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  1. Jaguar XJ X series all over the 1600kg. .....and its a Jag
  2. Finish nights Christmas morning, then 3 days off then another 5 12 hour nights
  3. There's going to be a lot of water coming down the thames in the next couple of days if the forecast is correct so keep an eye on the EA site or even better have a word with the Lockie at Chertsey as he will have up to the minute info on whats happening to the Navigation. I have a friend moored opposite Home Park at Datchet and His boat was sitting on the bottom a couple of days ago due to the low level of the river where as this time last year they had to wear waders to be able to get ashore.
  4. I have to laugh when I read all these warning about washing up liquid and the fact it contains salt. I trust you dont actually drive your cars on the road or tow your caravans due to the salt deposits it might come into contact on the road or even the salt deposited onto your paintwork/gloss finish by rain. Oh yes and dont take your car and van anywhere near the seaside because the air there is pretty salty sometimes. My cars, caravans and boats have always and will always be washed with mild washing up liquid. I do a section at a time and rinse off straight away so the solution doesnt get chance to dry on the surface. A little washing up liquid diluted with water in an old squeezee bottle is an ideal solution for keeping your wheel house windows clear of salt spray especially when doing a lively crossing to Ostend.
  5. What would you want the club to do in that instance? In all probability the site owners informed the permanent residents of thier intention to sell, They wouldve been advised of the new owenrs and that they would need to move. ...did they move or stay put? If you buy a new house and the elderly parents of the previous occupier saty put in the granny flat what would you do?
  6. Same here, never had a problem yet booking dates when and where we want
  7. Too much traffic, roads too small, everyone doing their own thing. The last one my brother in law was involved in, the cyclist started off on the pavement then wobbled into the road, back on the pavement then out into the road and was swept up by a bus. Dedicated cycle lanes with kerbs not just a painted line would help where the road is wide enough but most of these incidents seem to be with large vehicles turning left and the cyclist on the inside. You can only educate people so far, after that we have to be resonsible for our own safe keeping.
  8. You gotta love cabin fever, Nowt wrong with a good spat every now and again. We tend to work on the principle, if a site has was we want we are prepared to pay for it. If we feel weve been ripped off then we never return. So far our ignore list is zero
  9. If you like fishing then how about a boat? You could tempt the wife with trips up and down the Wolverhampton flight You never know, your boy might like the added sense of adventure and tag along
  10. Just defending a thread going off at tangents and to avoid the thread being locked i'll apologise for picking your nits
  11. Sorry HF, youll have to quote my post as youve lost me there pal? And how is this contributing to the discussion? as above? To complain about a thread going OT and then adding OT posts is a bit rich. Topics often go off at tangents. ..thats what discussion is all about
  12. If your 3 yr old grandaughter stepped out in front of me i would be able to stop in ample time as I would be driving to the system of car control. .......oh, we already had that discussion didnt we If I had a vehicle capable of racing I would certainly be using racing tyres, the only thing that races these days with me is my heart, and that needs a weeks notice.
  13. Update. Bought awning, fits a treat no problem with the stepped roof Happy of Iver
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