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  1. Yes I get this as if the service history is not up to date they will not honour the warranty so no point paying the £50 to transfer the warranty. If it was serviced by a main dealer I think the service is updated on the ‘Gateway’ which Elddis can see. If not serviced at a main dealer they would need to see proof of the service dates.
  2. Have Elddis told you this? I am now on my third Elddis/Buccaneer caravan purchased privately secondhand and with each one I have just copied the change of ownership page in the back of the handbook and sent that completed with the cheque for £50 to Elddis (no request for any proof of purchase or invoice, even the previous owner details are not obligatory) and within a few days I have received confirmation of the change of owner/warranty from the manufacturer. My father did same with a s/h Compass (still and Elddis caravan) just before christmas.
  3. Totally agree, well done Alde, I have found them really helpful when sorting problems ‘over the phone’ Have also found Whale v helpful. Help direct and quickly from manufacturers is v rare in our caravanning world and is to be congratulated. Our current caravan thankfully has both Alde and Whale equipment installed.
  4. Ok thanks for update. Dometic said 5 years ago when mine was done that it needed a whole new control unit as the disc not available separately so be good if you can now source one as i guess £28 not too silly.
  5. Ours was set into a wooden panel and was held in by spring loaded clips so i inserted a trim removal tool around the edges until I could get my fingers behind it. I changed mine for same reason as you I guess ie the ‘button cover’ had broken. Managed to get mine done under warranty, have you or have you sourced one yourself?
  6. Yes, the lower fixing screws are accessed just inside the recess when microwave door is opened. Then run your fingers along the front inside edge of the cupboard above the microwave, you should find 2 screws or perhaps holes which contain screws. These screws have been driven in at a 45 deg angle and sometimes ‘pull’ into the woodwork so you have to have a dig around in the hole to find the screw head with the screwdriver. Remove all 4 screws and you can get the surround (and then the microwave if you wished) out.
  7. Must be some lady, Mrs VV would be bored of that after 2 minutes.....actually, make that 1 minute
  8. Are these the Heki roof-lights with the metal handle to open? If so then as others have said it is possible water has pushed up under the clear dome and in but do have a look at the plastic frame attached to the roof of the caravan carefully. These are known to crack which will let in water. Also the seal to the roof had gone on a Heki on our previous caravan - I had it removed, cleaned up thoroughly and refitted with new bedding /sealant.
  9. Last June we bought a 2018 Buccaneer privately from the 2nd owner. The first owner had it new and was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently passed away having used the caravan vvvvvv little (I did some research and can see he did sadly pass away in the time-frame as explained). The 2nd owner used it for one weekend and hated caravanning so sold it........to us. So 16 months old and 2 owners but no issues. Last Nov I bought a 13 month old Compass for my elderly parents. The 1st owners bought it new, used it just a few times and decided they did not want to make up the beds each night (2 berth) so traded it in for an older, lower spec model but parted with no extra cash). We bought it from the dealer who traded it in. There can be legitimate reasons for previous ownership but is always best to be vigilant and wary. a CRiS check online will advise number of previous owners and date registration changed each time.
  10. Previous buccaneer was grp and was v pleased with it after the first aluminium sided caravan. Newer van is 2018 Buccaneer and they are back to aluminium sides. I would have preferred grp again but as you can see did not stop me buying the Ali sided one because I liked the caravan. So imho grp if you can.
  11. I read it as if the OP had already bought the car Ian, but maybe not?
  12. If you go down the 3rd party towbar route do def consider having them fit a genuine Volvo wiring kit so that the car can adjust certain parameters as aware towball is in use. I’m no expert but I do know the genuine kit will disable the rear park sensors + side collision avoidance system (if you have it fitted) but I also believe it alters gearbox and braking parameters to allow for the expected additional power/stopping required when towing what could be a weighty trailer. Also the new SPA models are very complex and if not a specific Volvo loom and you encounter electrical/sensor issues you could find yourself with Volvo blaming the towbar fitter and vice versa And you being stuck in the middle between a rock and a hard place. I know from experience how good the new Volvo models are but how the various sensors are extremely sensitive. Had factory fitted swinging tow bars on previous VW and current Volvo XC90.
  13. Had a Touareg new in 2014 until 2018- great car solo and towing. 3.0 V6 changed to a new xc90 last year and equally pleased. Like the upgrade able tech in the Volvo. Was concerned a 2.0 4 cylinder engine wd not be up to towing our 2000kg twin axle Buccaneer even though power specs on paper almost identical to the VW - I need not have worried if anything the Volvo is quieter than the VW and ‘just gets on with it’. Had air suspension and factory tow bars on both.
  14. These are the locks you will require (you can almost certainly get them elsewhere this was just 1st site i found with them)
  15. You can buy a Fiamma Zip awning in a bag which fixes to the awning rail. As others have said you will be restricted to the max straight section of the awning rail as they cannot tolerate any bends in the rail. As others have said the canopy itself is ok in calm conditions but not great in wind. Zip the sides in and it is much more stable. The zip in sections are ok but rain comes in around the door/windows through the stitching so only good in light showers too. Kampa make one (called a Revo) and Westfield made one until quite recently (called a rollaway I think) and would be interesting to hear any experiences of those two.
  16. Just noticed i referred to the plastic clip being on RHS of photo, it is of course on LHS, apologies for any confusion.
  17. Pull back the rubber trim just above your finger. Is the timber (core of the front panel) dark in colour and damp? If it is how far ‘up’ the window does the damp go ie is the timber also wet along the top of the window? If it is then the window hinge bar is almost certainly the cause.
  18. The bumper may not have to be cut at all if you are going down the swan-neck towbar route. Contact a local respected tow-bar fitting company and they will be able to make several recommendations for you and advise whether a cut-out is required. The parking sensors will not be effected by the towbar and, if you let them use the VW specific towbar wiring kit it will automatically silence the sensors when you are using the towbar (and reversing). Genuine VW kit may cost slightly more but well worth it if you value your car as you suggest.
  19. When you next go to the caravan pull back the window rubbers on the inside so you can see if the timber within the front panel is dark in colour and damp (or even wet). If it is then the window hinge bar is the likely problem area. On our 2018 Buccaneer the rail is bonded to the front panel and was held in place by 4 x s/s self tappers. The rail seems to come adrift at the ends which pulls on the screws and water eventually enters through the screw holes. The nearside usually comes loose before the off-side. We had a 2014 Buccaneer on which the rail did not leak and I am unsure how the rail was fixed on that one and am not sure which method will be used on your 2016 model either. When you look at this design of hinge bar you can see that opening the front window just wants to pull the hinge bar away from the caravan and the more of the front windows you have open, the greater the effect.
  20. You may find the online type caravan buyers can come up with a suitable solution for you (note i did not say the highest price - but that is not the biggest requirement for some). I sold both ours and my parents caravans on an ebay classified ad in 2019 with no problems at all. If you go this route, set a realistic price, describe it accurately, include good pics having cleaned and displayed it as well as physically possible.
  21. Have a look on the E&P website for contact details of fitters in your area. The full system is around £4K for a caravan but for about half you could have the ‘compact’ kit which is just the jacks under the axle on each side so side to side levelling is automatic and you then adjust front to back using the jockey wheel and existing steadies - had this kit fitted to our last caravan and was v good. Our newer Buccaneer has the full jack/steady auto system fitted from new. I have found both systems very useful and may allow some folk to continue caravanning.
  22. Slide the plastic clip on RHS of photo upwards and ease vent on from that side. There will be slots in the opposite side which locate into small tabs on the frame of the vent. The clip pushes over a plastic pin which is also moulded into the frame of the vent which attached to the caravan and these clips are stiff so to prevent a problem either warm up the clip area with a hairdryer or remove it when there is sun on the vent to help prevent breaking off the plastic pin.
  23. We tow 2000kg twin axle Buccaneer with a D5 XC90 (2019 MY). It follows a V6 Touareg and despite my initial thought that a 2 litre 4 pot (although admittedly almost identical in terms of PS/ Torque etc to the 3.0 V6) could not possibly be ‘man enough’, I am pleased to report this is not the case at all in fact to an extent the opposite, it just gets on with the job in hand without fuss or drama at all. It weighs 2240kg (over a w/bridge) though and has air suspension and the factory swinging tow-bar.
  24. Not sure of year of your Affinity but my 2014 and 2018 Buccaneers (so same furniture as a recent Affinity have been as follows; Open the microwave door and remove the 2 x screw covers and screws along the bottom edge which hold the bottom of the microwave frame in place. Open the cupboard door above the microwave and remove the further 2 x screws along the bottom edge of the cupboard which hold the top of the microwave frame in place. Lift away the microwave frame Remove the screws holding the microwave in place Replace microwave with a similar model Re-fitting is reversal of above steps. No way a £700 job, only cost will be cost of the replacement microwave and that will be nothing like £700.
  25. 2001 Vauxhall Vectra 220 SRI. Shared an engine with the VX220 and to be fair was fast enough. Problem was it had a vibration that no-one could sort. Even went back to Vauxhall HQ, they tried new wheels/tyres/drive-shafts/ countless wheel balancing but could never cure it. It was a company car and in the end it went back to Vauxhall for good. Wife and I took it to Cornwall on holiday and could only manage a couple of hours at a time as the vibrations made your arms numb. I loved Peugeot 405’s back in the day which were a huge leap from ford Escort/Orions. I had 4 of them (company cars) which got better as I climbed the corporate ladder. The last 1 was a GTX Turbo diesel which was a great car back then.
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