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  1. I agree with Ern. We had the header tank pump in our previous 2014 van and an inline one in our 2018. The header tank pump gave no problems at all (and could be easily and simply replaced if it had failed). The inline pump is less noisy but that is not an issue if you do not use at night. I would leave it as it is if were me.
  2. I had a 242 V6 Touareg (auto) new in 2014 and ran it for four years until 2018. Towed a 2000kg TA van very well indeed. Switched to a new XC90 in 2018 (new Touareg not out by then) and was concerned the 4 cylinder, 2.0 235 PS Volvo would not be ‘man enough’ after the V6 even though the torque stats were almost identical for both cars. Pleased to say no issues at all towing with the Volvo. Only thing I will say is the Volvo has a longer wheelbase and this is a marked improvement from a ride perspective. Both on air suspension and this is good if you can find a Touareg on air.
  3. Does the 2020 Buccaneer not have ‘stainguarded’ fabric on the seats? Have you tried a clean cloth and warm soapy water as if seats have been treated any marks should wipe off fairly easily. Using anything too harsh may remove the treatment applied.
  4. Fairly sure yours had same problem as ours - strange design really as you will see when you remove the black plastic section.
  5. Remove the 2 x small screws in the black plastic housing at the bottom of the aerial mast. You will find a collar in there which should be held in place with a rivet - it is likely the rivet has broken and the collar will then not hold the aerial in position. I re-fitted mine with a cut-down self tapping screw. Do you mean it wont stay vertical or horizontal ie flat to the caravan roof?
  6. Thanks Alde, your prompt advice is welcomed by us all as we can all learn from your insights. I have had need to call you on a couple of occasions over the years and both times you have diagnosed the problem and the cure on the call. The caravan industry in general could learn much from your shining example of customer service. Pls do keep up the standard.
  7. It will be a crack in the surround of the skylight unfortunately. If you get up and look at the surround you will see the crack(s). It is a known issue and will be covered by your warranty (as long as services up to date etc). It wd be a good idea to speak to your dealer asap and perhaps effect a temporary repair (I can highly recommend Soudal Fix-all sealant/adhesive for this purpose) as water will get into the ceiling boards and stain them and then a fairly straightforward and quick replacement of the Heki skylight frame becomes a lot more complicated, time consuming and with the potential f
  8. You could consider the opposite and removing them completely from both sides? To do this warm with a hairdryer and peel away and then remove any adhesive residue (brake cleaner is ideal for this).
  9. Back on topic and I have now come up with my own version of a warning buzzer to warn when Aquaroll is 3/4 empty so I can then switch over to the 2nd Aquaroll and then re-fill the first one at my convenience. This is the Mk 3 version. I have a switch by the AR change over lever so I can turn the alarm off.
  10. Hmm, not sure what to say except perhaps ring Whale customer services again, i always find them v helpful. Am sure they will recognise these symptoms and the likely cause.
  11. Have you calibrated the IC Control?
  12. Haha I really did wonder where you were heading with that Alde, I do love a mod especially if it makes life just that little bit easier.
  13. I did exactly as Alde have suggested with the 3010 Alde boiler in our previous caravan. I bought a good quality UK (Sussex) made text control using a giffgaff pay as you go data only phone card. It cost around £100 plus the cost of the Alde external start cable, a length of cable and a bit of time finding best position for the control panel/hiding the cabling to a switched 12v supply and the boiler. It worked so well I kept it and now have it fitted in our 2018 caravan. You can turn the hot water &/or heating on or of using a phone call (no charge) or text. Whichever method you then r
  14. Excellent, there is one of those on our Buccaneer too bit is wasnt strong enough to stop the bed sliding, hence my 26p investment!!!
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