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  1. from what I've read lunar's tend to be standard steel wheels and are supplied with different nuts to match. I agree the spare steel wheel still that are designed for the alloy wheel nuts would be better.
  2. great thanks, so I'll have to go and have a look on the wheel. It's a twin axle so the load issue probably won't be a problem.
  3. Our 2010 lunar delta did not come with a spare wheel. I am really uneasy about not carrying one. Are they all the same PCD, offset and tyre size? If not how do I go about finding what size I need, I bought second hand and don't have the original manual. It's a 5 stud 14" wheel, i think the tyre is 175/65/14
  4. Don't do what I did. First caravan, the battery was flat and I have no idea how old it was. I didn't have a garage so I put it on the table in the dining room on a smart charger. The next day it had boiled over and spilt chemical all over the table ruining it. That battery was disposed of and I have never charged a battery in the house since.
  5. I'm not sure which tariffs have go binge, but we are into our second year with it. Last year paying £30 for 30Gb of data and go binge on top. This year we switched a 12 month deal where it's £20 a month for 100Gb of data and go binge on top of that. I think we barely used 15gb last month and have enabled a guest network on our mifi so friends camped nearby can share it since we'll never use all that data. It suits us perfectly since we don't even watch live TV at home nevermind when away, it's always netflix or downloaded media. I really begrudge paying for my TV license
  6. Not a problem, we never go to caravan sites. The caravan is 99% at agility shows which is about 75% vans anyway. If we are going on holiday we'd take the car. The ability to use the van is for times i finish a job then i can go pickup the dogs and the caravan and go to a show, my wife can then follow directly from her work in the car.
  7. I am looking at starting a new business that will require me owning a van. It would be quite handy if it was able to tow my caravan too. I guess there is a little different to the rules for towing with a car? I've never owned a van before so I have no idea what I am looking at, especially when it comes to the various sizes, long wheelbase, etc. It doesn't need to be massive, but I'd rather carry some extra size if it meant I could tow with it too. As for carrying capacity, it's mostly tools, some stock which would be mostly radiator sized boxes and something fixed to one side with small pieces, like valves and connectors. If it's big enough then a couple of fixed dog cages would be very handy too. I had in mind something like this transit but the 100 or 120bhp seems quite low compared to the 210bhp in my XC60. I guess they are tuned for torque rather than high bhp? Can anyone give any recommendations? I'd rather not spend more than 4 or 5k since I am just getting setup, I can change it after a year or two. My wife also said not white but I am not sure about a logo yet so that could change Caravan is Mass in Running Order (Kg)1450 Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass (Kg)1680 I presume with a vans gross weight being relatively high I'll need a b+e which wouldn't be a problem.
  8. what about a volvo v60? I've spent 30 seconds looking so you may find better examples but for an idea. v60
  9. This comes up every so often. The correct answer is that it depends on what you want it for. Top up batteries - use a solar panel instead Run something with a high draw - generator for when you need it. Put it this way, a 120w solar panel will put 10amps per hour back into your battery in good conditions. A generator will put about the same in regardless of conditions. Most don't use that much power that they need 10amps per hour so a solar panel is more than enough. The problem comes when you want to run something like an iron, hairdryer or microwave. Solar is 12v so you need a big heavy, expensive inverter with multiple batteries to run it all safely. This is where a generator comes in. So to this end, I see the little 1kw generators as a bit pointless, get a solar panel and inverter instead. If you do need the higher draw stuff, then look at the bigger generators, Honda Eu22i is undoubtedly the best, but it's not perfect, it only does 1800w which might not be enough, it is recoil start only so for some this is a factor, and it is expensive, very expensive. There are other options like the Hyundai HY3000SEI, which is roughly 2/3 the price of the Honda, it has remote electric start and is 2800w, but the tradeoff is that it is heavier, louder and most likely less reliable than the Honda. I have an Evopower 3000sei which is the Hyundai in a different casing and cheaper. It's not skipped a beat in the 3 year's I've had it. But it's only run for 20mins at a time when I need it, the rest of the time my solar panel does everything I need.
  10. I do the vast majority of the work on my car and have done since I got my first car and was told it was fully serviced. 6 months later at MOT time it was found to have no material left on the rear shoes. I now have little to no faith in any garage. Any garage that says they do a full service for X amount and I’d walk straight out. A ‘full’ service for little fiesta that is at the point that it only needs an oil and filters change is very different to an X5 needing belts, all fluids, filters and brakes doing. My xc60 gets new oil and filter every 9k rather than 12k, it had a full set of mintex disks and pads not long ago, I even fitted my own tow bar. Only things I don’t do are tyres and god forbid any bodywork.
  11. going to give that a go shortly. Still got loads on my hands from using kitchen roll to clean it up that i cant get off!
  12. its the all in one green stuff https://www.amazon.co.uk/Polyurethane-Adhesive-Caravan-Delamination-Dowells/dp/B00V9F5ZPA/ref=sr_1_2?crid=397421LD03N9H&keywords=delamination+repair+kit&qid=1557583014&s=gateway&sprefix=delamination+repair%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-2
  13. I've managed to spill some de-lamination repair chemical on my mams drive. I've cleaned up as much as I can with kitchen roll, blasted it with the power washer, but there is still some very green leftover sticky residue on the pressed concreate surface. I've ordered some expanding foam remover, has anyone else got any suggestions to getting rid of it without causing damage to the surface.
  14. ah, fair enough, ours going right round from the front of the van, to the rear, so it is considerably bigger, and therefore heavier than you have there. I know a company local to me are developing a windbreak system. I have only seen one rather vague photo at the minute so I am not sure what it is like, but it might be worth giving them a ring and seeing if it's what you're looking for? I know the couple, the lady runs the fabrics company, and the husband runs an agility equipment company, hence the fabric and metal work coming together. https://dnsembroidery.co.uk/
  15. That's part of the joy of the coveva. You use regular pegs for the whole system. You can switch it to drill in screw pegs if you wish. If you look at the attached image, you have one of these at the base of each of the uprights. It comes with 6" nails but you can, and I do, use the screw in type of pegs instead. You put it all together flat on the ground, then stand it up with the metal guide poles, as long there not loads of wind it stays there with zero pegs. You just then go round with your drill and put the screw pegs in so it doesn't move regardless. (I really should be on commission for coveva but I honestly have no links to them)
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