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  1. even more for my XC90, 275/45/20 is £266 a corner I messaged tyre reviews about the price when he did the original review and he said he expects the price to come down in the coming months. I have a good few thousand miles left in my current rubber so hopefully they'll be more affordable when I need to change because i loved the crossclimates on my old XC60.
  2. So still disparity between those who passed a harder test getting less entitlement, great. At least this mostly levels the towing play field, even if it’s a bad way to do it.
  3. That is horrendous. I mean here will be some people who wish to still have proper training, but with it not being required I guess that will be far far lower. It was. I have a massive problem with grandfather rights. With this changing does anyone know if there is now any difference between a pre-97 and post-97 licence in regards to other things? I think even with this the max is 7000kg whereas it was 8250kg pre-97? Also differences with other things like minibuses?
  4. All those poor business owners who specialise in b+e training will be absolutely screwed. It should have been replaced with compulsory training and no test, win win then.
  5. I've been doing some testing on the fans I have sitting in boxes in the garage. All have came from various computers over the last few years. I thought I had two prime candidates to use, 140mm so I thought they'd only run slow and use little amounts of power. So i set the pair of them up last night with three 18650 cells. They were tested and I know the capacity of all three are 2800mAh so a good match. I expected to leave it running for a few days to see how long they would last and then decide if it was worth wiring it into my caravan or just using these to keep it completely separate. I got up this morning and the fans had stopped and batteries were flat, curious. So out came the voltmeter. Baring in mind both are Antec 140mm fans but different models, one has a physical switch for 2 speeds, the other 3 speeds. The 2 speed one uses 30mA on high and 20mA on low, about what I expected. The 3 speed one uses 140mAh on low, 190mAh on medium and the fuse for the high circuit in my voltmeter is blown so the high setting was well above the 200mAh limit! That is a huge difference. So I would suggest you make sure whichever fans you end up with you either know from the spec sheet what the power draw is, or you test it. If I had used these, without testing, and wired it into my caravan, over the course of a 4 day long weekend offgrid, I'd have drawn 18amps. Not that large a figure, but probably not far short of the amount my TV would use.
  6. Solar and generators have 2 different usages, it irks me when someone asks about generators and get told to use solar instead when they don't know what they need it for. Generators should be used briefly for high wattage 240v appliances, hair dryers are the typical example. Turn it on, use the appliance, turn it off. Solar is for 12v appliances and keeping your battery full. Don't get me wrong there is cross over but neither is ideal. You could spend thousands on lithium batteries and a massive solar arrange with a big inverter that would run a hair dryer, or you can get a small generator that is only enough to charge the battery and little else. So for me, and I'm off grid 99% of the time I have both, a solar panel does me for the majority of thing, including the TV, lights, water pump and charging phones/laptops etc. I only ever really take the generator if I absolutely need it, which is pretty rare, but it's nice to know it's there.
  7. there are over 32million people holding a full driving licence in the uk. there are 1.6million driving tests undertaken every year. If it was every five years for a retest that’s an extra 6.4million on top of the 1.6. I don’t think it’s feasible. I originally preferred every 10 years but settled on 15 because that add 2.1million to the 1.6. So while a massive increase, it’s more do-able. I think it’s more scarey that someone who passed over 25 years ago and never towed anything can jump in a Range Rover with a big twin axle on the back and driving perfectly legally. Whereas someone who passed fairly recently wouldn’t. I think it’s more scarey that someone who passed over 25 years ago and never towed anything can jump in a Range Rover with a big twin axle on the back and driving perfectly legally. Whereas someone who passed fairly recently wouldn’t.
  8. 100% agree with you. However I think the pushback would be so huge nothing would happen. Your looking at changing current entitlements which I will be moaned about, you need a lot of extra examiners and test centres which will take some setting up so wait times would be big, which would be moaned about. An online theory and hazard awareness it pretty easy to put in place, get people used to that first, then look at adding in a practical. Start with things like the various +E. Then add in over 65, then driving over 30 years etc etc. It has to be a gradual creep. At the end of the day it would be a political policy and if a party puts it in their manifesto to do the sledgehammer approach it’ll probably lose. see this is exactly the problem, right there in a couple of sentences. You’ve generalised those passed in the last 5-10 years as bad drivers. Sure there will be some in that group, just as there are plenty of bad drivers in other age groups. But go with your age group, are you happy that those who passed in the last 5-10 years and driving with bad attitudes will likely be doing so for the next 50+ year unchecked? Or do you think it’s more reasonable that after a few years they have some sort of refresher? A refresher that might bring the upto standard.
  9. it would be a start i guess. I think the online theory and hazard awareness would be an easy to implement first step. really need to be a like button for this kind of post.
  10. Yup, young drivers get a lot of grief, and rightly so sometimes. But I always use the examples of my mam and grandad. Both driving for over 30 years, both too scared to go on a motorway and barely go over 50mph on a national dual carriageway. I am absolutely certain they'd fail a driving test tomorrow. I'd rather it was a re-test every 10 years, but there are too many drivers on the road to get through them all, so 15 years was more reasonable. It would also create a lot more examiner and instructor jobs. Maybe do an online theory every 5 years would be a start (they'd both fail that too). I did my motorcycle test a couple of years ago and B+E a few years before that, each time I learnt something new that I wasn't taught in my normal Cat B all those years ago.
  11. True. But if I was ever in charge everyone would be retested every 15 years to make sure people are reasonably upto date. I passed in 2003, I could still be driving in 2075 if I am still around. There is no chance the roads of vehicles will be the same then are they were in 2003.
  12. A 120w does me the vast majority of the time and I have the same or slightly more usage. I also charge laptops/ipads/phones/mobile broadband. The only time I ran short was when it was very overcast and raining for 3 days. I was prepared by having a second battery ready to change over to.
  13. Obviously your entitled to that, but it is infuriating for those of us who passed later. I was 17 when I passed my test, I had to do a theor, hazard awareness and more in depth test and that gave me lower entitlement. To get to anywhere close to your licence I have to do multiple additional tests.
  14. Obviously manufactures make different shouts because they know different people want different things. For us over the last few years our Lunar Delta Ti has been perfect. Fixed island bed at the back, shower and toilet in the middle, decent kitchen, usual seats at the front. This has meant we can either go to bed when we want since you can get in from both sides, you can go to the toilet in the night without waking anyone. If we have guests staying there is the sofas at the front. Only compromise is the toilet is small. I know this has been addressed in newer models which have segregated the bedroom and bathroom. This very much a couples caravan even though it’s a 4 berth. Now we have a baby, so I’m thinking our requirements will change. I’m looking at the layout of her Sprit Quattro EW, Rear washroom, side double bed, kitchen, dinette, L shaped lounge. This would work for us because the side dinette will become the children’s bed. They can go to bed early while we are still up. The L shaped lounge means the dim eye and kitchen are a few inches further forward, which translated to more space at the back of the caravan for a washroom rather than a wet room in the version with the parallel lounge. Trade off is the side bed where we’ve be climbing over each other to go to the toilet. I suspect for the time being we’ll stay with what we have, our daughter can go to sleep on our bed then I’ll pick her up and put her in her own when we go to bed. Either that or we’ll be outside, or she’ll have a late night since we are on holiday anyway. I think the point is everyone has a layout for them at a certain time in their lives. That layout will likely be different to someone else’s preferred and different to what they’ve had in the past.
  15. how is that getting along? Last time I was a long there it was a building site, I thought it would be tight for getting a caravan around the cones.
  16. nice thanks. Im popping to the caravan storage on friday. I'll take some measurements and my voltmeter.
  17. so just to confirm, this will help with both 240v and gas? Mine spends 95% of it's time on gas, I don't want a couple of fans blowing the flame out! Though I expect if i fit them to the top they should be far enough away from it to be fine.
  18. i really noticed how much my freezer was struggling last weekend. The fridge is on the awning side and it got hot in there while we were out. I have spare computer fans all over since I work in IT. For ease I might just put an inline switch in, but I am unsure how easy it is to find a 12v feed from around that area?
  19. Maybe because NI was cut adrift by this Tory government. But in this case I believe it’s not applying because EE have said it’s not applying in Ireland.
  20. WhatsApp is great, i use it daily. But it has to connect to the internet somehow to send and receive data. This is either done via wifi or mobile data. So if you use EE mobile data abroad to use whatapp it will cost you £2 a day, or you can find WiFi in places like hotel receptions or bars etc. this right his is the actually problem and has been since 2016, blame the EU for something they haven’t done. Sadly people are so entrenched they’ll blame the EU for punishing us for absolutely anything and get more annoyed at them despite it not actually being the EUs fault. Free roaming was great. I could sit round the pool listening to spotify or watching Netflix while sitting relaxing, now it’ll cost me. I could use find my friends to keep track of family when out and about, no more lost people trying to get directions to each other, sat nag via google maps etc etc, I could go on. There is only one way to look at this, another backward step thanks to the con that is brexit.
  21. I think your missing the point I was making. If your doing the work yourself then fine but if your paying someone to do it you may pay more in parts for a dedicated kit but labour will be far lower thank of you got a universal kit and the mechanic had to figure out the wiring. All that time figuring it out is chargeable, so just a few hours difference and the dedicated kit becomes cheaper
  22. If your not doing it yourself, you may find that universal electrics costs less to buy but more to install. I bought a tow bar that came with a universal electrics relay. Sure it was all labeled to what went where, but finding which wire was going to the brakes, indicators, etc would mean pulling the multimeter out and trying to figure it out. So I bit the bullet and ordered a dedicated wiring kit from Blink. It involved unplugging each of the lights connector, adding this pass through with the right shaped clips, plugging into two empty wiring harness clips and adding a couple of grounds. Took me 20mins at most. I think I would have been on for days trying to figure out the universal one, and it would have been a lot messier.
  23. I'd have to disagree with chunks of that. I can't comment on O2, I haven't used them for years, but my experience with Vodafone was abysmal. Most sites I was at I was having to connect my phone to my MiFi that had a 3 data sim in it because the Vodafone service was limited to 2G. Most places I go with 3 I get 4G, but even in places where it does drop to 3G I still get 20-25mbps. I binned off Vodafone as soon as I could and go my current phone on EE. They get 4G pretty much everywhere I go. As I said in my post, look at each networks coverage map and decide on a network that covers the places you go. It maybe that Vodafone have great coverage down south in places like Somerset. But up north it's shocking, and on top of their their customer service was appalling too. I'll be sticking to three and EE for the foreseeable future.
  24. All networks do data only sims, on either pay as you go or pre-pay (30day or 12 month). I personally have a 12 month deal with three, that gives me 100gb of data and unlimited netflix usage for £20 a month. I understand that is not for everyone though. There are probably better deals to be had, but PAYG does seem quite a bit more expensive for what you get. http://store.three.co.uk/view/searchTariff?deviceType=SIM_ONLY_MBB&priceplan=&greatForServices=&manufacturerName=&payGPriceForTariff=50to99.99&payGPriceForTariff=0to49.99 One of the best things you can do is look on each of the networks sites and look at their coverage maps to see if the places you visit are covered. It's pointless getting a cheap deal with O2, if they have no signal when you can spend an extra few pounds to get an EE deal who does coverage
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