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  1. I’ve got a evoque,pulls my Cadiz with out any effort as for taking it for a thrash,my wife takes it to work every other day so that’s that sorted
  2. Hi all,one of my window sun blinds has lost its tension,I think the way to fix it is by removing the complete blind from the wall to check the cords,but I don’t fancy breaking the plastic corners,any other solutions...?
  3. Ok . iam away in two weeks time will give it a go. thanks for the reply
  4. Hi all. just changed my tow car,this one is fitted with 13 pin electrics,so plugged it in to the van to make sure things worked road lights etc,noticed the the atc led light after flashing red then turned to a flashing green,unplugged and reconnected but stayed the same is it ok ?
  5. Hi, when I've pushed the pump connection on to the van I have dislodged the small rubber o ring on the connector, might be worth a check,hope u find the problem
  6. Have you typing jvc radio and model, manual,into google search sometime a download is available,
  7. Hi all,the blinds on my roof lights have a annoying squeak when I pull them over. has anyone had/fixed this problem,or its it just good old wd40
  8. Ok guys thanks for the replys. looks like I better get my finger out and get my car electrics upgraded.
  9. Just the thought of hitching up to leave site, with atc light flashing at me . .. be ok if there was a get you home switch I could flick. to disconnect it
  10. Hi all, i see people with the alko atc with different quirky probs,I have it on my cadiz but Iam running 7 pin electrics on the car, so never used it,I find taking care loading ive never had (touch wood) any major wobbles,don't think I will be running out to upgrade
  11. Hi all,thinking of removing the bathroom skylight to clean it. but wary of breaking it. should I just leave it be
  12. speedykwack


    Hi had my Cadiz 3 for about 6 months, and while washing it this morning noticed a tiny sticker on the wheel with t p m s on it, any ideas?
  13. Hi all,we fancy being a electric toaster for the van,seen a 750w one in tesco for 7 quid, I know it's cheap n cheerful but for the amount of use it will get ? do you have any other ideas ?
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