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  1. would it not be better to get an extra freestanding solar panel or two? I really don't see the point of these little generators. The whole point of a generator is that you can run stuff on high draw, if your using it to the charge the batteries then as the light gets worse add more solar panels to catch more.
  2. i think that's a similar model to what I have, I bought a 12v car style laptop charger with various ends. That powers the TV easily and since the one I have is LED it uses quite a lot less power than the likes of avtex which since I'm running off a battery is very welcome.
  3. ah, anne you should have entered hare N hounds next weekend, or longfield this weekend. Still plenty of use to be had
  4. I think Lunar a bit pre-occupied at the moment. Ill ring round a few breakers.
  5. still none the wiser to what size i need. I had a look on the rim but it must be stamped on the inside and I had no way of jacking it up and taking the wheel off to have a look.
  6. about the time when people stopped watching live TV
  7. I'd want a 5th wheel, with the layout -bed up front, and slides both sides to make a reasonably big room. -Bathroom in the middle with a thetford toilet and decent size shower - rear living/ kitchen area with slides both sides making that big space for techy stuff - battery bank under the floor accessible from the side, probably 3 or 4 110amp batteries - 300 to 500wh solar panels on the roof - generator under the floor - TVs in bedroom and another in the living room That should be big enough not to need an awning, but I'd still want an awning skirt rail and my current coveva windbreaks to step the dogs disappearing. You can probably tell from that setup I am mostly off grid.
  8. there is ALOT of work going on at Durham services at the moment. most of that greenery is not there at the moment and the lanes are narrower with loads of cones. I haven't been into that part circled since I've no need to stop there but it is something to be aware of. I was at leaming bar services over the weekend, there is space for caravan parking there, not much of it though. I would avoid unless your not bothered how much you pay for fuel. I had no choice, I was running on fumes and have to pay 1.45.9/L diesel.
  9. I had a weird conversation with someone on a site I’m on at the moment. Long story short is that our generator is giving me some issues ( thinking fuel pump failure but no tools to diagnose fully until I’m home), so I’ve shared access to another one for the few times I need it for a high draw. The lady I’m sharing it with was quite sure in herself that running mains while having a solar panel plugged in would break the regulator. I was highly sceptical, but didn’t want to argue. Can I confirm that it’s fine and the regulator would be ok?
  10. I see those as useful if your leave your battery on the caravan at all times. I take my caravan straight back to storage on my way home and take the batteries home with me to put them on the smart charger so they are full for the next time. Having the quick release clamps are very handy in this regard.
  11. its an expensive optional extra. I think it's around £150 for the wheel and another £300 for the foam to hold it in place under the floor, far too expensive for a space saver if you ask me. Mine has a can and I have a spare full size alloy at home, therefore I can get someone to bring it to me if I ever had an issue and was a reasonable distance away. My 2012 tows my lunar delta ti twin axle really well. I have had the D3 engine remapped upto slightly more powerful than the D5 since they are identical engines.
  12. thanks, I didn't think i'd be able to wire the solar panel to the fuse box, basically running it backwards I guess. I was thinking if I did it that way I'd end up with 3 things crushed onto each end terminal which I thought would look very messy.
  13. So I'm off grid 99% of the time. Therefore I've got 2 batteries and a solar panel. I'm looking at my setup and want to tidy the wiring up. So i was thinking of getting a couple of the terminals below, one positive and one negative. I can then run the chunky cable from each of the batteries to it and a fixed connection to the solar panel which then has an anderson connector in it for the freestanding solar panel. Obviously with this setup there are no fuses. That I am not keen on, but I am not sure the best way to fuse them and if they are actually needed? I figure I can then run cables from these two terminals to a proper fusebox like this fuse box to go to the caravan for the water pump, lights etc, and also to go to my inverter and a few usb charger ports.
  14. this is why three's 'go binge' is lovely.
  15. Looks like it’s true Source was the lunar technical support Facebook group.
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