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  1. Yes, we had a Thetford toilet in our 2009 Elddis and then a Dometic in our 2014 Buccaneer which we kept for 4 years until this summer when the new Buccaneer arrived which has a Thetford loo again. Had no problems with the Dometic loo at all over the 4 years BUT, i gave the seal a liberal spray of Thetford toilet seal lubricant (this is just a silicone spray) after EVERY emptying. The slide has a very direct action and works much better when the seal is well lubricated + it preserves the seal which is important both when using and taking the cassette to the emptying point. You do have to pull and push the slider handle straight in and out keeping it parallel with the floor. I also kept the slide out when not using the caravan (and loo cassette empty of course) to keep the ‘pressure’ off the rubber sealing ring. The bowl itself is porcelain on the Dometic which i felt made it slightly easier to keep ‘clean’. I do agree that the flush is not quite as efficient as the Thetford flush but tbh we never had an issue with it. I think the Dometic may be a bit taller than the Thetford so may be better for those less agile. You will be fine with the Dometic toilet imho altho i do feel the Thetford is a better designed product but not a deal breaker. There is a green plastic ‘saddle’ over the hole in the cassette (its a grey removable plastic lid on the Thetford) which is spring loaded, you can manually pull this back to reveal the ‘hole’ into the tank if needs be plus, like the Thetford, there is a large access hole which can be used for deep cleaning if desired.
  2. Yes but you could use an electric drill attachment if you didnt want to use the handle. This system worked vv well and I would have no problem going back to it, the difficult bit is the side to side levelling which it does for you. You can use it manually too if for example you needed to change a wheel. Less to go wrong, easier to transfer to next caravan and not quite so expensive as full system.
  3. Have a 2000kg 2018 Buccaneer Cruiser towed by a 2018 XC90 D5 R-Design. Had a V6 Touareg previously and was concerned the Volvo may have been underpowered. I can honestly say I cannot tell the difference and the extra wheelbase of the Volvo makes towing vv comfortable. It does have air suspension though which may make a difference. I had a 2009 Mk1 XC90 but the new model is a very different machine. It is well up to doing what you are intending.
  4. Do consider the Compact E&P system. This has 2 x jacks 1 on each side of the axle to level side to side and then you level front to back using the jockey wheel. This is abt £1800. Had in fitted to our previous caravan and was v v good. New Buccaneer has the full system and also v good but i was happy with the compact which was great on a twin axle caravan.
  5. The Mk 2 XC90’s from 2016 onwards are known as the SPA platform and all had 2.0 ltr 4 cylinder engines only - D5 which is the diesel (235 PS), T6 which is a petrol and fast and T8 which is a petrol/electric hybrid and faster still. The XC60’s joined the SPA family with a new model in late 2017 which came with the above engines plus a smaller D4 engine and I believe a D3 as well as T5 and T6 + T8 petrol versions but again all 2 ltr 4 cylinders. My D5 makes no fuss, just quietly gets on with pulling 2000kg of twin axle Buccaneer in supreme comfort - but guess the air suspension helps a bit.
  6. We tow a 2018 Cruiser with our XC90 D5 PP. It is an R-Design Pro model and I weighted it the other day - empty (and without driver/passenger) it weighed 2240kg. Previous car was a 2014 VW Touareg v6. I loved the VW and was concerned the Volvo with its 2 ltr engine would not have been up to the task. How wrong was I. The Volvo tows the caravan equally as well as the VW. They both have air suspension altho i guess the longer wheelbase of the Volvo makes it feel more stable and comfortable. The Volvo just gets on with it without fuss - I am over the moon with it.
  7. Have you got caravan 12v main switch on? The igniter uses 12v when on gas.
  8. If it is the Jokon brake-light with the curved top (or bottom, depending on which way up it is fitted) then yes I have replaced mine. Undo the 2 x screws and pull the light unit away from the back-panel. On our Buccaneer the only place there was sealant was around the cable and where it goes through the panel to keep the moisture out, the screws are into rubber well-nut grommets so be careful not to push these through into the back panel. It may not be easy to get slack cable to effect a join, i had to tease my spare cable out from the sealant seal carefully until i had enough to play with. Make the joints waterproof and re-fit with new sealant around the cable but I did not use sealant around the rubber well-nut grommets so I can remove again if I need to. On our new Buccaneer the straight edge is uppermost and they have run a bead of sealant along the straight edge to keep moisture out.
  9. Try the cheap solutions first - check both leisure battery connectors are tight plus take a look at where the cables to the mover are attached to the battery connectors. Take the (mover) cables out of the battery connectors and check there is plenty of bare cable in the connector and that it is wound tightly. If you can cut a slither of aluminium to slip onto the connecting tubes so that the screws have something solid to bite onto rather than just cutting into the wire - the more solid connection you have the better the mover will perform.
  10. If it looks like moisture ingress around one of the screws you could remove the 3 previously loose screws, apply some sealant (such as soudal fix-all/Sikaflex) to the end of the screw and re-fit. It will prevent them loosening and prevent any water getting past the screws.
  11. Haha, we have stuck with it and gone for a 12 month old Buccaneer again. I know you had big issues with yours as we did with our 2009 Crusader. The 2014 Buccaneer was excellent (just a small leak from the rooflight in 5 years). Loved the grp sides on that and the newer one is back to aluminium sides. ABS fronts and backs on the newer caravan but still aluminium roof. Good luck with the new one and look forward to your reports in due course. We debated long and hard over a new Adria but in the end just couldnt resist the Buccaneer - just felt right for us. Bought s/h privately again so I could see what I was buying/speak directly to the owner and dealer near the previous owner is an Elddis service centre but do not sell them so happy to take warranty on as long as they service it. Only 80 miles down main roads from us so hopefully will work.
  12. You moving away from Elddis then this time Griff? We have just sold our 2014 Buccaneer which had grp front and sides, aluminium roof and ABS back. The sides were painted silver and were v v easy to keep clean. Roof ok, back like new, front is starting to get more difficult to keep the shine but it does seem strong in grp. Which make you moving to?
  13. Apologies ancell, I understood you to mean from your OP that the pump was combined with the header tank in the wardrobe in the bedroom (so controlled via the Alde control panel) as opposed to on the boiler (controlled via the rotary switch on the pump itself). We had the same problem 3 weeks ago with our recently acquired s/h Buccaneer ie excessive bubbling in the tank and associated noise. I got down to the pump but found it v v difficult to see the pointer on the pump and initially felt it was set correctly on level 2, it was only after much closer scrutiny (and contortions) that I was able to ascertain it was not set to 2. One I had set it correctly the bubbling returned to normal and all was quiet and as it should be. Not suggesting you havent but do check it is actually set to 2 as your symptoms sound very much like the pump running too quickly.
  14. Has the pump speed been left at 5 rather than 2? You can look for this and adjust it from the Alde control panel. Engineer will likely have turned it up to 5 when replacing the fluid but should have returned it to 2 where you can hardly hear it.
  15. On a caravan as new as that I should ring a local dealer and see what they can do?
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