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  1. For sticking door locks you need to buy nothing but the other half may already have in the cleaning cupboard. I always give mine a good squirt of mr shine furniture polish, it stays where you spray it and does the job.
  2. Yes milenco towing mirrors do fit the kia sportage, I have used them on my previous sportage 61 plate and I am sill using the same mirrors on my current sportage 67 plate. You have to use the v pads same as sorento. The mirrors I have had them fitted on both the top and bottom of the car mirrors, at different times and they are secure in both positions just a matter of taste. You will find that the mirror brackets will fit between the mirror body and the glass, for first time usage just slacken off the clamps and move them around individually until you find a space where they will slip into p
  3. I'am on my second kia sportage 2ltr crdi auto 134. towing a coachman vip 520/4 1650 kgs. With out any problems towing 2.5-3k miles per year. Had first sportage for 7 years, only issue being noisy front wheel bearing at 6 years and also broken front spring at same time all replaced under warranty .
  4. yes I do, just changed 3 months ago from a 61 kia sportage kx2 diesel auto which I had for almost 7 years 68k miles fault free, and towing around 3k miles per year a compass rally 524 1500 gross weight. Now have the 17/18 kx3 version just returned from being away for the last 5 weeks towed over 1k miles found the new car to be a very good towcar not that I found any thing wrong with the previous car towing. The new car seems to be a more relaxing drive and also returning about 28. 5 towing. Went for the new to me car ( ex dealer demonstrator ) because of the reliability and service from
  5. What I do is wrap my cable in spiral guard. To give protection from abrasion if it might happen. Spiral guard is used to protect hoses in tough environments to save them from being chafed and is available from most hydraulic stores doing high pressure hoses. The size you require to wrap your cables in is SGX16 a length of half metre is sufficient to wrap any hanging loop where it might come in contact with the roadway.
  6. In reply to blackhart, my waste outlet is at rear of caravan so I carry 4x 1. 2 of 32 mm + 1x1. 2 of 40mm plus a selection of straight, 90 elbow,and 45 bends 40-32 reducer and have found this more than adequate for when on cls or the occasional super pitch. when on cls I just extend pipe to go through hedge to rear or side of van, saves using waste master, then when emptying especially on cls at bottom of hedge you don't get the big pool of water and at the end of pipe use an old collander to catch any solids at end of pipe. 40-32 reducer you have to carefully pare away the stop for the 32m
  7. I have similar set up as MM, to secure rigid waste pipe to wooden supports. I insert a wood screw into both sides of wooden support not fully screwed home and use a ladder strap (as used to peg down awning) from one screw over the pipe to the other and then if pipe gets knocked it doesn't fall off. When making initial set up I fitted first screw to wooden block,then placed piece of pipe on top place one end of ladder strap on screw pull over pipe and then position second screw so that the strap is tensioned over pipe and also you have still a couple of rungs of the ladder strap left to place
  8. Have a read of this posting from KIA forum,and there is also a live posting on here a few posts down. http://www. kiaownersclub. co. uk/forum/rear-suspension-spring-fault_topic16957. html Ihope these postings can be of benefit to you.
  9. Had the rear springs changed in april didn't tow until end of may I found that the new springs have made quite a difference in towing,has now made it more relaxed. Just back from being away for five weeks almost a thousand miles towing a compass ralley 524 1500 kgs.
  10. Height to center of tow ball is now 455mm was 440mm this morning,and the distance between top of tyre and out side edge of wheel arch with half tank of fuel is 60mm,would have been about 22-25 mm previous. As the TSB says all sportages manufactured from start 2010 till 23rd october 2012. So as Kia are not too forth coming about the matter I would just go for it. When towing I found that the more weight I loaded the boot with the more stable the tow,a big difference from my previous car an 04 xtrail. wishing you all a good easter.
  11. Just back from having rear springs changed,driving home I find that I have a far smoother ride (not so hard driving over pot holes),quite a lot more space between top of tyre and wheel arch,looks like the same height as new one. Now just to get the van on the back and find if there is any difference on the handling. Was in dealers for two hours.
  12. My 2011 Sportage is actually going into dealer tomorrow to have the springs changed,when I first approached the dealer they were acting a little vague even though I produced a copy of the kia owners club forum,they tried to say that they would look into the problem,after 2 weeks never heard from dealer so e-mailed Kia themselves and got a quick reply from them to book my car into dealer,then get back to Kia with the details of what dealer with date and time, and that they (Kia)would speak to them. The car had to go back to dealer so that they could identify springs, then within two weeks parts
  13. The armour I think you are looking for is called spiral guard(it is used quite a lot in the hose industry to save chaffing) it can be obtained in all sizes, but what you are looking for if a sigle cable is SGX16 for double cable is SGX20. where can you find it ? Look for any company that supplies hydraulic hoses there are numerus out there (pirtek) being one, they will cut to any length required.
  14. as once being in the hose industry myself,the cheapest way is to google pvc hose and you will be given the choice of quite a few suppliers,what you are looking for is pvc braid which is available in clear or with a coloured outer, check spec sheet to make sure for food grade and you should be able to purchase a 30mtr coil for around £20 hope this information can be of some use. alternitivly find your local industrial hose supplier and they may be able to suply length reqd.
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