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  1. we were advised by the dealer to put gauze in the vents to stop ants getting in as he said powder didnt work. I am a bit worried about blocking the vents with anything-but we do have an ant problem in the garden and they are trying their best to get in the house.
  2. i entered the competition to win a new caravan with them- closing date 24 May 2012. They rang me at the week end to get me to go to buy one- they didnt know when the draw would be made as this was "up to the management as they hadnt specified the draw date." As a newbie I wanted to find a dealer I could trust to buy my first caravan-this just made me very wary- so if they read this please think about the message you are giving out.
  3. Hi, We pick up our 2008 Bailey Ranger tomorrow from a dealers who has left in the water but, battery, electric lead. step and gas bottle. what words of advice can you give us to help to get off to a good start? what are the essentials to buy(looking at getting insurance sorted today) what hints and tips do you have for us and what else do i need to buy. thanks Debs
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