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  1. yea it wasn’t, but the rain we’ d been expecting was no where near a bad, and the wind that was forecast for today hit about midnight so I hadn’t fully prepared for it. A bit rusty on my part, I’d normally be well on top of these things. No damage to speak of this morning, air awning just bounces back.
  2. Anyone else spending their first night away in the caravan kept up by this wind? I’m about 10miles for Carlisle, and I’ve just had to go out to double up the pegs in my awning and change the guide ropes since it’s being blown all over. I thought it was supposed to be summer?
  3. Caravan back to my parents today. Spent all day cleaning it ready for it first outting of the year. I couldn't believe how much green stuff was covering it. It's also the first time it will have been used since we refurbished loads of it, cupboard doors recovered, new floor, and new sofas. We are leaving about 10am to go to Hunley Farm near Carlisle for 4 days.
  4. 2011 XC60 with just shy of 140k on the clock. Got it on 60k 4 years ago but my wife does a lot of miles and other than wearables and servicing it’s cost next to nothing. To be honest I really fancy a XC90 but I’d want the hybrid and they are still a lot of money that I just can’t justify when the XC60 has nothing wrong with it other than a highish number on the dash.
  5. They could have said from the 3rd so we could go the Friday night but nevermind.
  6. can't wait, already have 3 reservations, including a tour stopping at 3 places
  7. I'd love one, but I have absolutely no need for one. We have 1 car for my wife to commute to work and tow the caravan. I have a motorbike for my commute because I work in Newcastle city centre and parking is £10 a day. If we had am EV it would get used for my wife for work and the XC60 would sit there mon-fri, and the xc60 would go out at the weekend. It would make more sense to get a motorhome
  8. you really should considering we are the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
  9. anthdci


    this shows your attitude and lack of knowledge. The fact you say it goes from nowhere to nowhere is exactly why no one will cycling on it, that's not cyclists fault, that's the designers fault.
  10. anthdci


    I often use this one as an example of why I don't use cycle lanes, in reality they are appalling either starting somewhere useless, or ended in the middle of a junction or being littered with obstacles.
  11. the topic is about trump and the media, how is it not politics?
  12. That's part of the problem, so will a lot of people. On top of that loads of people wont have heard about it in the biggest selling newspapers in the country because they are all ran by Tory supporters and how the Telegraph can call itself a 'newspaper' when it has Tory MPs as columnists is beyond me.
  13. I'd rather either of them to be honest. Our current PM literally hid in a fridge to avoid difficult questions that their tag line couldn't answer.
  14. yet we have Boris Johnson in control, I think we are just as bad.
  15. well that's where you are wrong. Most of those project fear stories were based on article 50 being triggered the next day and then no deal being negotiated and nothing being done by government to ease it. None of those happened, the pound fell of a cliff and has never recovered, but the whole process was slow and since 2016 not much as really changed. That being said if something isn't sorted for the start of 2021 some of it may yet come true. The difference to now? This government have said they are not looking to participate in things like the pet passport and therefore those rule changes will happen, of that we can be certain.
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