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  1. I read somewhere that a 13 pin plug can for some reason get itself out of line. Is this a problem that requires an alignment tool or is it something that can easily be rectified unaided. I've seen pictures of this little green gadget but how does it work? Is it something that fits to the plug when not connected or is it kept in the toolbox and used only when misalignment takes place?
  2. Having considered everything that's been said and given it some serious thought I've decided to have the side panel done by a professional company that does bodywork on coaches and busses. Obviously they have better facilities and a better understanding of working with aluminium than I do, so for £400 plus vat I'm happy to let them do it. I've found the exact Lunar decals I require on line for £20 so I'll fit those myself. I also intend having a go at repairing the cracked wheel arch spat but I need advice on the best way of going about that. The split fits together quite well so my thoug
  3. Good point Silversurf. One that I will check before doing anything else or buying any materials. I would like to know where to order paint from and how do I get them to supply a close match,
  4. Hi Mick Thanks for your detailed repair method. For the last 10 mins I've been studying the close up photo of the damage and it occurs to me the rippled edges and the section between the parallel gouges would need to be hammered in slightly before applying any filler but its the depth and the splits in the gouges that have me worried, is there any way this area can be stabilized before filling.
  5. Hi Gary Can you be a little more specific as to the reason/s why you would steer clear. The two things that concern me most is will the filler crack due to stress or movement when the van is in motion. and how do I go about obtaining a close paint match. I think if I had the answer to these questions might have a go at it and apply decals as suggested
  6. Unfortunately the outlay will be all mine as the van was third party only at the time of the incident. I admit I've had no training for this kind of work but I'm a dab hand at most things and always up for a challenge. Having said that I had a go at repairing a dent in a car many years ago and I thought I achieved a pretty good finish until my old buddy (a professional) took a look at my handy work and laughed his head off. Its amazing how just the smallest imperfections show up when paint is applied That was a long time ago and if my old mate was still with us he would no doubt help
  7. Any advice for a DIY repair ?, have been quoted £1550 for a professional job . Your thoughts appreciated
  8. Lomax

    Saving Gas

    It sounds like I have offended you in some way. I thought this subject was about tips and I believe saving gas qualifies as such. I too enjoy spending a few quid when I'm on holiday. Last year I cruised the Caribbean followed by a £12000 trip to Zanzibar so it would be no hardship for me to boil water on gas but now that I'm in my eighties it is a pain having to lift gas bottles. Oh! and I often as not don't use charcoal, the wood I use is free.
  9. Lomax

    Saving Gas

    We always camp on Cls. We always take large flasks. We always have BBQs. We always fill the flasks with water heated on the BBQ. We always have hot water when we want it.
  10. When I bought my Kodiaq Sportline 1.4 TSI Automatic last year I had no intensions of towing in fact I was somewhat concerned it could pull itself. However this year I sold my motorhome mainly because of the restrictions it imposed not being free to leave the site etc and it didn't take long before I spotted a nice little Lunar Quasar 462 MPTLM 1200kg so I thought seeing as the Kodiaq's solo performance was so amazing I decided to have a tow bar fitted costing £325 including 13 pin electrics which really upset my neighbour who paid more than £900 for his. The Kodiaq with its little old 1.4
  11. Lomax

    Gas Level

    I normally use the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi method plus a little detoid action but your boiling water idea John works a treat and far less strenuous. many thanks Dave
  12. Lomax

    Gas Level

    Truma do a nice little gadget at £72 but what about the magnetic strip indicators for £1.50 or the gauge that fits directly onto the bottle for around £16 any thought appreciated
  13. Every caravan I've owned has suffered to some degree from white mould appearing on interior surfaces (cupboard doors mainly) The van I have just purchased is mould free and I'd like to keep it that way. Cleaning the surface with something like "Dettox" before winterizing has been suggested, any ideas welcome
  14. Mines not quite as nasty but not something I would like to tackle myself
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