hey ho if we do we do. life is to short and you can't take it with you. In the meantime we will just drive the car as intended with big smiles on our faces. And to really p everyone off we have a 7 series BMW that is also a thirsty beast. ....Size really does matter the bigger the better as far as me and OH are concerned. problem is I can't drive either to work as the entrance to our car park is too tight so I take the baby 3. 4 litre Porsche 911 instead lol did I mention I like cars
  6. we have a 55 plate Touareg and we bought a 3 year warranty the first time ever it was a lot cheaper than the cost of potential repairs I think it was about £500 and covers all the expensive scary parts that are a concern. Hubby is very engine savvy but this is way above his knowledge we trawled the country from Scotland to Cornwall trying to get a good one and spent months looking but decided on the warranty just in case hope we never need it. Sorry I am not sure who the warranty company is.
  7. that's why we have a warranty no bills for us. Having had 5 and 7 litre American petrol trucks a 5 litre diesel is no worse on the pocket. We are only here once so whatever takes your fancy for my OH its cars the bigger the better and I go along for the ride and I get to drive them as well
  8. I want one as well looks great go anywhere
  9. God bless you stay strong x x
  10. Lovely to hear you are doing well. Keep up the good work if ever I need your services I will contact you purely from what I have read on hear I am assured you will do an excellent job
  11. Kat girl


    I am under the impression professional drivers are now advised not to flash their headlights to let you know you can pull in safely as it can be misunderstood or perhaps it's just the roads I use locally they are ignorant. However driving along A12 yesterday pulling van whacking great coach decided to overtake me I was in inside Lane. No problem except he took so ruddy long he forget I was there so then started to pull in half way through his overtake. Thank ***** the hard shoulder was empty as despite numerous blasts of my horn and driving a 4 x 4 with a whacking white box on the back he was oblivious to me. So in my opinion not all professional drivers are good drivers in fact I find they are just as bad as some so called normal drivers
  12. My Fiamma magnum ramps say the chocks are an optional extra item number 97901 031 so pretty sure they need to be specific. I have looked at several other chocks and they don't appear to fit so have just ordered on Amazon £8. 49 with free delivery
  13. Love this quote never heard that one. My son Bill thinks it's very apt for today's weather
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