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  1. Mine has them too and have wondered the same. My only thought is they help anchor a Volvo towball mounted bike frame????
  2. Exactly as Deno says, you do have the 13 pin socket....once the 7 pin adapter is twisted out. I have same factory fitted bar and electrics on my XC90. It is very good.
  3. What are you going to fill it with? My suggestion would be Sikaflex or Soudal fix-all. Both easily available in white and will be hardly seen up there. Nothing to lose and just keep an eye on it you may find it is absolutely fine now you have prevented it cracking further. I would do exactly the same as you have rather than go to the cost and potential ongoing issues with a new rear panel. You could i guess even apply a small piece of plastic trim over it if necessary but you may find filling it is fine. Good luck.
  4. As Andy has mentioned, it is the fridge which ticks at times in the middle of the night in our Bucanneer (Dometic fridge). Sounds like water dripping from somewhere but is def the fridge.
  5. I agree Super Resin Polish does have a mild abrasive action plus contains ‘fillers’ which mask for example swirl marks in paint (having improved them via the mild abrasive also) and is very good but as has been said it requires a wax over the top to give it some longevity. Autoglym also manufacture Extra Gloss Protection specially for this use which is a sealant (easy to apply and remove too) and this seals in the benefits of the SRP. I have used both for may years on cars and aluminium sided caravans + my grp (silver) sided caravan for last 4 years. I do however use a specialist grp polish (applied by hand) on the grp front panel.
  6. Up until March 18 we towed our Bucanneer Schooner (2000kg) with my 2014 Touareg V6. Great car with or without the caravan. Mine did have air suspension but you will be fine with standard springs. Is it a factory fitted towbar and if so do check the cooling fan has been uprated too (it should have been at the factory when they fitted the towbar but not all were uprated it seems). Have a look on the Mytreg forum for the full details + lots of helpful info re everything and anything Touareg related.
  7. This will not immediately help the OP situation with the broken toilet but going forwards and for others with Dometic toilets I find a spray of the seal/opener slide after cleaning with silicone spray (Thetford make one for their toilets but others are available) helps with removal, refitting and slide mechanism of this toilet. I didnt like it initially after using a Thetford loo in previous caravan but have become accustomed to the Dometic now....but silicone lubrication aids its use.
  8. Halfway house could be the E&P Compact system (auto jacks on the axle each side so side to side levelling easier) at @ £1800 and could be removed and re-fitted to next caravan quite easily if required?
  9. Great report, thanks for sharing it. Have had similar situations but mine have involved steep entrances to sites (as well as sharp turns) and these big twin axle caravans do not handle either of these well. Full marks for perseverance though and be rest assured it will get better and better as the weather improves. I think your maiden voyage could be described as ‘character building’!!!!
  10. Yes I do know what you mean. We came from a Thetford loo in previous van to the Dometic 4 seasons ago. Only thing i will say is it has behaved itself over those 4 seasons. It did have a new flush control panel fitted under warranty as the cover had split on the original, it still worked and so was more of a cosmetic issue really. I do apply some spray silicone after each cassette empty to keep the slider sweet and annually I do take the cassette apart for a thorough clean. I liked the measuring cup incorporated into the emptying spout on the Thetford loo. I suppose the ceramic bowl of the Dometic loo is a good thing from a cleaning point of view.
  11. Can I ask what you do not like about the Dometic toilet?
  12. I am certain they are GRP sides from the finish. To make it good again I should say those dents will require filling and painting. You then have the issue of preventing it happening again. Not familiar with Walker awnings, do the ends of the pole against the caravan go into a pocket fixed to the awning rail (which can then come into contact with the side of the van ) or directly against the caravan? Is there a ‘pad’ fitted to the ends of the rafter poles and if so is the pad ‘padded’ and what size diameter?
  13. I find with ours that if i open it and leave it for 5 minutes it does ‘open’ further which helps even if only slightly as the pressure is relieved from the struts. Do be careful with the locker door though, it is just an opaque caravan window and is very fragile and incredibly expensive. Windows (and so this locker door) are removed by opening them to over 90 degrees and they come out of the hinge bar (can only be done once struts are removed) so do be careful if you are going to remove the struts and open it wider that it doesnt release the locker door onto the floor!
  14. Well done and you know it has been repaired properly. Looks a great job you have done. Great that you updated the forum with pics as you went along and thanks for the ‘finished’ update too. Hope the water stays out.
  15. The ‘tank’ in the front is the water heater which will fill with water from the aquaroll. Fresh water also enters via your aquaroll from the inlet at the front. The tank at the back, under the fixed bed is indeed separate from the inlet at the front (although is filled via the inlet at the front, should you change the position of the changeover switch which is beside the switch to turn on the power supply to the pump/taps). We have never used the on-board tank preferring to use the direct supply from the aqua roll but many on here do use them and prefer them.
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