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  1. Hi, looking for peoples opinions. Thule 1200 or Fiamma Carastore.? Replies appreciated
  2. Hello, I have noticed sealer on the edge of the roof lights, the non drying kind, what is the best product to use to take it off? I have auto glym tar remover, would that work? John
  3. Hi, has anyone changed the bathroom taps on this model? The reason I ask is because it is impossible to wash your face with water due to the tap being in the centre of the sink and cant swivel the tap nozzle to one side. Absolutely the most stupid piece of design ever,
  4. Hello, what are the latest caravan cleaning products available starting from washing to polishing ?
  5. Hi, the 3 and 4 stepped versions are of interest to me. Question is though is your tyre is supposed to cradle in one of the tiers, what happens if the lower tier is not enough and the next tier is too high. Anyone have any experience of using these? Cheers
  6. Hi, has anyone seen a video on how to put a cut out in an awning rail so you can feed the awning in the rail part way up the rail. I have a 2015 lunar lexon 540 and the only way to slide the awning into the rail is from the bottom at floor level ( STUPID IDEA) Thanks
  7. Hi can you tell me if there should be a visable seal between the frame and roof light on my 2015 lunar lexon 540
  8. Hello I have a 2013 Alltrack and it came with a swivel tow bar and 13 pin electrics fitted. The problem I have is that it has no pin 9 (12 volt) positive terminal fitted, for caravan battery charging while on the move, Has anyone come across this problem and how was it rectified? John
  9. Hi, my wife and I are looking for a week holiday in Somerset in September. Would like somewhere total eat and maybe drink on site, level pitches. Also plenty total do locally, Can anyone help. John
  10. I know, my previous vans both had them but pretty sure mine doesn't have them
  11. Hi again, also why does the awning rail have no easy access points to slide the awning in? You have to slide it in at either end at the bottom
  12. Ok thanks, think it's lunar just being cheap
  13. Hello, I have the 2015 lexon 540 with the 3 Windows at the front. Can you tell me how many struts should be on the two smaller Windows on the front. All the rest have 2 struts. John
  14. After towing with it I can say it is brilliant, rock solid and eases up hills
  15. Does anyone have a 2015 lunar lexon as I have a question for you ?
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