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  1. I've had a Jimny for the past couple of years, and it's proved it's worth the past couple of winters. .. Even in the 12" snow we had last year. Being one of the very few motors in the ASDA car park was interesting it's been offroaded, but not severely, as I need it for every day use. Mostly boggy farm fields. Is it 'better' than a landrover? Probably not, but it's a capable wee beastie, and costs a good deal less
  2. Presumably you don't have a driveway you could park the caravan on? I'd have thought dad being closer to the kids would be a good thing? They can pop in and see you whenever they like?
  3. Perthshire caravans is a veritable candy store for camping and caravanning Oh, and the oddly-named "Horn" restaurant (more of a cafe) next door, does fabulous bacon butties
  4. Conveniently about 5 minutes apart! Haven't been to Wallace's for ages, but the other one has a decent accessory shop.
  5. Hi, My caravan (1992 Swift Silhouette) has this very simple distribution panel. .. The rocker switch selects car or van battery charging, or 'off'. However. .. What is the purpose of the LED?
  6. Beauty! My daughter has an iPad and she could never play the Flash games on it, so never really got much use out of it. .. Nice little app!
  7. Well, hopefully the newly replaced 16a socket will do a job of keeping the water out. And maybe a plastic bag glued onto the caravan Anyway, the point of the thread was to see if a pre-made cover exists for such things. .. It would seem it doesn't. perhaps because there usually isn't a problem. Might be a niche on older vans for somebody with the requisite skills, though
  8. It has been replaced. That's a week old picture of the old plug. I just saved for web this morning when the chap asked me to post one up. But from it, you can see how exposed to the elements the plug is.
  9. Sounds great! Mine hasn't been submerged, but there was water in amongst the terminals when I took it apart
  10. It's the standard hook-up of an older caravan, I suppose. .. The cover flap is around 4" square, spring-loaded. The back end of the commando plug, as you can see, is fairly exposed. I've since siliconed the plug's joins, which should protect it against Scottish horizontal rain, but a cover of some kind would be more aesthetically pleasing
  11. The caravan is about 5m from my house. .. I have a cable running out to it, with a commando socket, which is plugged in to the caravan. I just want something to cover-up the hook up on the caravan to keep rain off. I'm thinking a rubble sack cut to size, and duct-taped on is looking the way to go!
  12. Thanks, but they're power points. .. I'm just looking for something that covers the hook-up point whilst a cable is plugged in to the caravan. Thinking about it, i'm not entirely sure how one would go about fitting a cover!
  13. So presumably such a thing doesn't exist then?
  14. Do the newer 3g ipads have the "Find me" function? Might be handy as a tracker device in caravans.
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