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  1. still looking for a 6 berth single axle ????
  2. its got to be a 6 birth the ones with the fixed bunks across the rear end, and we will be taking the 3 foster children it cant even be a 5 birth with a bunk across the 2 rear beds this is deamed that the 3 are sharing a bedroom
  3. open to any layout what have you got ???
  4. Hi all looking for a cheap 6 birth caravan for france trip this summer looking at aroung £3k If you want to sent pics ??? kind regards Mod edit: email address removed. Please PM the poster.
  5. Hi anyone drove from roscoff to L atlantique camp site ??? any tolls any stop off places im not towing this time in france
  6. ive gone and done it i brought a 63 plate captiva ltz 2. 2 auto fully loaded roll on next tuesday
  7. why is that a problem on the captiva ??? thanks kev
  8. What is dpf im thinking of buying a captiva ???
  9. same here weve been vanning for 30yrs and it was our first time in france we had two weeks near paris at caravanning des 4 vents, we have said the same why not years ago we loved it and are planning our 2016 trip now we found the roads so better to drive on
  10. Just had an amazing two weks in france our first trip abroad and we loved it so much weare already planning four weeks next year, we stayed at caravanning des 4 vents this is a great site with very helpful staff, we plan to use this site again, we meet some fantastic caravanners so if any of you are on here its HI from us we were the family with the minibus and 6 kids with us 3 grandkids and 3 foster kids all had a great time. roll on next year
  11. HI ive got the same caravan, it dont lock into place its the struts that are very strong so from inside the caravan push very hard and it goes down ok (trust me ) mines just the same
  12. Hi mate i had same trouble with aa we have a luner quasar 546 and its 7. 3mtrs i had to go with red pennant they dont have length restrictions,we go to france on 3rd aug and we are covered now £173 lighter but covered
  13. Many thanks for your help, i will check youtube and i will look for other caravaners on the ferry and ask them which route they taking, thanks again
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