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  1. Our nearest Costco is about 35 miles away, we probably visit every 6 weeks or so, often on our way to see our son. They have a fair number of pumps available and they are normally very busy. A lot of light goods vehicles and taxis fill up there. Their prices are always clearly marked with the VAT shown, they are often around 5p a litre cheaper than our local supermarkets.
  2. I admire your strongly held views. Fuel cells are also developing. I understand that one of the South Korean car companies now sell an hydrogen powered SUV for around £60K. As I said earlier it is difficult to accurately predict what will happen in the future. You may recall in the early 1970's many predicted that analogue computers were the way forward not knowing that MoS devices were being developed which paved the way for the rapid advancement of digital computers.
  3. I have no idea how things will develop in the future, I appreciate that hydrogen maybe more wasteful than electric. However, I thought that South Korea are staring to market hydrogen powered cars and that Germany is also investing in hydrogen powered systems. It is difficult to predict with any accuracy what will happen in the future. Fifty years or so ago a mini ice age was predicted for the year 2000. Twenty odd years ago the future was diesel.
  4. My son has an electric plug in hybrid and I understand that you can only fast charge the battery once/day. He is pleased with his car and one of the unexpected side benefits is that much of the braking is regenerative so there is virtually no brake dust so the wheels remain cleanish. At the moment there are many problems to overcome but given time I am sure that they will solved. I understand that some countries are investing in hydrogen fuel cell powered cars, perhaps this is the future.
  5. All the cars that I have known with brake drums (including our A class Merc) the drums come off usually after removing a small screw, the wheel hub complete with wheel studs or wheel bolt holes remain in place so the bearing retention nut is not disturbed. My MK2 Jag. has tapered bearings and these are adjusted for 3-5 thou end float using a castellated nut and split pin. I have never had a problem with this arrangement.
  6. Poor reliability, from memory Tesla were bottom of the reliability tables with Landrover just above them, I cannot remember where Jaguar featured.
  7. barlyn

    Smart HT

    I have a 570 which I have found to be excellent but not without a couple of problems, it will be 4 years old in December. About 3 months ago the fridge control panel packed up which cost me £170 to buy a replacement (online sellers were cheaper but out of stock). Recently I had both tyres fail, one at about 5mph as we were about to leave a site, It just deflated and when the tyre was removed we could find no obvious reason. The second one failed at about 55mph on a motorway and ruined the tyre and wheel. So I am now looking for a new alloy wheel. Yesterday I had a look around a 2019 580 Elegance, still a nice van, but I had a general feeling of disappointment, I could not see any improvements on the existing Elegance range.
  8. barlyn

    Smart HT

    We have an Elegance with smart HT,it will be 4 years old soon and without any doubt it is the best van that we have ever owned.
  9. Hello Bazza, I used to tow with 2. 5 petrol auto version for about 5 years and found it to be a good tow car. It was always stable, pulled and stopped well. It was not so good towing a van off muddy fields. Barry
  10. I accept that the earth is gradually getting warmer, I understand that 10,000 years ago That Britain was covered in ice up to a mile thick in places. I have no idea how much if any of this warming is due to mankind. During the past 1000 years the climate in Britain has changed, we have an old history book which highlights some of the aspects; 1076 A great frost from early November to April. 1114 The Thames ran dry for 3 days. 1197 Great famine. 1434 10 week great frost the Thames frozen over. 1521 High seas swamped the dykes in Holland, 72 villages destroyed, over 100,000 people killed. 1542 Severe drought, many rivers dried up, many people died. 1558 Hailstones 15 inches in circumference severely damage 2 towns near Nottingham. 1592 Thames almost ran dry, salt water reaches a good way up the river. 1608/9 A 4 month frost, heavy carriages can cross the Thames. 1683 13 week frost. I think that the above does demonstrate that the climate does vary a bit.
  11. Neewmondeo, We have an Elegance 570 which is now approaching 3 years old. We have owned 9 Swifts and 1 Bailey Unicorn 1. The last 2 Swifts were a big disappointment with numerous niggling faults and bits dropping off. The Elegance has been in a different league, it is well built and so far fault free apart from the grill which usually takes 4 or 5 attempts to light it. It has been our best van.
  12. We have difficulty lighting our grill, it normally takes several attempts to light it except when the van is being serviced at the dealership where apparently it always lights first time. When lit it, is not very good, we use a shallow inverted baking tray under the grill pan which my wife thinks improves it a bit.
  13. My understanding of solar panels is that their maximum power output is quoted at a certain voltage, usually around 18. to 19 volts, so that the maximum current delivered by a 100w panel would be 1oo/18= 5. 5 amps approx with the panel facing strong sunlight. A solar panel can probably be regarded as a constant current generator. So a 100w panel directly facing the sun with a standard regulator will produce about 5. 5 amps, therefore in 10 hours it will produce at most, around 55ah. Fitting a better grade of regulator will improve on this figure. . With the standard regulator the figure of 55ah should be regarded as a maximum for a 10 hour period. The time of year, amount of sun, angle of the panel etc to the sun will impact on this figure. When dealing with non digital electronics many figures are approximate.
  14. 2040 is a long way off,Government decisions can be reversed! It is very difficult to predict with any accuracy the state of technology in 23 years time. You may remember "Tomorrows World", I do not think that many of their predictions were correct! 15 or so years ago the Government were pushing Diesel powered cars, who would have predicted then their fall from grace? At the moment I can see only problems with the suggestion but a solution may arise or it could end caravanning as we know it.
  15. I hope that you enjoy your new E class as much as I am enjoying mine. I have been thrilled to bits with it and I enjoyed haggling over the price,all the car manufacturers seem desperate to sell at the moment. I ordered mine in January this year and it was registered a few days before the new road tax system introduced 1/4/2017. The list price of mine was over £40k but the annual road tax for mine is £20 as opposed to £500 for the Disco. I do not if you enquired about finance but I found that if you borrowed £3k @ 5% interest you could get an extra £2135 off! I do not understand how they make money on this but I did take advantage of it. I also found that Mini's offer a similar arrangement. Enjoy your new car!
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