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  1. Thanks for all the helpful replies.
  2. Having recently bought a 2018 Quasar 462 I have a couple of questions about the front "chest of drawers". Firstly I understand that the top section is normally removable but in ours it is screwed down through the transverse battens it rests on, even though there are turnbuckles which I assume normally keep it in place. I have no problem with it being fixed but it looks to be jutting out between the sofas more than I think it should, there is a gap of 30/40mm between the back of the top section and the front wall of the caravan - see attached photos - is this normal? If not normal can anyone hazard a guess as to why it might have been moved or see any reason why I should not move it back again? Second question, the table top of this unit incorporates a slide out extension. Problem is it slides out by itself when travelling, has anyone else had this problem and did you find a fix? Any info appreciated, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. My preference is to replace the existing cables with the one 12/13 core but the option of using a 13 pin plug which will accept the 2 existing cables does look easier and I may yet decide to go that way!
  4. Hi, Having just changed my car to one which has a 13 pin socket I want to rewire the caravan to use a 13 pin plug and a single cable. I know there are other ways - adaptor or 13 pin plug wired to both existing cables but a new single cable seems the neatest and most effective arrangement. There appear to different specs for the cable - most seem to have 7x 0. 65mm cores 1x 1. 5mm and 4x2. 5mm but it is also possible to get cable with 8x1. 5mm and 5x2. 5mm. Which is correct? The caravan is 2002 if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  5. Have now received this email from the campsite; Bonjour, Désolé mais nous ne pouvons pas vous donnez d'information concernant l'ouverture du camping la mairie s'occupe maintenant de trouver quelqu'un pour sans occuper il n'y pas d'information Pour nous le camping c'est fini cordialement Valérie Bon Looks as though it will not be opening this year.
  6. Hi All, Does anyone have any information about this site for 2013 please. Stayed there for a week last year on the way south, nice site in a lovely area. Would like to do so again this year but it seems to have vanished, it's own website is no longer available and it is missing from ACSI and Eurocampings. We are wondering if it has closed, anyone know? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the links Tandem Man. My thinking had been that provided the bracket was correctly rated for the caravan there would not be a problem in using the heavier duty jack if it was physically compatible with the bracket - hence my question. However I take your point about Alko's comments in the links you kindly provided. David
  8. Hello all, I wanted an Alko side lift jack and brackets. Van is only 1250 kgs mtplm but I bought the 2000 kgs version because (a) I found one for a good price on ebay, and ( I had seen reports of problems with the 1600 kgs version brackets bending. However I cannot fit the brackets due to obstructions whereas I think the 1600 kgs brackets will fit. Does anyone know if the heavy duty jack will fit the lighter brackets in which case I just need to buy some new brackets? Thanks,
  9. Hi, On my van (a 2002 Abbey) the vent is a two part affair. There is a frame which is fixed into the aperature (from memory it is fixed with screws and mastic). The vent itself fits over the frame and is removable, one end is secured by a plastic "screw" (sorry not sure of the correct term but it is a bayonet type fitting which goes into a lug on the frame). The other end has a sort of tongue and groove arrangement. To remove the vent release the end with the "screw" and it should then be possible to pull the other end out with a sideways movement to disengage the tongue and groove. They become brittle with age and on mine the lug broke off leaving that end loose. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, Have a damp problem on floor in offside rear corner near toilet but extending along offside wall beyond shower as far as the wheel arch. Initially diagnosed as leak from around toilet door or from internal pipe, but this now looks doubtful. After rain I have found that there is a small wet soft patch on the underside of the floor where the side wall meets the under curve of the rear panel. I have seen some mention of a problem in this area either on this forum or another but cannot now find it. The location of the damp in the floor but not in the wall (apart from an inch or two up from the floor presumably caused by contact) suggests it is coming in via the floor. Alternatively or additionally it may be related to the rail at the bottom of the wall. Does anyone have any info as to problems from the junction of the floor and the rear panel or the side rails? Thanks.
  11. Hi, We have a problem with a wet floor in the bathroom area of our Abbey, around the toilet area and shower, and also on the other side of the shower behind the cooker. Repairers have discounted external water ingress, can't find any crack or leak in shower tray, can't see any leak from visible water pipes. They suggest that perhaps there is a leak from the water pipes which run behind the shower tray. No reason why there should be any joints in this area but they say it will be neccessary to remove shower tray to check further. Does anyone know how the tray can be removed, does it come out without moving the complete shower cubicle or will that be necessary? Any info will be appreciated, thanks.
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