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  1. I wedge the plastic egg holder tray in the (spring loaded) freezer door (and the fridge door ajar) and do not have mould issues in fridge/freezer.
  2. We had an inboard pump on our 1st caravan in 2009. It was okish but noisy in operation. Last caravan 2014 and the latest one 2018 Buccaneer both used the external Whale pump on the end of the supply pipe with an IC Control box and both set-ups on both caravans has been superb and almost silent. You can fit an IC Controller to the back of your existing inlet socket if it has the old manual adjustment system. These control boxes are not cheap but possibly less costly than fitting an inboard pump and less work to do.
  3. Interesting, thanks for the info, weather seems to come across here from the West and usually runs out of steam before it gets onto this East coast (which is what happened on Fri/Sat it seems. Norfolk/Suffolk have had an exceptionally wet October after a dry July/Aug/Sept.
  4. We were nearby on CMC site at Malvern Hills last week and as we left on Sunday morning several units were arriving from the Tewkesbury site as it was closed following the very heavy rain on Friday and Saturday. Malvern site was fine. Wow it did rain though although seemed to improve the further East we travelled where they seemed not to have had the quantity they did around Worcester.
  5. Had Powrtouch Auto engage on last 2 twin axle caravans, this one had same mover but manual on when purchased. Caravan was almost new and was quite difficult to get the lever over centre initially but now used it a few times and freed it up/got used to it I dont find it a problem but in good health. My 87yo father bought an almost new van last week and ordered a mover so tried manual at the dealers and could not manage it easily so having auto engage. Had no issues with the auto engage on our previous caravan which we had a new PT fitted to in 2015 and kept for 4 years. 1st one was a 2009 model and did have 2 actuators on that under warranty but it was pre the Evolution model.
  6. The official Volvo stated max towball weight of XC90’s changed for MY 2018.5 vehicles from 140 to 110kg (for 7 seat versions which all are in UK). The dealer assures me that nothing changed in the car but that they suddenly realised you could have 2 x 6’ rugby players in the rearmost seats + kit for 7 in the boot which, with 140kg on the towbar could put excess weight on the rear end.
  7. Always good to hear ‘outcomes’, especially easy, no cost and positive ones. Thank you for taking the time.
  8. Of course, no power connected and everything switched off before removing the cover.
  9. Take the black cover off the boiler unit and look for 2 x glass fuses - check they are still working. I had this issue with a previous caravan and one of these fuses had blown and Alde panel was blank. While you have the cover off push all the connections too to ensure a good contact is being made.
  10. You do wonder about some of these ‘receptionists’ dont you - whatever happened to trying to help the customer and making it a bit more pleasant to spend his/her £200 for the service.......and potentially ££££££s if happy with the support from the dealer when time comes to change. I sometimes point out their unhelpful ness when I come across these situations - it may be in their long term interest even if they are a bit taken aback at the time. Maybe you could offer to save them the trouble as they are so busy and have it serviced elsewhere.
  11. When you say the crack is getting bigger do you mean it has gone past your drilled hole or the crack is just opening up more but not going past your drilled hole? There should be no need to drill the hole any larger. I would fill with Soudal fix-all myself which is a mastic sealant inc a fungicide and is ideal for this task, as is Sikaflex.
  12. Interesting, thanks Johnaldo, I was not sure of the differences and i guess the weight saving of the xplore will work for some tow cars better than the heavier Avante. I am a fan of Elddis caravans having owned 3 on the trot although twin axle versions. Thanks for taking the time to educate me re the differences.
  13. Is the Avante slightly better equipped but therefore heavier than the Xplore equivalent model?
  14. Yes, we had a Thetford toilet in our 2009 Elddis and then a Dometic in our 2014 Buccaneer which we kept for 4 years until this summer when the new Buccaneer arrived which has a Thetford loo again. Had no problems with the Dometic loo at all over the 4 years BUT, i gave the seal a liberal spray of Thetford toilet seal lubricant (this is just a silicone spray) after EVERY emptying. The slide has a very direct action and works much better when the seal is well lubricated + it preserves the seal which is important both when using and taking the cassette to the emptying point. You do have to pull and push the slider handle straight in and out keeping it parallel with the floor. I also kept the slide out when not using the caravan (and loo cassette empty of course) to keep the ‘pressure’ off the rubber sealing ring. The bowl itself is porcelain on the Dometic which i felt made it slightly easier to keep ‘clean’. I do agree that the flush is not quite as efficient as the Thetford flush but tbh we never had an issue with it. I think the Dometic may be a bit taller than the Thetford so may be better for those less agile. You will be fine with the Dometic toilet imho altho i do feel the Thetford is a better designed product but not a deal breaker. There is a green plastic ‘saddle’ over the hole in the cassette (its a grey removable plastic lid on the Thetford) which is spring loaded, you can manually pull this back to reveal the ‘hole’ into the tank if needs be plus, like the Thetford, there is a large access hole which can be used for deep cleaning if desired.
  15. Yes but you could use an electric drill attachment if you didnt want to use the handle. This system worked vv well and I would have no problem going back to it, the difficult bit is the side to side levelling which it does for you. You can use it manually too if for example you needed to change a wheel. Less to go wrong, easier to transfer to next caravan and not quite so expensive as full system.
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