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  1. Hi. Has anyone replaced their 240v sockets for the ones with the usb sockets on them. Thanks
  2. gaffer45


    thanks guys managed to suss it out wired wrongly
  3. gaffer45


    Hi does anyone have a photo of the wiring for a rm4270 fridge where the element is please. Thanks.
  4. Yep. But too far away and they won’t send. I’m in south Scotland.
  5. Hi. Has anyone got or knows anyone selling a RM 4270 fridge. Apparently the exchanger has gon on mine. Need replacement before Easter. Thanks regards Garry.
  6. HI. . My RM4270 fridge works on 12v. But not cooling on 240 or gas. I have taken it out cleaned the jet and flew. flame seems to be ok, flew is hot but the pipework at the back isnt warm, same when on 240. The wires on the switch (240) are 240 on the meter but the element isnt hot. .. hope someone can point me in the right direction. ... hopefully not the bin. :-) Thanks garry
  7. Hi.    I have had my fridge on 240v for a couple of days, but isnt cold. ..   put water in a bowl in freezer and not frozen.    Any ideas. please.    Also how long should it take to get a decent temp when on gas.     Thanks Garry.    

    1. charlieboy2608


      If you take a look in the fridge section of this forum you will find plenty of people who have the same issue as you.

      It may help if you give the reader more info ie fridge make and model.

  8. Hi there . I was wondering if you got your grill sorted. I seem to have the same problem. Thanks regards Garry
  9. Hi guys I managed to get it out. If you can locate the pin under all the grease. I had to release the handbrake rod so the damper moves more. Couldn’t get pin out so took the whole barrel out and gave some heat. I have attached a couple of photos. Hope this helps. Well I tried to load photos. But seemingly too big.
  10. Hi guys. Hope all is well and enjoyed the decent weather. Would any of you kind souls tell me how to get my damper out of here. It’s on a fleetwood Colchester 2001. Thanks. Garry. This is the back end of it.
  11. yep, jaydug all good from that point
  12. Hi. I have a truma 3002 truma heater in my colchester 500eb. the problem i have is, after its lit it keeps clicking, so i have to take the battery out for it to stop. Any ideas please Thanks garry
  13. hi gary. sorry i forgot all about you. i've bought from you before. it just stopped working. not sure if its the cable from fire to switch or switch itself. Regards Garry sorry gary. forgot to ask if theres a way of testing. regards garry
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