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  1. I've bought this set from halfords for £24. Box is on and secure
  2. Get something like this, watt monitor to see how much power your TV is actually pulling. Once you know that you can then make a decision of how to proceed. Most LED 32" TVs use about 60-70watts. If you use an 80% efficient inverter that's only 7amps pulled from the battery per hour of use. So you can get a second battery for £100, a 120w freestanding solar panel for £130, plus an inverter, plus some cables to parallel the batteries up your looking at less than £300. For something that will easily power your 32" tv for many hours, recharge itself for free and be silent. You say you have 'no solar availability' what does that mean? The solar panel charges the batteries during the day, and you use that charge on an evening.
  3. Yea I do this too, I was looking at making a canopy out of some plywood with some audio foam under to see if that would muffle some of the noise. Couldn’t enclose it totally for noise, heat, air and exhuast.
  4. Probably, but I’ve read that because of the shape of them you can damage them. Yea that’s a good idea, I’m not sure how I’d get them tightened up though?
  5. good point, there are a couple of people at the agility shows we go to who are disabled so use motorised chairs to get around. They just don't charge enough from solar so they have to run a generator for them I have an evopower which is basically a Hyundai, built in the same factory, everything is exactly the same apart from the colour of the case being black rather than blue, even the remote key is identical. There is no getting around the fact mine is louder than a Honda, but it is also 3000w and cost £500 with remote start, the equivalent Honda is about six times that and quite a lot heavier. You don't get the electric start on the eu20i, which was a requirement for me for the times I leave my wife at the caravan and she needs to use it, I'd rather she pressed a button rather than had to pull a cord start.
  6. anthdci

    Lino or not?

    As above, get the vinyl fitted then have the carpet more like mats so you can take it out and clean it easier.
  7. I've just purchased some new roof bars and a 2nd hand roof box to ease my Tetris like packing issues. Luckily I put it all together last night ready for going away on Thursday night only to find the U clamps are too narrow for the wider aero bars. I've done some reading with these types of bars it's recommended to use something called T Track bolts like attached. The only trouble is that ones designed for roof racks are bloody expensive, £30+ for thule ones when they are not much more than 4 nut and bolts seems excessive. Can anyone suggest what to use that isn't going to cost a fortune and preferably what type of shop would sell them, I'm a bit late to get them from ebay.
  8. This often comes up, and it's a very touchy subject. People go away to the countryside for peace and quiet, if someone is running an old, loud, smokey generator for hours on end next to them it tends to get annoying. That being said they do have their place for the times you need a short burst of higher wattage, for example hairdryer, iron or a microwave. I personally only run mine for the times needed to actually use these devices then switch it back off again. The only reason to run one for longer is if you've had some poor weather and a solar panel has not given you enough charge to keep the battery/s topped up. If that were the case there is a good chance your not alone so to ease the animosity I'd offer (and I have had people take me up on this in the past) to let others nearby plug in to recharge their batteries too.
  9. 12 months, but like I say i'm planning on keeping it for that long anyway. its 12v 2amp supply needed so 24w, that's a large chunk of my solar panel power. I am now looking at the netgear m1. It can take 2 external antenna, it is 2x2, 2 for 2100mhz and lower, 2 are for 2600mhz and higher, if you plug into the external ports you disable the 2 2600mhz but three uses the 800mhz and 2100mhz frequencies for 4g so that should be fine? So I am thinking a couple of fairly small ones for when the internal isn't quite enough like below, or a couple of magnetic ones stuck to the roof as a last resort.
  10. anthdci

    Wet floor

    been in today and it looks like there is a small crack in the storage box, I'm guessing that is the cause. Ill repair at the weekend.
  11. anthdci

    Wet floor

    Just to add, the floor was dry when the first set of chemical was put in in autumn last year so this is new and not the cause of the delamination.
  12. Nice idea but I’m 99% off grid so mains is a no go. 5v usb or 12v only.
  13. anthdci

    Wet floor

    Went to the caravan in storage this morning. When we bought it we knew the floor had delaminated and needed repair so we got an absolute bargain. I had a mobile repair come and do the chemical injections. He said it’ll help but it may need another dose. Well it did and I wasn’t paying another £250 for him to drill some holes and pour more chemical in, I can do that myself. So that was the job for today. I got there, pulled the vinyl up and found the plywood was wet There was a small patch of standing water under the door side front seat so I think there area is the source. There’s no marks from window seals, no marks from the storage box so I have no idea where it is coming from. Best guess was the wet central heating. The tank was about an inch above the low mark so I don’t know if that is enough. I’ve covered everything around that seat in toilet paper to try and get some indication tomorrow.
  14. Not worth it, current one is just scratched and the battery isn’t the best but I can easily plug it in anyway. I was thinking something with faster speeds, or 2x antenna connectors. Probably spending money for spending money’s sake to be honest.
  15. I've had a three data sim for my mifi since May last year. Getting 40gb of data including their go binge (netflix etc excluded from allowance) for £30 a month on a 30day rolling. I'm not canceling anytime soon so decided to ring and change to the 40gb for £23 a month and save myself £7. The operator said are you sure 40gb is enough (its more than), how about an offer for 100gb for £20 a month . So I snapped his hand off. We used well over 200gb streaming netflix when we were away for a week last year and it was miserable but it's not out of the allowance anyway. But I have come close when I have been streaming the formula 1 or football so the 100Gb limit will be plenty. My huawei e5776 is starting to look a bit worse for wear though so I think I might treat myself to an upgrade. I've no idea what though.
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