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  1. I wonder how far back this goes. Our van is a 2014 model.
  2. Our 2014 Swift had the problem where inner and outer layers rubbed. Replaced under warranty soon after purchase and no problem since.
  3. I always resort to bashing mine from behind with a rubber mallet. No chance of just pulling
  4. Ours still does it occasionally even though it's 5 years old. Only happens with hot water but no heating (eg summer time)
  5. Our 2014 Swift 4 berth has about 75kg difference side to side with all but the bed on the offside.
  6. I switched from a Skoda Superb 2. 0 diesel to a new Superb 2. 0 petrol and it's a great tow car. It has the DSG box, 280bhp and 4x4 and tows my 1350kg caravan nicely. The biggest test was towing across the M62 in the high winds on Wednesday where it was as steady as a rock. I typically get 24mpg when towing.
  7. If the mirrors are the same as the Superb then the Milenco Aero's fit nicely if you swap the rubber feet for the F type. The F type are designed to fit into the groove across the top of the mirror. I can still operate the mirrors including auto-folding when locking the door.
  8. My 2016 Superb has the factory fit foldout towball and that has the necessary connections and the fridge definitely runs with the ignition on. I had my dealer check before I placed my order.
  9. +1 hobbyist here so good on the OP for coming up with this. I must admit that I came up with a far simpler solution. I drilled holes every couple of inches up the side of my water carrier and I can see at a glance how much water I have. It's amazing how quickly I run out though. ..
  10. If I were to purchase my 2016 Superb again the current list price would be over 40k. I remember looking at a Skoda Estelle with my dad years ago. How things change.
  11. I suspect that the lack of balancing contributed to the wall parting company with the furniture directly above our nearside wheel. I had the wheels balanced last year at a local tyre fitter and they couldn't put enough weights on that tyre to balance it completely.
  12. We were talking about Southview the other day. The last time we went it had changed to a listed site and they squashed in too many pitches for us so we never went back. I seem to recall that they were selling the holiday cottages. Did that happen? I'm also intrigued as to what they are going to build on the site.
  13. We have the same light as the OP in our 2014 'van so I've just stepped into the shower to take a look. Stand in the shower, underneath the light, and look up. You should see three slots equidistant around the white plastic body. Turn the clear bulb cover counter clockwise as far as it will go and it will just drop out when the tabs align with the slots. You should then be able to access the screws to remove the fitting.
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