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  1. Thanks for Info Guy`s, will try car Battery Charger then.
  2. Im sure this as been ask before but can i charge my 110 amp Battery on a normal car charger or does it need to be a Leisure Battery Charger, Advice would be Appreciated Thanks.
  3. kevtoyou

    Charity Shop Bargain

    My very own Sausage Rotisserie got it in Charity Shop brand new £10 never seen one before can do all types of sausages corn on the cob and kebabs on sticks thought you Guys & Ladies out there might like a peep.
  4. Gives us a great feeling on our trips out in the Van, Leaving the rat race behind as I would say and all your everyday worries Disappear for that short time while away. (- PRICELESS -)
  5. Sorry Guys for not getting back sooner but Battery Changed and all sorted Thank You.
  6. Up at Storage Site next week WispMan Will Do.
  7. Can I just say a massive thank you Guys for all the Advice very much Appreciated.
  8. Thanks Brecon but never took front cover of is there anything I should know before I Attempt to give it a Go.
  9. Went up to storage site yesterday to do a couple of jobs and a few checks, was very cold when I got up there so attempted to put Gas fire on but to no avail. I have a {-Bailey Pageant 2005-} the ignition is automatic But could ear no click sound when holding knob down if that makes any Sense I have never used fire before on GAS but have seen it working on Gas when I Bought it 2 years ago. I did check Gas bottle wasn't empty and cooker hob and oven working fine, I have the Manual for the van and can't see anything I am doing wrong. Before I seek pro help I would Appreciate any Advice you Guys out there can Give me, never had a problem with EHU Just don't know if I'm missing something. Many Thanks. Forgot to say Battery is fully Charged.
  10. Thanks for Advice and Link.
  11. Can anyone help please, Want to give my Awning a good Clean but not sure what is Best Solution without Damaging it.
  12. Just wanted to know average time to South of france from Calais John, Many Thanks.
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