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  1. That’s brilliant thanks guys. I would definitely leave it on if it wasn’t the side I sleep on when we can’t be bothered to make the double bed up and it gets me too hot. I also offered to switch sides as Moyra tends to run cold but apparently swapping g sides now would be weird. least I know I can leave it on most of the time 👍🏻
  2. Hi guys , forgive my fat fingers in advance please .. using my mobile to post as were on site. does anyone have any experience with the truma ultrastore rapid ? im just wondering if when using the electric feature to heat the water if you can safely leave it on, I see it has a cut of when it reaches its max heat. also my manual shows a dial type knob for the electrics but mine has a switch.. it works but wondering if this is original
  3. totally agree, this forum and its members have steered and advise me while im just starting out.
  4. Totally agree, I wouldnt dream of using a barby in a tent, but a camping stove on bottled gas switched of and put outside for safe measure when done yes. We have an aerosol gas heater and used it to heat the tent space while we were close by, placed in middle of tent, ventilated, it said on the box that it could be used in tent also. I still worried though, and only used it for a short while then switch of, disconnect bottle and put out.
  5. Paul1968

    Blow Out

    Im not trying to be awkward or stir anything up guys, but why would you need to check torque or the nuts ? I do as it happens visually check the tyres and pressure, especially before starting out, and carry a pump to make sure they are ok before i will confidently drive my loved ones anywhere. . but i dont see the need to do nuts or torque. If they are on properly why would they come off ? Do people do that with their cars ? As mentioned several times im new and will defer to other more experienced people, but this seems pointless.
  6. I did retune it, but forgot about the "extra" one to force the digital free view i suspect it would have worked all along. Must admit im feeling pretty bad about it, as I know my whinging, storming and fretting spoilt the trip a bit. Missus is being nice now, as she knows I feel bad about it. . such an idiot.
  7. There is a silver lining here. .. well sort of, my missus thinks otherwise though, and tbh im a tool. I was griping to my brother (yes still whining about the tv) and fretting about it, and he reminded me that when he and i looked at it originally that there was 2 setup options, one for analogue and another seperate one for digital which took some finding. I found an old coax cable in the corner of the living room, unboxed the t. v again plugged it in, All under the ever rising eye brows od SWMBO, retuned and got a few analogue channels, with good quality. hmmmmmm I then resorted to the manual and sure enough it explained how to force a retune of the digi signal, went through that and 15 seconds later the tv started scrolling all the digi channels it had found. It finished, offered to save the newly found channels and it worked perfectly, my heart sank when i realised all my anger and frustrations where my own making and i could have sorted it if i had thought properly. I apologised to my wife and son, he didnt say a word, but my wife had some choice remarks, and im expecting more when son goes to bed soon. I pride myself on being a "techy" all I can say is that i could not see the wood for the trees, massive serving of humble pie over here please.
  8. ** Ive just re read my post and It seems all doom and gloom, it wasnt really, but I got all worked up about daft things I just should have let go, read on if you want a laugh So we just came back from our first extended trip away. Hamish the westy, 12 year old son, SWMBO and myself. Was a mixed bag tbh, some highs, some lows but mostly good, were planning our next trip now, and missus is even thinking of our future needs and upgrades so it must have been mostly good. Weve been gradually increasing the distance and time away, and this (100 miles for 5 nights) has been the longest yet. Drive was fine, speed and petrol conscious a priority, I stuck to 50-55, and found it more than manageable, but a bit frustrating going that slow, was over taken by several lorries, but just gripped the wheel harder, waiting to be sucked out into the next lane, but it seemed fine, I even had to over take flippin cars going down the A1 at 45-50 mph. .. ARRGHH, WHY ? If i was a copper i would pull them up for going too slow, not towing or anything, just old timers mainly, pottering about. Got a little stressed at scotch corner services when SWMBO needed a loo stop, went into the caravan bit at the back to find it mostly populated by non towers using it to let the dogs out, while there was loads of spaces in the normal car parks, so turning the rig around to get back out was nerve wracking with an audience, but managed fine. Happy days. Arrived in sunshine, pitched van and assembled the porch awning, which was great, added a nice sized room which accomodated shoe box, and picnic table so we could eat alfresco, all good, definately be doing that again. Site was very picturesque, had a fishing lake, club house and the hard standing super pitchs were great couldnt fault it, had a pool on site that you had to book into, but no costs involved. Other caravaners very friendly. Weather was not great though, rained for 3 days, but got better towards back end of week. I dont know if it was my own fault for being so excited about being away properly for the first time, or that I failed to switch of from work straight away and as a result found little things much more of an issue than they should have been or that a couple of things went wrong that took the edge of it, and generated some serious discussions on the way home. We were over cluttered, and even our son said that, too much in caravan, having to move something to get at something else is not condusive to a peaceful and hassle free environment. Fuse blow at 12 midnight, all lights of, no big deal i declare, it will have tripped at the pitch post or the van main or a fuse has gone, it was pitch black, and when I went for the torch it was not there. . instant temper tantrum from me. . "I put that there so when this exact thing happens I can simply reach into this cubby and grab the torch", says I. After some stumbling and fumbling a torch it thrust into my hand "HERE !" says she. . 10 mins later lights back, fuse had popped in van, no probs because one of the first things I did when we bought it was note all 4 different fuse types and bought 5 of each. This one is the worst for several reason. . I could not get our previously exellent TV working. Now in my mind after we had another fun filled day out and about or on site, we would be fed, washed and all snuggled up to watch some tv or dvd, maybe play a game and have a radio channel on in the background through our free view set up, this to me some how became really important. But for the life of me I could not get a picture, the pitch had an aerial connection so I didnt need our mast setup, I did however need a new coax with coax type ends rather than an Ftype to coax. So next day, of to the nearest town centre I went, found a wilkinsons (that was the only option that I could find) , and bought 10 metres of coax, and 2 new ends. 40 mins later, got back, set it up and. . no joy, I bought female, I needed male, my stupid fault, should have just laughed and left it, but you know how it goes, I had to get it working, my bad mood was increasing and reason was diminishing. 40 mins later, back again, this time with 2 male ends, not the best quality, but it would do, connected up, retuned tv, nothing, not that it mattered as all I could see at this point was red. The family next door where friendly and he informed me his was picture perfect, and that I could plug my lead into his post if i wanted to test, but mine wouldnt reach, so couldnt. . this frustration went on all the stay, and became a bone of contention between me and missus as she wasnt bothered but I was for some stupid reason. On the saturday the family next door were leaving, and asked if I could simply plug his cable into my telly, he was more than happy to oblige but asked why i didnt ask him sooner as he would have gladly lent me his stuff earlier in the week so at least we would know what was wrong, pitch post aerial, cable or tv. Anyway his working cable and post connection still did not work on my tv, nor did it work when i plugged his cable into my post, nor did my digital mast work. which leaves me apparently with a broken out of warranty lcd tv, even though it worked fine last trip away a few weeks ago. My missus suggests that we simply dont bother next time, and just take a radio as she didnt miss it, and everything we wanted is always recorded on tivo. Finally, for the first 3 days it was really quiet, on the 4th day 2 families turned up, expensive vans, merc 4*4 towing one, huge toyota 4*4 towing the other, after that it was bedlam, the general state of the site went drastically down hill, litter everywhere the site showers and toilets were left in a disgraceful state, one of the adults had drank so much on the first night he went and threw up in one of the sinks and just left it, toilet paper pulled out of the dispenser and thrown all over, they were obviously just running in and out of the block to get water and the floor was just soaked and in an inch of mud. They went into the toilet disposal unit and tured the tap on the hose and soaked everything. We like to shower at site as our van has a pretty small sink/toilet room, but it just made me mad to think people would let their kids do that and let themselves get so drunk when they are looking after their kids that they need to be sick. But still have the presence of mind to make it to the site facilities instead of using their own sink in the van. Paul
  9. I would say your scuppered unfortunately. It does sound like an unfair contract stacked in the site owners favour, and it stinks. The reason I say that I think your scuppered is that I have just last week fallen foul of an unfair contract, although not anywhere near in the same bracket as your own. My experience was with an unfair clause in a contract with an estate agent, that basically allowed them to do nothing to market or sell our house (which they did) and when after a year of nothingness. . and we decided to leave them, they demanded payment. . We went to CAB, then the trading standards, and they both said, yes it did seem unfair, but we signed, and it would probably cost more to fight it, with no gurantee of winning. . so we should just pay. So we did, left the most foul taste in my mouth when i had to go into the office and give them money for nothing, and they took it with a smile and asked if that was all and was everything was ok. . unfortunately I couldnt smile back and say thank you, yes all was well and simply leave. . I had to sit back down and say actually no, neither you nor your company have earned that money and you did not deserve it, further more you did nothing in my eyes to successfully push our property and I did not know how you can sleep at night happily ripping people of. They explained it was in the contract and I would find that all agents have it, which they dont, i checked. Im going to shut up now as I can feel the rage coming on. But I sympathise with you.
  10. Not going anywhere for the bank hol, but using the time to prepare our van for our first proper outing lasting more than 2 nights. Were of to a park around york for 5 nights.
  11. I cant see any disadvantages, it will be protected from snow, rain, frost and sun (LOL sun. .) I use a big piece of tarp to cover mine, and it gives piece of mind, son isnt too happy when i make him crawl undervan to pass the bungees though but its character building and we bought him a special boys size boiler suit which he thinks makes him a worker. . Slight problem of taking it of and storing it somewhere, but not a big deal.
  12. Well it is a general forum, the poster is just asking a general question out of interest, you could apply that logic to just about any topic in the chat forum, "Electric Toilet, how do you rate them ?" who cares. .. "Help my flux capacitor is delaminating" who cares. . Again, it is a general chat forum and people can and will put up things about anything caravany and other readers may find it interesting enough or have a view they dont mind sharing.
  13. We are new to caravaning as well, but what I did was see what sort of layout and berth I needed, found out what my existing car could tow, and sourced a van that met that criteria. My car is an 07 focus cmax, which is our work horse for doing basically everything. Our van is an old sprite, made in 92, everything works on it, (apart from cascade water heater on EHU, but works on gas fine) it cost us £1500. We didnt want to spend any more than that because SWMBO wasnt convinced, now shes looking at upgrades So far weve had 3 excellent weekends away and are going away for a full week next week, and I dont think its cost too much yet. I think next week is £158 for a week on a hard pitch with EHU and water. Its like most hobbies, you can throw ridiculous amounts of money at it, I like mountain bikes and mine is a good one, but I was buying one for my son last week and some of the stuff on show which cost £5k plus was astounding. . for a BIKE !! Caravaning is no different. I would personally not buy a new car or van though, purely because of depreciation when you simply drive it of the forecourt.
  14. We play; Black Jack - not the poker one, the one where you have to pick up 2, pick up 5, misss a turn, change suit etc etc, our eleven year old loves it and even forced us to play when we got home. Pontoon Scabby Queen (or Pairs maybe ?) Might look into Canasta though, love trvivial pursuit as well.
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