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  1. We'd booked a 4 week trip to France in July via Irish Ferries from Dublin to Cherbourg. We've already paid over £300 in deposits for sites and allocated over £800 in Tesco Vouchers and £200 in money for the sailing. Didn't take out cancellation insurance . Have emailed Irish Ferries as I want to cancel, as at this stage, caravan sites are not open in France and the ferry is only catering for essential travellers. It might change by July, but I believe it's too risky. Have asked Irish Ferries if they can transfer booking to next years sailing, but no reply to email yet. Anyone else in a similar situation?
  2. Thanks for all the replies. When set to 30 degrees and fan speed on high, certainly it doesn't sound like a jet engine.. just a light fan noise. Strangely though, when the heat is off and I choose the vent option, and increase the fan speed from 1 to 10, at 10 it sounds like a jet engine... but that's just cold air circulating. I will speak to the dealer about the problem. Sorry but none of the above solutions have helped. Dear knows what the problem is and how much it will cost me and there's a problem with the panel or a lan electronic board within the boiler. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  3. yes found it thanks.. above the door.. not blocked by anything. Still to solve my problem..
  4. Great, thanks.. Where would the sensor be located in the caravan and what does it look like?
  5. Hi. Recently purchased a Coachman Vision 2016. Lovely caravan, but the Truma CP combi boiler doesn't seem to be very effective. The fan in boost mode is not particularly fast, and even with the heating is left on for hours, the temperature in the caravan barely gets to 16 degrees (exterior temp - 5). Presumably it should be much better than this? I've set the dial to 25 degrees but it would never get to this! Anyone any idea what might be the problem? Thanks. Gareth.
  6. Is it normal when the heat is on for it to also to heat up the water? It appears that that is happening in my caravan. That possible? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks. (Coachman Vision 580, 2016)
  7. All the walls are acrylic finished aluminium
  8. My mate got a new caravan and opted for the diamondbrite interior and exterior care package.. £500! wow Anyway, the guy who applied the polish to the exterior said that he also permanently removed all the scratches for the windows. How is this possible? What product do you think he used? Thanks.
  9. I'd like to polish my new Coachman to help protect the paintwork. What's the best polish that you've used? I've got Autoglym Super Resin and MB14 Snow Wax.. haven't used the Snowwax yet. The Super Resin is very good and easy to apply and remove. Maybe there's better though?? Thanks, Gareth.
  10. Just to let everyone know, my mobile service engineer fitted an external gas point to the caravan. Works well, no issues. Had to drill a hole in the caravan though, pipe goes up from floor and through wall in caravan.. all at floor level so no issues.
  11. Does getting an external gas point fitted (by caravan service engineer) invalidate any type of warranties on a 2 yr old Coachman? Thanks.
  12. In order to get a further discount with my insurance company, I need an Alko wheel lock. I was just going to forget about the discount and use my existing Milenco Compact wheel lock, but it doesn't fit the alloy nuts (doesn't wrap around tightly). What are my options? Does anyone have this caravan and can recommended a wheel lock? Or is the Alko type the best option? Thanks.
  13. The Coachman 580 (2017) doesn't have an external gas point for some unknown reason, even though my 12 year old van had one! Anyhow.. what are my options if I don't get an external gas point fitted? Do I need to carry around 2 gas bottles or is there a way to connect a single gas bottle which supplies gas to the internal appliances (fridge/oven etc.) to the gas hose for the bbq? Perhaps some kind of adapter? Many thanks, Gareth.
  14. Thanks. And how is the pump etc accessed?
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