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  1. I once had a Cherokee 2. 8 diesel auto with overdrive 2003 model . Very noisy engines, but the big problem was 18-20 mpg . Sold it on very quickly.
  2. I think it is important that you check this out before arrival. We were at the CC site at Moreton-in-Marsh last weekend and someone had pitched and erected an awning on a non awning location. My wife called in the office to get our barrier pass just as the warden and the caravan owner were having a heated discussion. The warden said that because the site was very busy and others had used the pitches either side of them they would have to take down the awning. Not sure how it ended, but it is obviously an issue which the CC take seriously.
  3. When i asked my dealer how they decided what to do to correct the water ingress into the locker on my Pegasus, I was told that they had to abide by the instructions from Bailey. Seems odd when the dealer is" the man on the spot" but doesn't make any decisions on what needs to be done. i still have a leak in the wet locker despite four attempts by my dealer to correct it . The latest damp reading in the N/S/F corner is now 38%, can't get them to look at it till next year.
  4. I have a Protec half size towing cover which attaches in a similar manner on my Pegasus, and it is worn in exactly the same way. I have made some slight modifications to it, whereby I put an eyelet in each corner and used a bungee cord to hook onto the front steady legs. It stops all the flapping around by keeping the cover taught.
  5. If I was buying a used caravan which should still be under manufacturers warranty, then i would most certainly be looking at the service booklet to see that the maintainance had been carried out to the correct schedules. If the buyer didn't check, then he must accept the situation as it is. If he was told the caravan had a full history, then he surely has a case against the company he bought it from?.
  6. I find your comments very interesting, because when I had my vans 3rd service done in july at an approved Bailey dealership, they gave me a damp report stating " all clear". Because I had experienced damp problems since the van was new, I asked the technician if they had checked in the front lockers and he told me "they didn't check in there because the liners were fixed down and it would have entailed extra work to check in there ".If he had looked he would have seen the liners were not screwed down as I leave them detachable in order that I can keep an eye on the situation myself. When I checked inside the locker a few weeks later i found more water in there. It doesn't say much for dealers damp checks does it? I wonder if they would be so dis-interested if I tried to trade the caravan in? Or am I just very unlucky? I have tried two different dealerships but I still don't feel that I am getting a proper service .
  7. Yes, particularly as it appears that Bailey are now entrusting all damp repairs to their dealers as they are now experienced at the job. A bit frightening to say the least.
  8. This really is a concern. I still have a damp issue in one corner of the locker on my 2010 Pegasus despite 4 visits to my dealer for the problem to be rectified. It is only slight but it is definitely not water tight. I have just ordered a damp meter to find out how far the problem has spread as the floor has been painted with the " black stuff" that Bailey are using now, and that prevents me from seeing the staining on the floor, although I can see a small puddle of water when I lift out the liner. It's very frustrating to read of owners of 2 year old caravans that cannot be sold because of damp in the floor.
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the suggestions, I now have an idea how to proceed . I am grateful for the ideas.
  10. Hi, I have developed a problem with the fixed bed frame of my 2010 Pegasus 534. The centre bar which supports all the bed slats has bowed causing the mattress to sink in the centre . i just wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem, and if so how they rectified it . Thanks David.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I will keep my fingers crossed.
  12. Same here . My Pegasus is just 3 yrs old and despite several trips to the dealer I am still not convinced that they have rectified the damp issue in the front locker. Just giving it chance to completely dry out since the last attempt, before removing the plastic liner to see how things are progressing. Not holding my breath though
  13. Yes, thanks for that. I think I might be using another dealership in future if the next attempt to rectify the fault fails.
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