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  1. Well my gut instincts were right as just had an email from the website the van was on saying they have pulled the advert as it was a scam the seller did get back to me as I had emailed him some questions but the email I got back was just dodgy so I left it be Dave
  2. Cheers for that we give leisure sales a go and yes I do know of that motor caravan place too but like you cannot remember the name was it a place that did the big American rv's And thanks to everyone who suggested dealers looks like we are going to have a busy few weekends ahead of us
  3. Hi we want to go out and have a look at a few vans this weekend and trying to find a good dealer that carrys a lot or 2nd hand vans we are in Stafford Can anybody suggest any ? Dave
  4. Erm does not compare too well :-) this is is £2690 :-) It must be a typo have emailed the seller I have just had a little search around and there is a dealer selling 2004 for £7000 so either this one is a mistake or something fishy :-) Dave Or it's a 1995 not a 2005 :-)
  5. We have been looking for a caravan and came across this . .. http://www. caravansforsale. co. uk/touring-caravans/knaus/knaus-sport-500-cs464635. aspx Now for 6 berth 2005 van does it seem to cheap ? I will be the first to admit that don't no anything at all about caravans but all the other vans I have seen with the bunks etc at that price they have been 10 years older Dave
  6. Cheers once again everyone I am just trying to find a large dealer that has a good range of vans as a lot of the caravan dealers I knew of in passing just seem to be selling motorhomes now
  7. I am still looking around at second hand caravans and just have a question about makes of caravan OK stay with me on this as I will probarly confuse myself with this never mind everybody here The thing is when we go out and look at caravans all the makes eg Bailey, Abby and Ace etc etc etc Now these are just names to us, with makes if car for example if know there is a big difference in cost between a Fiat punto and a BMW now is it the same for makes of Caravan ? ie are there much better makes then others ? Are the makes out there that should be avoided etc. ? Hope somebody here can understand what I am try to say Dave
  8. Yes have to say have been looking at Ebay and amazed at the different in prices on vans of a same age the only thing is I do not have a clue as to what to look out for when buying a van so suppose will be taking a risk buying of ebay but again saying that the cost difference seems to be huge
  9. hey no probs satcmo have just spoken to my honda main dealer and they have confirmed that it is 1500kg and that for my model the tow bar ball weight is 100kg ( it is the same for the manual and auto ) so if I look at vans with around 1300 - 1350 MTPLM I should be ok ? Thanks again for everybody who took the time to stop and help me Dave
  10. And forgot to say the advice is very much appreciated
  11. Oh that I don't know Have just looked at my licence and it says B, BE, C1,C1E,D1,D1E, f,k,l,n,p
  12. We ate looking into buying our first caravan but getting very confused on what our car can and cannot tow I have found out that our car has a 1539kg kerb weight, 1308kg 85% weight,100kg max ball weight ?? And a max towing weight of 1500kg It's a 55 plate Honda CRV 2. 0 Petrol Automatic Now what should I be looking for when I am looking at vans ? Is it the 1308kg weight ? So if I see a van that has a weight of 1400kg that would be to heavy ? What does the ball weight mean ? It's just that when I have been looking at vans a lot of them have been more then my cars 85% weight I'm just getting lots of conflicting advice and getting really confused now Would really appreciate any advice Dave
  13. Just finding it confusing finding out how much our car will tow Using the towcarinfo site it wants to know what caravan you have, but don't have one
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