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  1. I would certainly not advocate fitting a vent (or a reflector or anything else for that matter) in an obscure place at all but the OP’s scratch is below the Coachman decal along the midline of the caravan and a small vent there would not look out of the way at all and, imho may be a far better option than attempting a diy spray repair on a fairly new caravan and a lot less costly. Properly fitted with small stainless screws would not look wrong at all as long as water ingress has been prevented. An alternative would be to use trim tape or Sikaflex/Soudal fix all- but if the vent has a screw hole fixing in each corner then these look better filled with a s/s fixing. When buying a nearly new caravan it is always best to do some homework and it would be apparent that a reflector/sticker/vent is non standard. As long as it is not in an obscure area and I could see what was beneath it i may prefer this to a repair which is not immediately apparent but which shows itself after 3 years. Horses for courses I guess and all depends how the OP wishes to proceed.
  2. Buy yourself a small white plastic vent such as this and fit it over the damaged area with 4 x 1/2” No 6 self tapping screws (with a blob of Soudal Fix all or Sikaflex on end of each screw to prevent moisture ingress). It will look as if it is meant to be there, no painting required so no paint matching, you could sort this yourself in 20 mins for less than £10 and keep the caravan integrity.
  3. We have a 4.1m Fiamma Caravanstorezip in a bag on the awning rail. Works a treat either fully out or half out and legs attached to the side of the caravan or fully out with front and sides attached. I will admit it is a 2 person job as more difficult To handle at 4m long than heavy. A smaller one may be the way to go.
  4. Yes, mix up the pink according to manufacturers recc dosing rate and goes in your flush tank in side of caravan. Dont overfilll it and dont travel with any left in the tank. You can flush it into the loo cassette or alternatively there should be a drain pipe probably above the cassette door inside. Blue goes in the cassette (bottom of the toilet). I use 120ml tHETFORD blue and then add 2 litres water - this will quickly breakdown and ‘deposits’ in the cassette and will prevent a pile of paper from forming in the centre. Its a Thetford loo and I prefer Thetford products and used as per their recommendations. Others will disagree or have alternatives but hey ho.
  5. As I understand it Calor are not producing any more. They will safety test those in the system as they are returned and will re-fill them subject them passing a safety check so getting less in circulation. There were some in East Sussex 2 weeks ago and have exchanged one in Norfolk this weekend and seen another retailer with some on their forecourt.
  6. Is the floor at the front still wet or is it dry now - do you have a moisture meter? What is the reading pls if you do?
  7. Is possible this ‘shattered glass’ effect looks worse from certain angles. Removing the plugs will def make no difference to that. Is possible heat damage if blinds have been left down in hot weather.
  8. Dont touch the plastic plugs in the windows until you are sure the condensation wont disappear by itself when the humidity changes. In certain conditions these windows will mist up but it should disappear by itself. Caravan windows are not sealed units like at home and the plugs allow the 2 skins of the window to breathe.
  9. I use Soudal Fix-all. Find it lasts better than Sikaflex when exposed to the weather. Also contains a mould inhibitor. Easy to apply and smooth down. Is available in white, black and grey although I always find the black is more ‘runny’ than the white and a little goes a long long way. It can be cleaned off with brake cleaner or similar. Available online or from the Range and maybe other outlets too.
  10. John Cross in Sussex are vv good and online.
  11. 2014 Touaregs are fab, I know I had a new one from 2014 to 2018. Imho best looking and great gearbox in the 2014’s. They do not come fully wired from new though so fridge and electronic stability control will not operate. You can set the fridge to 12v but because it is not receiving 12v from the car, it will not operate, just ‘bleep’ to advise no 12v supply being received. Dealer can supply an additional kit to power fridge and stability control but a bit of work involved to fit this as quite invasive i understand (may be better to use a good independent as i had to because dealer did not know what they were doing. Great car, enjoy it.
  12. Glad your dealer is on the Heki replacement trail nice and quickly. Yes know what you mean about the muck trap behind that front sunroof surround and the ugly mastic blobs sealing it.......guess as long as it does that then all will be ok! I love our Cruiser but it does seem an almost non stop maintenance project. Mrs VV found the kitchen tap leaking this morning so a trip to a dealer down here in Sussex tomorrow beckons - good job I kinda like caravan fettling
  13. Well done guys. Have to say we have a dip in front of the Stargazer so also store ours also slightly nose-up (E+P recalibrated to auto level slightly nose up in fact). Use an Elddis approved warranty servicing/repair outfit (who no longer sells new caravans) and he has said the front of the skylights have given him few issues and he has no axe to grind. It is worrying when you get up and look at the bow though.
  14. Graham you are so lucky the water has not marked the roof panel as they are a nightmare to re-fit. The thought re the Heki frames cracking is that the adhesive used to seal them is too strong and allows no movement at all so with movement / heat and cold on the plastic frame its this which gives. I had my local AWS engineer remove mine and fit a new frame- it was a REAL struggle to cut through the adhesive to remove the broken frame. It was refitted using a strip of ‘mastic on a roll’ and a bead of Sikaflex around the edge. You can see from your pic that Elddis do now fit the internal timber framing - they didnt in our previous 2014 Buccaneer. Have a careful check around front windows too (behind the rubbers) particularly near-side as the hinge bar screws work loose and are known to let in water. No sign of damp in our boards thankfully but the timber window surround was 25% moisture so thankfully caught ours in time.
  15. A picture would help no end but guess layout is similar to my Buccaneer (an Elddis brand). So remove the microwave surround (open microwave door and look for 2 screws at the bottom. Open cupboard above microwave and you will find 2 screws along the very front edge at an angle). Once these 4 screws undone microwave surround will come out. I bought a bracket with 4 mounting screw holes in it, I used the timber baton holding the microwave shelf up to accept the top 2 x screws and then some 1/2” screws into the cabinet for the bottom 2. You could fit your own baton beside the microwave if you preferred or if the shelf baton is not in the right place. It is very secure like this with the top screws taking the majority of the weight. I also used a quick release plate on the bracket as never travel with the tv in place on the bracket for fear of a calamity. hope this useful and others will have alternative mounting solutions.
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