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  1. Solid came in 2013, I have had one since then a Avante 540. Honestly biggest mistake of my life( read my posts it will tell you everything , to long a list to post) I have had the crack rear panel 3 times last year being the third time after 4 lots of damp issues. Although I have kept to the contract of having a full service every year Elddis chose to reject it stating that plastics was only covered for twelve months, funny as the first issue was after two years of ownership were they placed caps over the cracks, then two years later ( so 4 years of ownership ) when cracks went past caps and top of panel as well, so panel was replaced completely. so two years later (6 years of ownership) and cracks causing damp Elddis chose to reject claim stating plastic only covered for 12 months, sadly I had quite severe health issues so chose to leave it for a period and then as you know coved hit. So now I have a rear panel with big seams of mastic covering the cracks. Extremely poor build quality, no quality checks and extremely poor customer service. Before anyone says it’s down to the dealership, Elddis chose to take over my warranty claims due to awful( and I mean awful) customer service from a very large caravan dealership in the north west.
  2. Thought I would give a update.But firstly thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contribute to this thread. After trying out many cars over the last couple of weeks I have decided to go for the Audi Q5 SLine 190ps 2.0 Diesel. Rightly or wrongly I have decided to go for another diesel. I hope I won’t regret my decision but it seems a reliable engine and a great Tow car. Once again thank you for all your input. Regards Scoobz.
  3. Wow, just shows you don’t trust anyone. I ask him had he heard of any problems and he said no, none at all.
  4. Hi john, thanks for the quick reply. Forgive me for asking is it the same identical engine as from four years ago or is it all ingenium engines which are the problem. Sorry not up on engines.
  5. Hi sorry if it’s been discussed before. Had a test drive today and quite liked it but a friend made a comment about ingenium engine no good. Cheers Scoobz
  6. Sorry just seen this.yes I owned one for just over two years and towed a Avante at 1500KGS and was totally fine about 99% of the time. The only problem I ever had was in a Town I was going through and got held on lights on a very steep hill. It was struggling to hold and I could feel her slightly pulling back so had to hold her on the clutch briefly which gave a bit of a smell, but apart from that it was a fantastic car. At 1350Kg you should be fine and without the van the economy was amazing for a suv that size. Mine was a manual as the auto box had a max of 1500kG so was no use to me, but sadly I had to give it up as due to health problems I needed a auto box,but a smaller van I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one again.
  7. I have the misfortune of owning a 2013 Elddis 540 Avante. I say misfortune as without a shadow of doubt it has been the biggest mistake I have ever done by purchasing this van and trusting this manufacturer. Over the years of ownership I have had Avtex aerial replaced four times and still to this day never worked, floor reinforced due to it collapsing, light switches and lights replaced due either not working or stuck in with blue tac, wardrobe door falling of its hinges hitting my wife on the head, bathroom door handle coming off in my hand, van flooding due to sink waste not being connected properly, heater not fitted correctly had two visits from whale engineer, bathroom sink coming away from wall twice,shower door not fitted correctly flooding bathroom,fly screen breaking needed replacing ,gas locker cracking needed replacing,cooker breaking, toilet breaking,two leg stays broke and replaced and then there was three lots of damp. Side door locker failed due to lack of glue and fitting correctly,wheel arches failed causing damp,vent for water heater not glued or fixed properly and door frame came away completely again failed due to poor fitting. On top of all this my rear panel cracked in the first year( caps fitted) two years later failed again on top corners so they decided to fit new panel, and now again failed on both sides two years later with large cracks on both sides causing damp in top corner of bathroom. Elddis response to the damp claim,REJECTED as the panel is only guaranteed for 12 months. Repair centre pointed out that it’s causing damp,Elddis response “ he can have a new panel or end caps but he will have to pay for them” Thank you Elddis for such wonderful customer service and for all your compassion and support. You should be ashamed of yourselves. So I cannot trade the van without paying for the repairs myself or I have to now sue Elddis which is more burden and stress onto myself. They know I have major health issues but to put it bluntly they don’t care. And before anybody says my complaint is with the dealer, they went back on what was agreed in the contract and also gave appalling customer service were as Elddis stepped in and took over any dealings regarding the van and told me to deal with them directly regarding any problems which has been the case these last three years.
  8. Welcome to the world of Elddis ownership. Sorry to hear of your damp issues but the strong/light and dry Moto is a farce. My van has gone in this week for its third lot of damp issues. Before taking the van , the repair centre checked the van over and noticed the rear panel that got repaired just 22 months ago for the second time, has cracked again on both top corners. To say I’m devastated is an understatement, but reality tells me there is more trouble down the line. Strong/light/ dry my backside.
  9. I’ve named my van but sadly I cannot repeat it on here.
  10. Thank you to both of you in taking time to reply. I have spoken briefly to a solicitor late this afternoon who is going to call me back tomorrow to go through my problem in more detail and hopefully give me some sound advice. It is so demoralising to think that something I had spent a lot of money on for the one reason of giving my family and I some great memories and happiness, Has done the complete opposite. Regards Steve.
  11. Hi David, no an absolute awful history. Sadly Elddis had to intervene when the dealer acted appallingly on the first damp claim. When I stated I wasn’t happy with the van and amount of things that was going wrong, I was told by there service manager to go and get a good solicitor.Elddis intervened and told me to use another dealer or repairer which they recommended. This is what we had to do. so sadly I’m in the wilderness regarding dealer and as far as Elddis are concerned they would rather it just kept getting patched up no matter the amount of distress and awkwardness it is to me, and for the amount of time and times it is getting repaired.
  12. Yes Dave. It has the ten year warranty, but at what point do you say enough is enough. From the minute we purchased the van( brand new in 2013) we have had nothing but trouble, sadly the last three years have been worse. But now there is large areas that has it bad in the floors as well as walls. Correct David. The first one was along the fix bed were the outside locker was only being held in with silicon, not glue or any screws just silicon. So apart from under the near side couch damp has got in the rest of the van.
  13. So just had my fifth service and for the third year running Damp. Not just a bit of damp, a lot of damp. My Elddis Avante 540 2013 is riddled with it. By the door and the cupboard and wall wheel arch I have from 40% to 60% readings and on the other side of the van from the wardrobe, behind cabinet, fridge and front couch I have 90 % damp( you can even see the water under the flooring under the front couch. Along with two rear panels, floor being reinforced and numerous faults over the years I can safely say I have purchased a massive piece of junk. I am totally devastated and while I’m trying to fight poor health I have this on my plate. I honestly don’t know we’re to go now as either way it’s going to be a long drawn out stressful affair.
  14. Sadly no. It only came with the four run flats and nothing else.
  15. Just had to replace two rear tyres on my 2016 X3 ( 275/35/20 P Zeros)at a cost of nearly £500. Just done 20,000 miles but tread was down to the bars on both tyres. Got a nail in passengers side tyre on the day of my hols. Lost three days as due to the odd size of tyre it took two days for the tyres to come in.
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