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  1. Which is the most suitable option for storage of Bike ?
  2. I agree with you as a composite or carbon fibre is the vast present and futuristic source of material used in various transportation designs. I visited with one of the bus company in Ireland, they use FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) materials to build the bus. FRP is an effective in the following way, Ease of moulding. ​Light weight. High strength to stiffness ratio. Improved surface quality. Good corrosion resistance. On the other hand FRP materials are quite an expensive, difficult process and need high skill labour, difficult to repair.
  3. Transparent solar cells covering the entire roof surface and it is based on organic dyes embedded in a sandwich roof. The transparent dyes of the solar cells are light-activated. Even in diffused light and poor light conditions they generate enough energy to power the multimedia components and the three fans that assist with climate management in the vehicle interior. If the vehicle is standing in the sun the ventilation is permanently operated by the help of these solar cells and keep vehicle cool.
  4. Hello Jan and Jay, As a designer I am surveying on caravan and for that I am posted these topics on site. .but dont worry . .My research is stick to that 5 topics only.
  5. Thank you for comments. .Actually I am researching on this topic and as per my partial survey,digital camera fitted on the top roof,Television,DVD player,Mobile charger,digital satellite,portable room heater are some of the key fature for technological advancement in caravan.
  6. What are the current and future potential technologies can used in a Caravan ?
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