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  1. If it looks like moisture ingress around one of the screws you could remove the 3 previously loose screws, apply some sealant (such as soudal fix-all/Sikaflex) to the end of the screw and re-fit. It will prevent them loosening and prevent any water getting past the screws.
  2. Haha, we have stuck with it and gone for a 12 month old Buccaneer again. I know you had big issues with yours as we did with our 2009 Crusader. The 2014 Buccaneer was excellent (just a small leak from the rooflight in 5 years). Loved the grp sides on that and the newer one is back to aluminium sides. ABS fronts and backs on the newer caravan but still aluminium roof. Good luck with the new one and look forward to your reports in due course. We debated long and hard over a new Adria but in the end just couldnt resist the Buccaneer - just felt right for us. Bought s/h privately again so I could see what I was buying/speak directly to the owner and dealer near the previous owner is an Elddis service centre but do not sell them so happy to take warranty on as long as they service it. Only 80 miles down main roads from us so hopefully will work.
  3. You moving away from Elddis then this time Griff? We have just sold our 2014 Buccaneer which had grp front and sides, aluminium roof and ABS back. The sides were painted silver and were v v easy to keep clean. Roof ok, back like new, front is starting to get more difficult to keep the shine but it does seem strong in grp. Which make you moving to?
  4. Apologies ancell, I understood you to mean from your OP that the pump was combined with the header tank in the wardrobe in the bedroom (so controlled via the Alde control panel) as opposed to on the boiler (controlled via the rotary switch on the pump itself). We had the same problem 3 weeks ago with our recently acquired s/h Buccaneer ie excessive bubbling in the tank and associated noise. I got down to the pump but found it v v difficult to see the pointer on the pump and initially felt it was set correctly on level 2, it was only after much closer scrutiny (and contortions) that I was able to ascertain it was not set to 2. One I had set it correctly the bubbling returned to normal and all was quiet and as it should be. Not suggesting you havent but do check it is actually set to 2 as your symptoms sound very much like the pump running too quickly.
  5. Has the pump speed been left at 5 rather than 2? You can look for this and adjust it from the Alde control panel. Engineer will likely have turned it up to 5 when replacing the fluid but should have returned it to 2 where you can hardly hear it.
  6. On a caravan as new as that I should ring a local dealer and see what they can do?
  7. Thank you for your advice guys.
  8. Can you tell me if there is a ‘beep’ when the nose is dropped low enough to enable the auto retract of the E&P levelling system pls? Also does it ‘beep’ while it is levelling?
  9. As has been suggested, call Alde, as under warranty still they may have another plan not involving the dealer. I have always found them v v helpful.
  10. You will like this Gary. I am guessing it has the D5 engine? i had a Mk 1 XC90 from 2009 to 2014 and loved it. Went to a V6 Touareg in 2014 and loved it even more. In 2018 the new Touareg was not available and did not want a run-out of the model I had just had so looked back at Volvo. I was concerned the 2 litre 4 cylinder engine would struggle with our 2000kg caravan after the 3 litre VW even though on paper the figures suggested v similar torque /PS /performance form the twin turbo Volvo as the V6 (single turbo) VW. Eventually i test drove one (solo not towing) and was mightily impressed so last year I ordered a new XC90 D5 (very similar car to yours) but mine is a bit higher. Its towing capability has blown me away to point where i believe it tows as well as the VW and have no issues with 2000kg on the back. The car look nice and the Momentum spec is good - the extra features of the demo car can only make it better. Will you have a Volvo tow bar/electrics?
  11. SGS Engineering supply these struts (and any others). Replaced our bed struts last month a a new (heavier) mattress meant originals not strong enough. Not expensive and will arrive tomorrow.
  12. Great product, comes in white too which may suit. The Range sell it too if that easier for you.
  13. Thin plastic sheet or even thin sheet aluminium (available from Wickes/Screwfix etc) would be stronger than duck tape. I used thin aluminium strip fixed with double sided trim tape to strengthen the A Frame fairing on a previous caravan - worked perfectly. If i was reaffixing it I would use stainless steel small nyloc nuts and bolts + a washer either side - again as I did on the previous caravan. Screwfix sell packs of s/s machine bolts with domed heads to accept a hex bit - these look very neat in size M4 or 5 - they also sell the s/s nyloc nuts and washers required for not much money.
  14. Has the caravan had a service lately (within last 12 months) if not that would be a good thing to do and they could sort the gas issue at the same time. Did you buy from a dealer in which case will likely have been serviced? If not you could look up a local caravan engineer who would ensure it is serviced correctly and is safe.
  15. Does your rafter have a plastic cap over the end which goes to the caravan by any chance? I suspect it does and ironically this has to be removed to allow the rafter to fit into the receiver attached to the bag. This worked for us but I did not like the ‘raw’ end of the rafter potentially coming into contact with the side of the caravan so i bought a plastic ‘bung’ with inside diameter to fit tightly inside the rafter and outside diameter exactly the same as the rafter tube so that one was sorted. How ironic you should post this re partial opening as only last weekend I was thinking how good this would be. Our issue is that the wall mounts would have to be mounted above the locker doors so would be quite high up side of van. I then started thinking about the stresses exerted on side of the caravan which would i feel be greater the higher up the van wall they were mounted. There is a brace near where either bracket would have to be on our side walls but then I considered the exact issue you have found of the door opening fouling on the angled canopy. On yours, could you not increase the length of the side supports sufficiently to push up the height of the front and thus clear the door....and your head?
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