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  1. Decided not to listen to government advice or 111, because Sandra on Facebook who lives next door turns out to be a microbiologist, national economical expert, housing advisor, mortgage guru, GP and national pandemic specialist .... who’d have thought eh? Only last week she was a full time mummy selling bath bombs on Facebook! ... goes to show, never judge a book by its cover 🦠🦠
  2. I don't understand what all the fuss is all about ...in the UK a average of 600 folk die of the Flu which did one year push towards 10k ... China as a huge ageing population with Breathing difficulties etc etc and the first sign of a Wheezy cough its curtains for them ( god bless them ) So with a population of 1. 4 billion going to be so serious figures compared to the winter flu figures in the UK . To much Media ***** and Social media Squirrel Talk .
  3. I shall be hanging on too my 16 year Yank Tank for another 16 years ! No desire to change from the big V8 and its lovely tone . Ste
  4. The above means the Recovery Services will have To invest in more Recovery Vehicles to cope with the extra load 😉 Ste
  5. Cheap has chips 7 years ago I got this plate, works well for my Business. County Fermanagh plate, I wanted another one similar but the price has shot up ! Ste
  6. Just remember,you never really own that plate regardless how much you pay and were from . Should You be involved or your car is involved in a serious incident or stolen and used in a scene of crime you may not get that plate back for a very long time or get it back , not many folk know this . Ste
  7. Bish Bash Bosh all done and running, the flexible drill drive and right angled drill adapters were life savers to. Ste
  8. kobelcokid

    Is It Me!

    Have you checked your junk box for e mails. Ste
  9. kobelcokid


    As above, cheap and cheerful off E bay, clear image and registration plates easy to read and that's all that matter's . Had mine similar time 18 months and no issues. £10 bargain Ste
  10. Just remember Pierre19, when you post a image on the Tinternet via CaravanTalk its not just exclusive to Caravantalk but the Whole World and on for life . The power of internet for Advertising is frightening lol Ste
  11. Lovely looking motor but Shameless plug of the Nursery lol . 😊 Ste
  12. Has long has they are Happy that is all that matters . Ste
  13. It's Fatal shopping while away and them salesmen are not daft either . Ste
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