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  1. that must be a canny age too, they haven't been on the market for quite awhile.
  2. It must be a 6S. Support for the 6 was dropped with iOS13.
  3. We got a telling from a site owner for being up too late after a complaint from someone staying there. It was the first time we had seen family for months due to lockdown, their kids went to bed at some point between 9 and 10, but we were sitting up talking between the two caravans until about midnight. We weren't running round, playing music or anything else, literally sitting talking. The point is different people want different things from their holiday, if someone is doing something you consider antisocial go over and have a chat with them, most people are decent and will do s
  4. have a look at the thread I made about dc-fix to cover rather than remove the top layer. Plenty of pictures of what it looks like now https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/141860-dc-fix/
  5. Mine is the 16.5m version, it was 12m but we added an extra 4.5m panel hence the brighter red. That means its the caravan with plus a 4.5m panel plus at 0.75m gate or 7.5m. The depth is two 3m panels so 6m which is shorter than that 7.91m of the caravan. At agility shows you normally get a 10m x 10m pitch so this is well within it and having been to 4 CL sites in the last few months I have only had a problem with one, that that wasn't the size of the pitch, quite the opposite the pitch was hard standing at it was all big chunks of rubble means even with that big windbreak giving me
  6. Coveva is the one to get https://www.coveva.co.uk/ I've had mine for 8 years and apart from a bit fading it is absolutely faultless. Easily standing upto 50mph+ winds without budging. The horizontal poles at the top and the bottom means the dogs cant get over the top or under the bottom. It is better than jormax by not having to hammer in from shoulder height, I've seen them with the top of the vertical poles in a right mess from being hammered and it is nowhere near as strong because of the lack of guy lines. I know some people would rather not have them, bu
  7. your on the caravanning clever ideas facebook group too then
  8. charge your battery at home using something like the charger above. Use the solar panel to keep it topped up while your away. If the battery charge is still dropping while your away then might want to consider a bigger solar panel and maybe a second battery.
  9. Thanks, I’ve got no worries about taking it away, the caravan has wet central heating so the caravan can easily be kept at a nice warm temperature. I thought the travel cot would be better but my wife prefers the bassinet while they are very small. ill try and dig out that article.
  10. So my wife and I are expecting our first child next April, right at the start of next years season. Still very early but since we are currently sitting in the caravan we are talking about what we are going to need to continue caravaning. Obviously first thing comes to mind is a bassinet, I was thinking something fairly narrow to fit up front between the sofas, but beyond that we are complete novices, and it’s not something our parents can be asked about. So I’m putting it out there, what are your top tips for taking a new born to your caravan?
  11. It's to do with the shape of the collar on them more than anything else I believe. One has a flat and one has a tapered, using them the wrong way round and no matter how much you torque them they won't sit right. I know some cars have spare wheels that have a alloy matching collar on them so you can use the same bolts, others come with a set of bolts. I'm going on a bit of a tour from friday, going over to the lakes then upto aberdeen and back down via edinburgh so I want to be confident I have the right spare.
  12. Bumping this back up. I now have a spare wheel which I believe is the right size, I have the tyre changed to match what is on the caravan. I now just need to sort the wheel bolts. I am almost certain they will be different between alloy and steel wheel but does anyone know what I need to buy? I'd rather not have to take one off the alloy and that that along with the spare wheel to halfords.
  13. yes it will likely spread a bit, but if they are repairing it then it shouldn't matter. My concern would be why it's gone soft. It's not the end of the world though, I repaired mine over the winter and its solid now and I used the fact the floor was up to put a far nicer floor down than the original since the covering will have to be taken up.
  14. so for this weekend I am taking 3 bricks, and three of the gas BBQ burner covers like this to sit the family sized ones on
  15. perfect, I didn't know they existed. Wish I'd asked earlier now, we are leaving at 10am tomorrow so no chance to order online. Ill take some bricks with me this time and get a couple of those stands for next time.
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