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  1. As title says, i need one asap, willing to travel and pay a premium to get one today. Fulltimer in van with no 12v system as PSU failed with a pop - and the baileys need the unit to have a 12v system. so, no lighting, no heating, no water, no fridge (although outside can be a fridge haha)
  2. Loooking at getting a new awning, which of the following would you have and why? Or any others? Outdoor Revolution Esprit 420 Pro Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 Kampa Rally Air Pro 400 Dorema Contura Air All Season 400 Vango Kalari 420
  3. Did the air awnings all fail there too? Im just struggling to justify £1000 for a Kampa which may only last a year or so as it will be in pretty much permanent use. Or am I underestimating lifespan, I'm sure I read somewhere they have a design life of only 20 weeks or so, that's not even 6 months.
  4. The winds of late have ripped my current awning. Replacement is needed, but what do I get? Durable, year round usage, easy to put up and take down on my own. 390 size and above preferred. Suggestions please. Budget is undecided.
  5. Out of interest, i have a S1 Unicorn Barcelona, if i was to upgrade to a new one tomorrow, what would i be missing?
  6. I have seen an upgrade kit to the later touchscreen panel, not cheap, but possibly worth it?
  7. Going from a SA 950 kg MRO van to a TA 1500 kg MRO van (1200 & 1800 kg MTPLM respectively) i found it a lot more stable, less being sucked/pushed around by coaches etc, not yet towed the Bailey with anything in it though, oddly enough, even though on the return journey i weighed 550 kg more, i didnt notice the extra weight, im still as slow as ever with probably under 100bhp! Not reversed yet with it so cannot comment on that, but from what i hear it will be easier due to slower reactions. Still getting to grips, but so far i am liking it, the old blown air in the lunar was a bit poor on electric, due to thermostat location,above the fire, so was never a constant warmth, and of course it was a dry heat, just got to figure out what my optimum daytime and nighttime temps are.
  8. Said goodbye to my trusty old van, a Lunar, had it for 5 years, towed it 15,000 miles, used it for 18 months, but it was time for it to go. In its place is a snazzy Bailey. Owned 1 day, towed 100 miles, and used for 1 night so far I would add pics but can't do it
  9. I remember once i arrived at a site and it was dark, and there was minimal lighting, i was struggling to reverse due to lack of visibility, constantly getting out to check, a fellow 'vanner without me even asking got his car, positioned it, and used the headlights to light up the pitch and guided me in. i was most thankful to him and would always offer my help to anyone if they needed/wanted it.
  10. I've a safefill, the 10kg blue version. over the winter i used about 10 full bottles worth, circa £100 of gas. equivalent cost for calor 6kg would have been circa 17 bottles at £21 each,a total of £357. £257 saving over calor, include the cost of the bottle at £150 and ive still saved £100. the savings can only continue.
  11. Upgrading my single axle van to a twin. Currently have a Powrouch Evo fitted. Would this mover work on the twin? Or should i sell it and get an AWD setup - ego titanium?
  12. A wise choice? is damp much of an issue with the alutech body being all composite (bar the floor)?
  13. Looking into upgrading my current van. Seen 2 i like, any downsides i should be aware of with the two? Lunar Delta RS 2009 Swift Challenger 620 2009 Both same layout, and price.
  14. maybe i'll look elsewhere then. not interested in having a diesel motor, petrol all the way!
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