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  1. Several caravan 'goodies' at Aldi. ....come on down
  2. That surprises me. ....Your van is not stored on the Maldives is it !
  3. Toby, The fact it may not be waterproof is not the issue, I am sure it is. My problem is the 'sweating' of the van under the cover.
  4. I recently bought a 'Kampa' caravan cover having read several favourable reviews The cover has been on the caravan for about a month. Yesterday I partially uncovered the van to access inside to place a few 'condensation' collectors. To my horror the outside of the van was absolutely soaking wet. The claim that the cover would be 'breathable' was to be far from the truth. I have had many covers over the years and this is the first time I have encountered this problem. I realise that there are arguments for and against covering vans but for me who is paranoid about damp they are a must. .....until now ! Has anyone out there experienced problems with this particular cover as the one I have is,as the saying goes,is not fit for purpose. Thanks in advance.
  5. Bikes and other items you thought would be safe in your awning have been stolen. Two minutes with a 'stanley knife' prove that they are not !! just another episode of the sad life we are now a part of.
  6. You were fastest in practice and you were in poll position ?
  7. Jesus,holy mother of Mary. ......I'll put my tin hat on then when I move it
  8. There is a twist in the tale. ................................... Whilst on the site mentioned both the wife and I kept noticing a strong smell of 'rotten eggs/stink bombs' when we were outside the van. Although a bit annoying we did not get to the bottom of the smell. But since posting this topic and searching the internet it seems increasing possible that the battery is to blame. There appears to be many instances whereby the battery gives of fumes of various types. So with many thanks to all your advice I have decided the battery has to go ( big discounts at Go Outdoors, I have ordered one ) And on your advice the cable will be dealt with. In respect of the cable being 'nipped' by the locker door my wife say's it does'nt when she does it. ...so I am in the wrong yet again !!
  9. Yes I am of the opinion that the battery is to blame but I am just wondering whether the pressure of the battery locker door on the cable could cause a problem as it is a tight fit. The door leaves a slight indentation on the cable as the poor design of the door leaves no room and the cable is trapped. ...if that makes sense. Still nothing on electrolite check. ..............how ?
  10. I was not suggesting the battery would be like new. ....although it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility, my Granny had a vacuum cleaner that was 80 years old. ...she also had a brother in the band.
  11. I may sound a bit 'dim ' but how do you check electrolyte levels ?...I assume we are not talking water level on cells.
  12. Matelodave. ........That was quick !! many thanks. You may have hit the nail on the head. We have only had this van a few months and noticed the battery looks a bit 'rough' and could have been on the van from new,10 years. Iknow what some folks will say that if the battery is 10 years old then you have had your monies worth. I would normally go along with that but the seller ' claimed ' the van had only been used 8 times !! But you raise a valid point . ......thanks
  13. Having spent five nights on a site I was disconnecting the electric cable from the caravan, the hook up point being enclosed in the same compartment as the battery on the side of the van. The 'blue' cable had become very discoloured ( browny/grey ) from the point of the plug/connector to the place that the cable came out of the battery locker, about five inches of the cable was discoloured. At first I wondered whether there had been some sort of 'overheating' but whilst the compartment was warm nothing suggested any serious heat problem and all the electrics had functioned without a problem. Any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. The best van I have ever had. ......but oh the damp !!!! Expletive removed by Admin
  15. My wife said Length is not a problem. ..............................
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