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  1. Hi all, Have not tuned in to this site for a long time. But having some spare time. ....... Its better than watching T. V. ! I've had a good laugh at the various comments. Must agree with the topic of the Serial Weekend Bookers" and the name change which I always refer to as the CC. With all that money spent on the switch over, I wander how many Super Pitches could have been installed? A "Happy New Year" to you all.
  2. I have been using a 18volt Worx drill for the last 6 years and the 2 batteries have just about had it. So reading the points on this thread I've just bought an Aldi 14. 4v drill. It seems very small after the Worx. I notice that the 18v model will be on sale next week for the same money but without a case. Can anyone tell me if the 18v drill is bigger / heavier than the 14. 4v one
  3. Just had another e mail from the CMC inviting me to go on an EXCITING ADVENTURE. A pity my caravan is being serviced! I may just dash off without it to satisfiy my desire!
  4. I owned a 2007 Vermont and found that if you wanted to get the bathroom warm you had to switch the gas on. Gas soon warmed it up and even heated the towel rails!!! which never warmed up with just electricity. Hope you enjoy using the Vermont we found it to be a good van. Overnight we put the front chest on the sink and had a 6 ft. Square bed. I owned a 2007 Vermont and found that if you wanted to get the bathroom warm you had to switch the gas on. Gas soon warmed it up and even heated the towel rails!!! which never warmed up with just electricity. Hope you enjoy using the Vermont we
  5. Hi Sureflow, we have stayed at Bunree twice at the end of May. No midges in sight. Although the second time the weather was a bit squally, we watched the squalls coming towards us across Loch Linnhe. Hope you enjoy your trip, Bunree is a lovely location on the edge of the loch. Grantown on Spey is a good site with access to the Moray coast and the Cairngorm.
  6. First fault on my KX2 2012/2013 Sorento manual. Clutch packed up, pedal down to the floor. Recovered to garage who said it was a leaking slave cylinder and they would also have to replace the contaminated clutch. Got the car back and two days later pedal down to the floor again! After a few pumps and manually pulling the pedal up, clutch seemed o. k. Each time I drove I had to pump the pedal so back to the garage who fitted a new master cylinder. Mileage was 29,000. I have now done another 1,000 plus miles and everything seems o. k.(touch wood). Good job it's got a 7 year warranty!!!
  7. Have used this route many times, caravans used to go free at weekends and the cabins are very comfortable. The food in the buffet restaurant is also good particularly on the Pride of Brugge. Went to Brittany a few years ago and the CC price was the same as Brittany Ferries on the St Malo crossing.
  8. Some scratches on side windows from twigs on a narrow lane, I read somewhere that toothpaste would work so I tried a little Colgates, it worked a treat. (Windows now nice and WHITE )
  9. Regarding clutch problems, my 2013 sorento has just had a slave cylinder failure at 29,000 miles. Without warning clutch pedal went down to the floor and stayed there, had to be recovered to garage. Verdict was failed seal in slave cylinder resulting in contaminated clutch which had to be replaced. Original clutch was heavy with bite low down, new clutch lighter with bite near top of travel. Next day pedal went down to floor again sh. t! so pumped pedal a few times and manually lifted it up, seemed to cure it hopefully. Will keep a close eye on it.
  10. We stayed at lac d,orient last year. Lovely site if it's warm and dry but lacking in wet weather as there is no drainage. Went onto a supposed hard standing there was mud everywhere. Although it ideal for Troyes.
  11. This is the same as we have found, just use one power appliance kettle or water heater but not both and you should be fine. We have usually got away with using the microwave but turned everything else off. Hope they don't turn all the lights off at 10;00 pm including the wash block, as they did on one site we stayed at in Brittany!!!
  12. When my Pegasus 2 came back from service I tried to replace the standard bolts with the locking ones I took off prior to service. I found they would not torque up. I have had these bolts since 2007 when I bought them for my S6 Senator. When I removed the bolts I found that they had 3 or 4 stripped threads near the shoulder. Having only used 2 of the bolts in the set I tried the other 2 brand new ones and the same thing occurred. So went to nearest caravan dealer and bought a set of Milenco locking bolts, The outside diameter of the locking key looked a bit big so I tested it o
  13. Stayed at Blair Castle a few years ago, would recommend. Milton of Fonab in Pitlochry o. k. but not with an awning!
  14. I have a detachable on my KX2 Sorrento, and there is a switch on the RH Side of the dash to mute the beeps.
  15. Had a look at several X60s in 2012, all were autos, when looking to replace my X trail. I really liked them, but the ones available were a bit expensive. I settled on a Sorrento manual, cheaper tax, insurance, servicing and MPG. The only grouse is it's a big beast and you have to be careful when entering a parking slot frontwards. Reversing in is fine, sensors and a camera although you then have trouble loading the shopping at the supermarket!
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