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  1. En-Route-Heating in the Van whilst traveling when Winter Touring . ............ GAS . ........... / Kyle
  2. Hi Xtrailman, Don't get me started on the Pothole issue. Recently had to buy a new wheel for the Auld Jag. Basically buckled. Had half a hundred weight of lead trying to balance the Auld Girls front nearside replacement shoe. Had ti bite the bullet and buy a new wheel. We have our fair share up here. Its not so much poor road repairs, its the ditches they fail to maintain causing floods and rivers of water that freeze and contract during the Winter months creating " Potholes " due to the again poor repairs. Just a vicious circle. Don't think the Queen has been chauffeured over a Pot hole in her life eh ? Shall be having a few of the Black Stuff in celebration of Libby's 60 year reign today. God Bless the Auld Girl !!! GAS . ..... / Kyle . .......
  3. Have said this in the past that as road users we all have a Duty of Care to each other whilst using the Queens Highway. The towing limit as we know is 60mph on the motorway and should be strictly adhered to at ALL times. Its the innocent law abiding road user that usually comes out worst due to the irresponsible minority who think it is safe to tow above the prescribed speed limit. As all ready stated. Were is the Police when these nutcases are dicing with our lives ??? GAS . ............. / Kyle . ............
  4. Leaving tomorrow for Port Patrick down the Mull of Galloway due to work commitments. Blessing in disguise to be honest back Tuesday. Hopefully miss all the traffic. Sadly there was a horrific head on crash on the A9 early hours on Thursday morning resulting in the death of two lorry drivers in there thirties who were pronounced dead at the scene. One vehicle taking Daily Newspapers to Inverness. Done this paper run myself a few years ago. The diversion due to the accident was 180 miles all day Friday. Absolute bedlam for anyone heading north on Friday. The sooner they upgrade the A9 duel carriageway / motorway the better ! Its the most dangerous road in Great Britain and should have been upgraded years ago . ............ GAS . ...... / Kyle . .........
  5. Hi, Grumpy Auld Smeesh ( ma twin brother ) gave me the " Heads Up " on this fantastic Forum. He used to be a 5 Star Member but got a bit disorientated and left ! Anyway due to work commitments I'm going away to Port Patrick this Sunday back Wednesday. I must have phoned 3 or 4 of my favourite locations only to be miserably let down. The thing is cost was not really an issue but it donned on me during my discussions I was averaging between £20 and £25 for two a night with hook up some with personal water and drainage between Mull of Galloway to the Kyles of Lochalsh at High Season Rates. Apart from CS and CL's what is the average High Season cost for one night. More commercial than CC and C&CC. ............. Kyle . .............
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