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  1. Please help as we are new to this. The light goes green the it goes green and red. Please any ideas would help.
  2. Can't get it working. It will light for about 10 seconds then goes out and idea how to get it working. We have done everything by the book.
  3. We can't get R carver cascade 2 working. It lights for about 10 seconds then shut down any idea.
  4. Thanks will try that today. My dad us coming down to help.
  5. Hi sky light is dry even took off a light which is above the front window an all is dry. It just seems to be the front cuboards and the shelf.
  6. The screws that we removed there wad hardly a screw left so all new stainless screws fitted. We made sure that the mastic was on properly and then when we were putting the screws back in along with some new screw holes we put sikaflex in the screw holes just to make sure that all was sealed. The only thing is the side rail. We will no the next time what we are looking for. When we got it the fella had pit lights on the front of it but hadn't sealed it properly that's were we thought the water was coming from but filled it all in and still leaking. The other half is very very fussy in making sure everything is done properly. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Bought a 91 compass shadow 400/4, when I got it home the next day I found that the side front two cuboards were like all crinkly and soft the same with the ling shelf at the front. We have replaced the mastic tape an the silaflex and screws around the front rail thinking that's were the water coming from, but no still leaking. Any idea were the leak would be coming from. We are new to this so any help would be great. Thanks.
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