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  1. The ‘tank’ in the front is the water heater which will fill with water from the aquaroll. Fresh water also enters via your aquaroll from the inlet at the front. The tank at the back, under the fixed bed is indeed separate from the inlet at the front (although is filled via the inlet at the front, should you change the position of the changeover switch which is beside the switch to turn on the power supply to the pump/taps). We have never used the on-board tank preferring to use the direct supply from the aqua roll but many on here do use them and prefer them.
  2. Great result, hope all goes well with it.
  3. Yes the small white lights at the front, could water be entering through the screw holes or the the hole the wiring goes through? All good wishes for 2019 vv
  4. Been thinking about this and looking at the pictures again. The water damage to the top of the cill seems quite uniform across it plus damp seems to be creeping in from the door side of the bulkhead panel too. Is it possible water is getting into the front marker light assembly and then running down behind and onto the aluminium top of the bulkhead? That may explain the damp coming in from the side too? Just a thought.
  5. We have the same fridge and occasionally have the same problem with low voltage on certain sites. As Staffordshirechina outlines above, this is usually at periods of high ‘on site’ electricity consumption ie breakfast time when weather cooler (fan heaters etc on).
  6. Well done for posting the pics of the hinges Tracy77. Does look like they are a ‘loose-fit’ at best and water can get around the hinge bar. I hope your sealant will cure it and would be best to make sure you have found the cause as you have done such a good job of repairing the damage. Do let us know your findings.
  7. Very nice job so far. Can you post a photo of the locker door hinges? Is it a hinge bar which goes right across the width of the locker or are there 2 separate hinges which enable it to lift?
  8. Is there a hinge bar across the top of the front locker on your caravan? If so water could be entering that area via the fixing screw holes. If there is a bar try removing a fixing screw and seeing if it is into anything solid.
  9. Can you not get to it from each side with a ladder against awning rail BUT, DO protect the awning rail from damage with ideally some foam pipe insulation tube cut down its length and then refitted to the ladder where it touches the awning rail and held in place with insulation tape or cable tie which will spread the load/prevent damage to the awning rail PLUS stop ladder from slipping. I found I could get good controlled pressure on a sharpened strong wallpaper scraper when in line with the flange of the skylight from the ladder and could lean across working from each side and then remove. As has been said cleaning the area of the roof thoroughly (plus the flange on the skylight if re-using it) is paramount. I had both a mini and midi heki removed and replaced on my caravan by the local AWS engineer in Sept and he worked from each side. He also abraded the sealant channels around the flanges on the new rooflights very slightly (to aid adhesion) before cleaning thoroughly and then refitting.
  10. Do the 2 ‘plain’ side panels on the interior surround just pull off? I just replaced my skylight ironically and this is how the MPK 400 x 400 rooflight surround was fitted. Under the 2 outer surrounds were 4 screws. If you are intending to refit the skylight you will likely require the mastic strip but if you are renewing then the newer style MPK and Seitz 400 x 400 rooflights are designed to have a wide bead of sealant (soudal Fix-all or Sikaflex) applied to a channel in the flange of the outer frame ie not mastic on a roll to fix/seal them.
  11. It may come off easier if inside of caravan can be warmed prior to make plastic a bit more flexible during this colder spell. Is it possible to turn heating on for a couple of hours before you remove the surround?
  12. Hello and welcome Marco from a fellow Bucanneer owner (albeit not as new as yours). Seems to be buying caravans is a bit of a lottery depending on the workforce and their state of mind in the factory on the day it was assembled (and whether that sealant gun was fully charged that day most importantly). Hope you have none but seems a few teething troubles are the norm and a good dealer relationship is essential to get these sorted without delay or hassle. Personally I would rather realign the odd cupboard door myself if that is the worst problem than drag it back to the dealer but others would rather leave everything to the dealer, personal choice. Hope all goes well with it and please do keep us up to speed.
  13. As others have said could well be the window hinge bar at the top has come away letting water past. We had this with previous caravan. Again as others have said if bought from a dealer return to them, if bought privately did you transfer warranty with Elddis and has it been serviced according to the warranty? If yes then again a job for the (usually supplying) dealer. If you dont fancy any of that then any local AWS engineer should be able to do this for you fairly easily. If DIY is your thing then you could do it yourself with fairly basic tools. ...and a dry day!
  14. That is the problem we had with our blind, but strangely only the one. They are likely made by same people who made the windows and are quite possibly Seitz or similar. Leisureshopdirect. com may be worth a try to see if they stock or can get replacements, I suspect wont come cheap though. I also think they are, like ours, not a simple pleated blind. They will probably be supplied as a cassette including the plastic frame.
  15. Will the cheaper blind match the others though and assume you mean window blinds? Cant answer for Swift models but I had to have a new window (cassette type) blind in our Bucanneer and took it to a few local blind manufacturers, turns out the caravan blind ‘fabric’ is different to a normal blind in so much as it is not just pleated fabric, the pleats in our caravan blind are double skinned (heat retention/prevention???). Our blinds and windows are made by Dometic Seitz. In end it was replaced under warranty, which surprised me.
  16. Seacroft is fine for access being beside Cromer to Holt road, it is the access roads to C & CC site at West Runton which are not good at all.
  17. We have owned 2 caravans and bought both privately (one advertised on EBay and current one on caravan4sale. co. uk or something like that) I like to speak to the previous owner ideally at their home and you can quickly get an idea how it has been looked after (owner of our current caravan asked us to remove shoes before we viewed it - which we would have anyway as we never wear outdoor shoes in our caravan - but was a great touch as he still cared about it on the day he sold it). In my experience the seller gets a little more for it than he would from a dealer and equally I am able to buy it a little less than I could buy it from a dealer which may be necessary to cover any costs which would not be covered like they would from a dealer. It does allow you to travel further for a caravan / model you desire without the concerns of having to travel back to the supplying dealer. You moving away from caravanning mm?
  18. I replaced my Avtex twig with a new Status 570 abut 2 years ago (improvement in available channels is vast, in our experience anyway) I left the base of the Avtex in place (unscrewed the mast and fitted a small black cap over the ‘hole’) and drilled a new hole to accept the avtex aerial base beside it after very careful measurement to ensure mast does not foul anything and can be raised and lowered as required. You can re-use the coax cable to the twig on the new aerial and the +/- feeds to the twig will power the amplifier supplied with the Status aerial. May be better for anyone not fully conversant to either get their dealer to do this work or AWS technician or a competent friend.
  19. Could this have been caused by a tree branch? A branch could damage the aluminium skin but could branch have been ‘stopped’ by the frame of the skylight hence ho damage to that? To me that looks like it has been damaged from above rather than an upwards force.
  20. Gordon, its the rams controlling the front 2 steadies which are bending according to the OP description of the issue. Your understanding of the system though is correct.
  21. Great work-around Griff and my type of solution - not that it should be necessary on a brand new caravan but sometimes it is better than letting dealer have a go and then, as JTQ surmised, having further associated issues down the line. I do like work-around (or even better improvements or modifications) which work and look like they grew there - an expression i use regularly but rarely if ever have heard others use.
  22. The dealer will remove the catch and bottom rubber seal and the grey infill strip, fix a 5mm fillet along the bottom of the window opening and then refit the grey strip and the rubber seal and finally the catch. You would not know it had been done - not saying it is right thing but unless you knew you would not know it had been done. I wonder if the window openings are cut out by hand and could therefore be 5mm out.
  23. Ply will likely be 6-8mm thick and screws need to be long enough to just get a bite into the existing ply underside to the floor so say 5-10mm longer than the plywood ‘patch’. Main thing is to make sure they are not way too long and come through the interior floor surface. For a temporary repair you could use countersunk or round-head (pan head) screws of any type, do just ensure they are not too long.
  24. Get an offcut of ply to just cover the damaged area, a bead of sealant around the edge to prevent water ingress and screw it up to the existing floor on the underside. B&Q / Homebase will stock small sheets ply if you do not have any - marine ply is best as will resist moisture a little better.
  25. A few years ago I went to our local specialist sealant supplier as I wanted to remove and replace (with a Status) the twig aerial on my caravan. I assumed I needed Sikaflex as this seems to be the default caravan sealant. He asked a few more questions and then said I could have either but there is a fungicide in Soudal fix-all which there isnt in Sikaflex. I took his advise and bought te Fix-all which I have subsequently used for a number of jobs. There is no mould/discolouration on the more vertical sections although there is still some slight black spots where water can stand ie around the roof-lights (the edges of which I put an additional bead round). I have a grey-sided caravan and only Sikaflex make grey mastic so did have to use this for a few jobs on the side walls and to be fair I have found no mould on this mastic either but I have found (after 3 years) that the Sikaflex seems to not be quite so hard wearing as the Fix-all and its surface seems to become a little dull where as the Soudal remains as I applied it. Both seem great products though and above is just my personal findings.
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