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  1. As an update, the CC company sent an expert around who has said that the panels (front/back) and the Heki skylight are all 'faulty' by failing so quickly. Waiting for cc to sort things out. Will let you know what happens. Andrew
  2. For me it shows that Elddis do not have faith in their caravans to only have confidence to warranty what is an expensive buy for such a relatively short period. I wonder if the directors when they buy company cars only expect a 12 month warranty. It may been our fault for taking one of their caravans onto the road and towing it around.
  3. I am presently sat waiting for an independent agent sent by Barcaly card to view our 2014 Affinity front and read panels, both of which are cracked. Same old rubbish from Elddis about impact damage and now 4 months out of warranty. I have wondered tho what hand cream the directors at Elddis use as the do seem to wash their hands so often every day. Can anyone explain what they mean by SOLID construction? Or perhaps explain it to Elddis marketing people
  4. Thanks everyone for your support/advice. To date we have after paying the original deposit on cc (£1000 I forgot this was how we paid the deposit), we have placed the matter with them for now advising the dealer we also intend to go thro the Small Claims court. Nogger, when you go to collect your new van dont let them rush you to sign and take the van. We had to have all the locker doors replaced, chipped enamel sink. Several internal furniture components replaced & then after 11 months the shower cubicle cracked around the waste - replaced under the warranty. Will let you know what happens. .. thanks again.
  5. Thats what we are gearing up for next just waiting for dealers course of action to replace the panel. (given them 14 days) Spoken to CCard com we used to pay deposit (£1000) balance paid from savings unfortunately. Waiting for forms from credit card company (Caravan club card). Ironically wife works at County Court where it will be heard if goes the distance.
  6. Shower cubicle replaced after 11 months (caracking in tray around waste outlet) & now 16 month old Affinity now with cracking rear panel. Only covered by warranty for 12 months.
  7. We have an Affinity (to be relaunched under NAFFinity badge) which was 16 months old when we notified the dealer of the rear panel had cracked. Then informed that the panels are only covered for 12 months. How Elddis can use such crucial components and only have the confidence to give such a relatively short warranty is incredible and unlike the 'SOLID' 10 year hype they do not detail their Pontius Pilate attitude. I think I will send their customer service dept some hand cream as they seem to be always washing their hands!
  8. Hi Paul. We have contacted CAB and await their response. In the meantime we are going thro all of Elddis' promo videos to pick the salient comments made by members of Elddis staff in readiness to moving forward. The dealer is preparing an esitmate for replacing the panel so we then know the final cost for any action.
  9. Our 2014 Affinity 550 has a crack appeared on the rear panel up in the corner behind the awning rail and our claim has so far been refused by Elddis as they use materials ie the front/rear panels that they only offer a 12 month warranty on. BE CAREFUL!
  10. I wondered if anyone has nay recommendations as to a temp fix ie tape etc over the crack so we can continue to use the van? We are looking at the various options and have the dealer looking to quote for a new panel under insurance. I had read before about a piece of timber being shaved before new panel fitted. I wondered if the Sidde=le family were related to Pontious Pilate? That would explain the ease in which they wash their hands so quickly!
  11. To date as far as I can see there is no water ingress. Inside the van at the rear there is a wardrobe fitted into each back corner (rear island bed from rear panel). I am going to visit an Elddis dealer to pick up one of their brochures with details of the 10 year warrenty. We paid cash (no borrowing) for the van. Wozerp I understand that the panels were covered for 3 years in the past. Is your van the 'solid' build process?
  12. A post for our van which is now 16 months old. (december 2016) We notice a crack in the rear panel starting from the awning rail which Elddis have refused our claim as the panel is only under warrenty for 12 months. So much for their 'SOLID CONSTRUCTION' claims. DONT THINK ABOUT BUYING ONE OF THIS MANUFACTURERS 'SHEDS'
  13. Thank you for your comments however it would be difficult now after 16 months to reject the van under the SoG Act and yes, our contract is with the dealer so we are progressing matters with them. Perhaps under the new consumer act where contracts made after October 2015, there will be more legal defined actions to follow.
  14. We have reported a crack on the rear panel of our Affinity 550 which we have had from new, and is now 16 months old. Elddis have refused the claim as some of the materials they use are of such doubtful quality they can only apply a warranty of 12 months. So they proudly boast a 10 year moisture warranty for their "solid construction" however they fail to add that the front/rear panels are not part of this construction. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS "GET OUT OF JAIL" card that crafty Elddis will be poised to play.
  15. Dometic who manufacture the Heki sky light are those who have said it has been caused by the wrong cleaner. The crazing is on the the inner skin which has never been cleaned by us from new. Only a clean micro fibre cloth used to wipe it over. I have used Showroom shine on the outside on 3 occasions as I did for over 3 years with our other van (Elddis) and no problems. I contacted the manufacturers of Showroom Shine as to its suitability and was told that it is perfectly safe to use. The patch of crazing has grown over the 3 weeks since being reported to our dealer.
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