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  1. Thanks for replies, I’ve bought a Yuasa L-36 AGM
  2. Any recommendations for a replacement leisure battery to fit a 2018 coachman vip 575. Has Powrtouch evolution mover and not used off grid.
  3. I drive a 2014 kx2 Sorento auto pulling a 1700mplm single axle coachman 90kg noseweight. The handbook says 33psi all round for normal and max loads. When looking in trailer towing section it says “when a vehicle of category M1(mine)is towing a trailer the additional load imposed at the trailer coupling device may cause the tyre maximum load ratings to be exceeded, but not more than 15%. I this case do not exceed 62.1mph and increase tyre pressure by at least 0.2 bar” Does this mean I should be towing at 33psi or 36psi.
  4. I will try that tomorrow! As problems go this is not major but l would like to get it sorted now under warranty, rather than wait and it fails altogether and costs me arm and leg. We pay a lot for vans and things should work.
  5. I’ve now tried it again and it’s gone back, yet from 0730 this morning it jammed ,this is what usually happens. Thanks for replies.
  6. Feeling the side runners they feel lubricated, I assume this is what dealer did last time
  7. Has anyone had problems with the front panoramic window blind jamming when opening. It goes up about two thirds and then jams when opening in morning, later in day after sun been on it a few hours it opens fully. It’s been looked at twice by dealers and “rectified” but we are now away for a few weeks and it’s the same again! Have emailed dealer but wondered if anyone on here has had a problem.
  8. Anyone taken delivery of a 2018 VIP 575 yet, and if so what do you think of it.
  9. We are very keen on the inside of the VIP 575 and like the outside styling better as well,of course this is a subjective view and everyone has their own views,there is no right or wrong! As far as the front lockers, when we travel we only carry one small gaslight bottle. watering can and couple of levelling ramps in there. When we arrive we unload the car and put lots into front till we move, we think we could manage with these lockers, the wash brush is kept under fixed bed, but as I said we all have different views.
  10. Thanks for that, I prefer the front seats in the pastiche to the ones in VIP but I assume if I took the option to change it would just be a fabric change to the VIP standard front seats.
  11. In the options list for VIP £150 is stated for optional " soft furnishings', I can't find any more info on the website, anyone know where to look?
  12. I agree the elegance is the flagship range for swift but swift has a four model range and also the 580 elegance is much more expensive than the VIP and weighs 1717kg, even the conquerer is over 27k.
  13. It's about the same weight as the 2015VIP (1650mplm) before the much publicised weight reduction. I see the 2018 swift conquerer 580 which is the same layout is now down to 1638mplm, so the VIP not that much heavier than competition. Wonder where the extra 40kgs have gone. Having been in one at the Lawns the VIP seems a very nice van.
  14. On glossops web site they have a 2018 VIP 575 to order and the weight is given as 1655 mplm.
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