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  1. Thank you for your advice guys.
  2. Can you tell me if there is a ‘beep’ when the nose is dropped low enough to enable the auto retract of the E&P levelling system pls? Also does it ‘beep’ while it is levelling?
  3. As has been suggested, call Alde, as under warranty still they may have another plan not involving the dealer. I have always found them v v helpful.
  4. You will like this Gary. I am guessing it has the D5 engine? i had a Mk 1 XC90 from 2009 to 2014 and loved it. Went to a V6 Touareg in 2014 and loved it even more. In 2018 the new Touareg was not available and did not want a run-out of the model I had just had so looked back at Volvo. I was concerned the 2 litre 4 cylinder engine would struggle with our 2000kg caravan after the 3 litre VW even though on paper the figures suggested v similar torque /PS /performance form the twin turbo Volvo as the V6 (single turbo) VW. Eventually i test drove one (solo not towing) and was mightily impressed so last year I ordered a new XC90 D5 (very similar car to yours) but mine is a bit higher. Its towing capability has blown me away to point where i believe it tows as well as the VW and have no issues with 2000kg on the back. The car look nice and the Momentum spec is good - the extra features of the demo car can only make it better. Will you have a Volvo tow bar/electrics?
  5. SGS Engineering supply these struts (and any others). Replaced our bed struts last month a a new (heavier) mattress meant originals not strong enough. Not expensive and will arrive tomorrow.
  6. Great product, comes in white too which may suit. The Range sell it too if that easier for you.
  7. Thin plastic sheet or even thin sheet aluminium (available from Wickes/Screwfix etc) would be stronger than duck tape. I used thin aluminium strip fixed with double sided trim tape to strengthen the A Frame fairing on a previous caravan - worked perfectly. If i was reaffixing it I would use stainless steel small nyloc nuts and bolts + a washer either side - again as I did on the previous caravan. Screwfix sell packs of s/s machine bolts with domed heads to accept a hex bit - these look very neat in size M4 or 5 - they also sell the s/s nyloc nuts and washers required for not much money.
  8. Has the caravan had a service lately (within last 12 months) if not that would be a good thing to do and they could sort the gas issue at the same time. Did you buy from a dealer in which case will likely have been serviced? If not you could look up a local caravan engineer who would ensure it is serviced correctly and is safe.
  9. Does your rafter have a plastic cap over the end which goes to the caravan by any chance? I suspect it does and ironically this has to be removed to allow the rafter to fit into the receiver attached to the bag. This worked for us but I did not like the ‘raw’ end of the rafter potentially coming into contact with the side of the caravan so i bought a plastic ‘bung’ with inside diameter to fit tightly inside the rafter and outside diameter exactly the same as the rafter tube so that one was sorted. How ironic you should post this re partial opening as only last weekend I was thinking how good this would be. Our issue is that the wall mounts would have to be mounted above the locker doors so would be quite high up side of van. I then started thinking about the stresses exerted on side of the caravan which would i feel be greater the higher up the van wall they were mounted. There is a brace near where either bracket would have to be on our side walls but then I considered the exact issue you have found of the door opening fouling on the angled canopy. On yours, could you not increase the length of the side supports sufficiently to push up the height of the front and thus clear the door....and your head?
  10. Hi Griff When we had our 2009 Crusader i swapped the caps like yours (mine had a stuck-on Elddis badge on where yours is Buccaneer) for the later date ‘solid’ Elddis badged version and it was a straight swap (ie no separate centre and stuck-on emblem) My current 2014 Buccaneer has the ‘solid’ B silver centre caps and same wheels as yours so yes the later versions will fit. The very latest models have dark anthracite centre caps which may not be good with your silver wheels though.
  11. Agree totally, have used Whale Customer Support myself in the past (including over a bank holiday weekend) and they were there on the phone and we pin-pointed the problem and as caravan under warranty required parts were sent and delivered next day. Superb service, good products, helpful support when required and they proactively seem to monitor this forum. Well done and thanks Whale. (Have found Alde v helpful too).
  12. I did this switch and did not use the additional separate filter - it was fine without it. Possible some installations require the filter hence it is included. If I remember correctly i did initially install that external filter but system did not work so well with it so simply removed it to bring back to original spec. Was about 5 years ago now but we had that caravan for 2 years after i updated the pump and all was good.
  13. You should be able to get to the float in the Dometic tank easily; Remove tank from caravan and pull back (away from the slide lever handle) on the green plastic ‘saddle’ that covers the slide/hole in the tank (the saddle is sprung loaded but will def pull back) Now you can pull the slider open to look into the tank. You can remove the whole slider/saddle unit, leaving a large access hole in the top of the tank if you hold tank still and turn the slider/saddle assembly anti-clockwise. Cleaning the rubber sealing rings in both ports and then applying some silicone spray lube or olive oil on the seals will improve the ease of use of the slider and make it easier to remove the access port next time. Push the saddle back into place and cassette is ready to go back into the caravan. I did not like my Dometic loo originally but over 4 years now it has worked well (once i could see how to get it apart when necessary).
  14. Cant answer re the Caravan but Reads are a caravan maintenance company so they should know what they are talking about. What I can say is I have used the Soudal Fix All they recommended and it is excellent and is sold by, among others, The Range stores if you have one locally. Approx £5/the from memory. Most dealers will sell Sikaflex but make sure you buy a (dated) tube which is still in date.
  15. Mine has them too and have wondered the same. My only thought is they help anchor a Volvo towball mounted bike frame????
  16. Exactly as Deno says, you do have the 13 pin socket....once the 7 pin adapter is twisted out. I have same factory fitted bar and electrics on my XC90. It is very good.
  17. What are you going to fill it with? My suggestion would be Sikaflex or Soudal fix-all. Both easily available in white and will be hardly seen up there. Nothing to lose and just keep an eye on it you may find it is absolutely fine now you have prevented it cracking further. I would do exactly the same as you have rather than go to the cost and potential ongoing issues with a new rear panel. You could i guess even apply a small piece of plastic trim over it if necessary but you may find filling it is fine. Good luck.
  18. As Andy has mentioned, it is the fridge which ticks at times in the middle of the night in our Bucanneer (Dometic fridge). Sounds like water dripping from somewhere but is def the fridge.
  19. I agree Super Resin Polish does have a mild abrasive action plus contains ‘fillers’ which mask for example swirl marks in paint (having improved them via the mild abrasive also) and is very good but as has been said it requires a wax over the top to give it some longevity. Autoglym also manufacture Extra Gloss Protection specially for this use which is a sealant (easy to apply and remove too) and this seals in the benefits of the SRP. I have used both for may years on cars and aluminium sided caravans + my grp (silver) sided caravan for last 4 years. I do however use a specialist grp polish (applied by hand) on the grp front panel.
  20. Up until March 18 we towed our Bucanneer Schooner (2000kg) with my 2014 Touareg V6. Great car with or without the caravan. Mine did have air suspension but you will be fine with standard springs. Is it a factory fitted towbar and if so do check the cooling fan has been uprated too (it should have been at the factory when they fitted the towbar but not all were uprated it seems). Have a look on the Mytreg forum for the full details + lots of helpful info re everything and anything Touareg related.
  21. This will not immediately help the OP situation with the broken toilet but going forwards and for others with Dometic toilets I find a spray of the seal/opener slide after cleaning with silicone spray (Thetford make one for their toilets but others are available) helps with removal, refitting and slide mechanism of this toilet. I didnt like it initially after using a Thetford loo in previous caravan but have become accustomed to the Dometic now....but silicone lubrication aids its use.
  22. Halfway house could be the E&P Compact system (auto jacks on the axle each side so side to side levelling easier) at @ £1800 and could be removed and re-fitted to next caravan quite easily if required?
  23. Great report, thanks for sharing it. Have had similar situations but mine have involved steep entrances to sites (as well as sharp turns) and these big twin axle caravans do not handle either of these well. Full marks for perseverance though and be rest assured it will get better and better as the weather improves. I think your maiden voyage could be described as ‘character building’!!!!
  24. Yes I do know what you mean. We came from a Thetford loo in previous van to the Dometic 4 seasons ago. Only thing i will say is it has behaved itself over those 4 seasons. It did have a new flush control panel fitted under warranty as the cover had split on the original, it still worked and so was more of a cosmetic issue really. I do apply some spray silicone after each cassette empty to keep the slider sweet and annually I do take the cassette apart for a thorough clean. I liked the measuring cup incorporated into the emptying spout on the Thetford loo. I suppose the ceramic bowl of the Dometic loo is a good thing from a cleaning point of view.
  25. Can I ask what you do not like about the Dometic toilet?
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